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Keep it Simple Sailor.

Step one: Defense. The art of footwork. Watch boxers for hints and clues.

[/QUOTE] 1 REspect your foe 2 Sidestep/parry your foe,So you will be out of danger,& Your foe will be open for a strike. 3If Someone pulls you, Exaggerating the movement, will bring him off ballance,& Then strike.4 Punches,& Kicks must be rapid,Or can be used As a combo,with the fists high & kicks low.5 Let your breath out as you punch & kick,& Dont just bring your hip into the punch,Or kick,But bring your body into your punch/kick when it's time to finish him. 6 When ever you'er a attacked,keep it simple & direct. 7Keep your stances short,So you will be able to move faster. 8The Body posture,& Distance of your foe ,Will let you no when to,& When not to strike. 9 You should always be moving,Rather it's to confuse your foe, O to finish the fight. 10 Be aware of your suroundings. 11Strike when the opprotunity presents itself. [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/smile.gif[/IMG]

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