Hey everyone,

Well, I have not been in a fight for the past 10-years since graduating HS. This past weekend, I got one of the biggest scares of my life. At a friends party, her friendís (my age) brother (22yo area) invited some of his little thug friends. Well, turns out they took a disliking to me because Iím just too damn confident and ďin your faceĒ about everything discussed throughout the evening.

I was sitting at the table talking with friends while they were leaving when one walked over and asked if he could talk to me really quick. the last thing that entered my mind is (A: They had a problem with me. B: They were waiting for me outback to jump me). Being a trusting top level executive and business owner, at this point in my life, I didn't event think about the possibility of getting in a tangle. Low and behold, when I walked out back, the little guy who summoned me instantly got loud and right in my face. While trying to understand his problem, I noticed I had an 11 o-clock, 12 o-clock and a 1 & 2 o-clock all moving in for a closer inspection of my so called "argument" with the smallest of them all.

I'm 5'10, 235lb and stocky as an OX. This kid was 5í6 and 150 wet. I didn't fear my strength or ability to take him out in a long second, but when confronted with 5 people, I knew the only hope I had was good talk. I stood my ground taking the verbal assault the group was placing on me while keeping a keen lookout for peripheral movement. When faced with three in striking range to me, I still didn't move, nor did I make a fist (hands in pockets). Given an opportunity with two of them, I would have lost my mind and wrecked the house. Making a blanket statement of "so all five of you are going to jump me now", they realized it was just a bit unfair and wanted me to get some of my friends out of the party to join their little assault out back. I weight train and practice boxing at my local gym 2x per week and asked that they each show up there the following morning for a fair bout, one on one. They for some reason didn't like that idea and decided to leave. I have not had that much adrenaline in my system for many years.

My question. If jumped by 5-people, what is the best way to handle this type of situation? Stand your ground and talk (my approach), run your butt off or hurt the one closest to you so bad that the rest think twice?

I hate young Coolio look alikes and this just firms up my resentment toward them. Get a job, move out of your parentís house and try to lead a respectful life. What could I have done differently when in the one of five situation?