hey wats up

well it all started when my sister was being called names by this guy she was being litterly being bullied by him so i took it upon my self to go and sort this punk out. well me and a mate when up to him one night he had around six guys with him and the guy annoying my sister is called big head thats wat im gonna call him.
big head is twice my size but when i said to him he said do u wanna fight and got in a funny stance and gaurd i luaghed at him and said next time u say anything to her ure gonna be sorry. that was ok i walked on home and 1 week later the punk got his freinds involved im 16 and all his friends are around 17 to 24 they called at my house looking for me a couple of times but they never got me. then one night one of big heads friend came up to me trying to start me and big head was with him me and my mate were out numbered also i had my dog and an iron bar in my hand i sorted it out by chatting. was that the right thing to do the only reason why i never dropped him was cuz of my dog now his wee brother and all r giving me dirty looks and are luaghing at me but i dont want to be hurt any of his wee brothers there too young

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