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#99331 - 10/21/04 01:26 AM immature "bully"

There is this kid in three of my classes at school (junior in hs) he just so happens to sit behind me in every class and has this thing for picking on me if you will (always hitting me,writing on me,grabbing me,"rubbing" me,you name it). I dont say anything I just sit there and let him do this thing and bother me etc. Finally ive had enough its getting old and the other day he decided he would write "fag" on my shirt and then laugh and say he did nothing. Anyways come today I decided to turn the tables I took a "bleach pen" to school and while he was out of the room I wrote stuff back on his black backpack and binder with bleach. Finally about 30min later he realizes and is totally mad saying "imma kick someones ass if I find out who did this blah blah blah" yet it seems perfectly ok when he does stuff to other people.The kid tries to act like a hardass constantly. Well as usual he kept on bugging me.

Im about to stand up and just knock the **** out of him but this is why I come to you people. Ive taken judo before for about a year but im not too familiar with straight up hitting someone and making it count. Sure ive hit people straight up and that was that. Im waiting for him to just hit me like he usually does and then im just going to stand up and lay into him hoping to inflict some pertty severe pain but heres my question...Where to hit and what does the trick? Im thinking just a straight hit to the nose or something. All opinions/help will be appreaciated.

Please dont reccomend going to a teacher or something of that sort. I got to a school that is nothing but total BS if you so much as throw a paper you get sent to the office but if you harass someone they do nothing. For example today after I messed with his stuff he rasises his hand and tells the teacher and she told him "be quiet im trying to teach".

#99332 - 10/21/04 01:35 AM Re: immature "bully"
White-Tiger Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 280
Loc: Adelaide,australia
First off, if you study judo why not throw him rather than a straight up hit? Well im sure you have your reasons so ill give what advice i can.
1) Dont fight him unless he physicaly harasses you i.e shoving hitting grabbing.
2) If i were going to hit him i'd throw a good straight to the chin, if you land it decently with some power theres a fair chance of a KO.
3) Before you fight him think it through, does he have any friends that might try and get some revenge if you beat him? if so are you going to be able to handle that?
I hope you take my advice and Good Luck.


#99333 - 10/21/04 01:41 AM Re: immature "bully"

Thanks for the help. As for physically harassing me he does. He decides to randomly hit me in the back all the time and in the back of the head. As well as my ear. Sure my ear may seem like no big deal but let me explain. At the end of july I had ear surgery where they had to cut the back of my ear from my ear lobe all the way around to the top of my ear (they should have just cut the thing off) to reach my ear drum and so on. It is pretty painful to so much as touch my ear and still will be for quite awhile due to the nerves mending back together and all of that and he literally slaps me in the ear after ive told him not to about 5 times.

As for the friends thing he has friends but I know some/most of them. None of them are the type where "if you mess with my friend your gonna mess with the whole crew". Overall I think his actions are more of a thing of immaturity because he finds it absolutly hilarious along with not expecting me to do anything being that ive just ignored him for the last 5-6 weeks.

#99334 - 10/21/04 01:49 AM Re: immature "bully"
White-Tiger Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 280
Loc: Adelaide,australia
Okay, well you seem to have put up with him for a long time. Next time he physicaly trys to hurt you give him one good shove and tell him if he touches you again you will hit him. Try not to get involved in a little shoving match that wont get you anywhere but for some reason most people do it anyway, Just commit to your attack and make sure you get the first hit in, if he doesn't go down keep hitting until he does. If he does go down, make sure he wont get back up and attack you.


#99335 - 10/21/04 12:38 PM Re: immature "bully"

Actually, given your Judo experience, a shove could be a good thing.

Being the idiot he is, he will try to shove back. Choose your technique and have fun!

Sounds like one of those "born to be hanged" people.

#99336 - 10/21/04 04:09 PM Re: immature "bully"
schanne Offline
breaks things

Registered: 02/18/04
Posts: 4370
Loc: Woodbury NJ
Whhaaa, you babies should stop posting here and telling everyone your petty high/grade school dillemas. Stand up like a man and handle it, if you still get beat up at least the guy will respect you for trying.
Sorry I'm a bit grouchy today.

#99337 - 10/21/04 08:02 PM Re: immature "bully"

Heres what you do, dont resort to fighting just yet.

I think the reason hes still bugging you is because you havent sent a clear-enough message.

Next class, pull him aside, and say to him "Listen buddy, if you ever touch me again Im gonna pull your fuc*ing lungs out with an icepick".

If that doesnt work

I recommand a nice and sturdy knuckle to the chin, if uve taken judo for a short time I wouldnt recommand you into using it.

#99338 - 10/26/04 03:52 PM Re: immature "bully"

Hey man! It all depends on his build! If he is tall use your legs and go for the thighs or rake down his shins! If he just totaly bigger than you and he walks up and shoves you or anything, smile and act cool! Control your temper and hit him in the throat! Just remember, don't hit him too hard, it could kill him! If you hit him right get, in close and use your elbows, kness and head! I don't care how tough he thinks he is,he will fall! Just remember to control yourself and never be afraid of not winning! Besides you will learn more!


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