at the school i go to there arent any gangsters and what not but there are jock fights.. where a jock and some other kid go out to some back road in the hills and fight... (after there done they help the kid get home and what not, but its just some stupid dominant thing...) this seems absolutly insane to me, i was told once to go out to this "dogtown" to fight.. i was in a car with a friend at the moment and they tried opening the door to pull me out.. i locked the doors but they started to kick my friends car (there were like 10) there was no way i was getting out.......... anyways this is the way my school is no guns and knifes justs fights and what not.. no cops or anything... its a small town........... but i was wondering if there was a way i could build my reflexes up, because even with some jock guys they do little gut checks to you every now and then just to show who is boss... and they always get me... i was wondering is there a way i could build my reflexise so i could dodge or block them... its not like starting **** but it could stop the gut checks.... thanks