I just went to a seminar with Wayne Otto. My usual opinion is that point karate is garbage. I got this opinion from both my experience with it as a teen and a recent seminar I went to taught by 5 time World Champion Christophe Pinna. He basically used it as a way to demonstrate his superior athletic skills. He kicks like no one I have ever seen in person and his feet do what he tell them to. The things he taught only those with similar athletic ability can do and no one else. And with all of that ability the only thing that saves him from getting messed up are the rules of point fighting.

Anyway, because of these experiences I did not pay to participate, but I watched. His techiques were simple to understand and perform, did not break any principles of fighting and will work both in the ring and in the street. I was especially impressed with his sweeping techniques. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with Wayne Otto. He said this was his first time in the US and if he ever comes back I will definitely be there.