There was an incident on halloween where my friends and I got in trouble with the cops. Two kids ran and later got in trouble. And they think they're positive i ratted. I realy didnt. A couple weeks later after watching a fight afterschool on the way home from seven eleven, i have my backpack on and everything with my hands in my pockets. I get sucker punched in the nose and in the temple. My head barely moved and the nose shot hurt but the other one didnt. i didnt stumble or anything. And the kids walk away. They used to be my friends so i was shocked and all and didnt know what to do. Its been two weeks now and everyones talkin about the kid with the straight right to the nose fightin me. I'm 5'9 140 and im 15. I'm a real good boxer. I workout with my friend whos an amateur. My right hook is probably the fastest and strongest in the grade. Each time i box someone, i always knock them out with the right hook but i have other weapons. It's been two weeks now and i really gotta embarass this kid cuz everyone thinks he can fight (he cant) and that im a pussy. all he has is a straight right cuz his knuckles are huge and cant do anything else. i go over and over in my head but im not sure how to really embarass him without doing karate stuff with just like a one and slip hook combo. im not a pussy i just not really feelin an adrenaline or anything. i know i can beat him i just wanna hear any advise.