A guy asked about this on another BBS Forum on Jan.16.2004 and I stated what is posted below based off how my mindset actually is, and having had a gun pulled on me, not once, but TWICE in my life. It is a sobering and scared shitless position to be in especially when you're not expecting it. But if it happens to you and you aren't dead... you should rethink your place in this world and devise something you'd do if the situation ever occurs again. Thus what's below should not be tried by anyone, it's just my mindset and how I live and would ultimately be willing to die if neccessary. It has nothing to do with being a bad ass or such bullshit. Of course having become a "Born Again" Christian since my teenage years, I'd probably try to witness to them first and not antagonize someone, but (Lord forgive me) It's already 2nd nature to react in a life or death situation.

The original question asked on the other board so long ago:

>>> If I held a gun to your head, what would you do? Would you beg for your pitiful life? Cry? Tell me a sad story about your wife and kids? Offer me a blowjob? Accept it, cause' no one gets away from me? Just Defend the bullet and then stick me in the face? <<<

My answer then and now:

In that situation you'd (or whomever) would have literally 8 seconds in which to pull the trigger because if you didn't I'd take if from you and not mince words like in the movies and simply shoot you with your own gun. *I've had guns pulled on me twice in my life, one was a gang initiation thing that backfired on them. I don't like ppl pointing guns at me, let alone sticking one to my head. Cause like I told them punk bitches in '96: "If you're gonna put the hammer down, then do it, otherwise don't waste my ****in' time. Get it!"

...needless to say, I'm still here after that note. Looking back on it it wasn't a good idea to antagonize them, but something about someone pulling a gun on me insults me. *It's like the person is too much of a punk to FIGHT me with bare knuckles or knives or something where the odds are evened out a bit.

There's one of three ways this plays out in the real world and the 8 seconds thing is something personal, not some rule of thumb. *You see if someone gets the drop on you and manages to put a gun to your head, if they ain't pulling the trigger and are talkin' trash or demanding your money... they're hoping for you to freak out at the fact they have a gun.

Other than being caught off guard, what's the big deal? So the dipshit has a gun to your head, being more realistic than 8 seconds... within 4 to 5 (seconds are damned quick remember that) of the gun being put to your head you move, they'll be a slight hesitation of a milli second... the gun will go off but not in your brain. You then have milli seconds to either trounce into the gunman or go for the gun. You have a better chance of being shot while struggling for it than just letting some bastid try to play GOD with you. I mean **** THAT you know?

That's if the gun is put to the side of your head.

Now if it's straight on, you have an even better chance, because the person had to get right onto you to even have the gun at nose length. This would be you staring down the barell. *This was the cholo gang banger incident I was talking about. ---Now in this situation, it's more of the same. Within seconds you had better know what you're going to do, because the gunmen is still playing a psychological game with you... you have to be resolved to the fact you're more than likely going to die, but might as well make a break for it.

Within those few nano seconds, with your left hand coming up from the inside, knock the gun pointing at you to your right (you should as the person first sticks the gun in your face, bring both hand up to chest level so it's not an obvious move. To the gunmen it looks like your in total submission.... it's better to have the palms facing outward anyhow) AND MOVE your head to the left, AGAIN the gun will go off... and you won't probably hear out of that ear for awhile, from there it's your show man. *I would not advise the **** talking I did... I was pissed off that afternoon and some cholos drove up and put a gun in my face and told me I was going to die. Standing there in my ROTC uniform, I just stared at the guy and said what I already stated I said... then slightly pushed myself forward and dared the guy to shoot me, my forehead only inches from the barrell. The guy freaked out and went onto someone that his gang initiation would feel more rewarded on, because the punk wanted me to be afraid... only I was annoyed. I had homework to do, and no GF then, and wasn't getting any poon... so I had reached the point of "Whatever!" ---Again, this isn't the course to take.

The last thing would be if someone (or a pair) is going to whack you and it's nighttime... more than likey you have no way out, but it doesn't hurt to ask for a cigarette as a last request. When the guy goes to light the cigarette (unless they're pros) he'll be looking into the flame (both if there are a pair)... you're eyes are closed momentarily. At that moment, move. A stay shot could hit you, but probably not... they'll be seeing the damned flame from the match or lighter for at least ten seconds in total darkness, giving you time to high tail it, or kill the guy or the pair right then and their.

So in reality, it's not that difficult. A person who intends to kill someone doesn't talk **** , they KILL the person. Thus a person who pulls a gun and doesn't use it immediately is looking to **** with you psychologically. It's a power trip, the second you take that feeling of Power from them, and literally send it back to them... chances are you've got them six feet under instead or died trying. You didn't punk out and beg for your life. If you're a saved Chrisitan this is even easier, because you know where you're going when you die, a better place... so you just do your thang and what happens happens is all. There really isn't some big thing behind it. I could tell you how to appear to dodge bullets, but you didn't ask me that, so I won't get into it... though THAT to is tricky, and is you as the intended victim using counter psychological warfare on the asshole with the gun.

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