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#99200 - 10/14/04 09:29 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

I wouldnt start a war, you wanted to defend your friends and tats why you fought. You have done just that and taking it further would be an act of foolishness. think alternatives, have the court issue a restraint paper of some sort.

#99201 - 10/15/04 04:55 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

Hey, okay ive decided to answer questions and comments before i get onto what i have to say.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by antzca2000:
um if their chasing you with baseball bats and iron bars. Ask for a police escort. Im not sure about the details but supposedly you can ask a police to follow you on your way home to confirm that you guys are indeed in trouble. Call the cops man, its the only way.

Great idea, il see into this and see what they have to say.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Foolsgold:
Why isn't your school flooded with police by now?[QUOTE]

I hadnt rang them, i didnt know itd escalate this much.
I dont blame the school half as much as i blame the people who corrupt it.
It only takes a few idiots to give the school a bad image.
Even though they havent helped much,
I dont wanna take the blame on the school.
Because even if my school was the best school ever, bullying still exists in everyschool, you cant get rid of it.
You can only minimize it.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by:mongoose
You got yourself into another crew war it sounds like, good luck man. You might want to start working out more.[QUOTE]

I wouldnt really call it a crew war but, yeah i guess its still as serious .
Thanks for the encouragement and oh i do work out [IMG][/IMG]

[QUOTE]Originally posted by antzca2000:
I wouldnt start a war, you wanted to defend your friends and tats why you fought. You have done just that and taking it further would be an act of foolishness. think alternatives, have the court issue a restraint paper of some sort. [QUOTE]

Dont worry im not planning on takin it any further, anything i do will only be in the act of self-defence.
Not to say in the way that, that means im going to take it further, because i wont take it further.

~ DAILY REVIEW ~ Note:my answers to the above question will not make sense here as you will soon see.
The answers were very accurate before what happened today took place.
I will now proceed.

Okay getting to school was fine, i walked to school.
Morning Lessons were fine.
Lunch time was fine.
Lunch time lessons were ... interesting.
Between lesson 5-6 , basically the end of lesson 5.
I was makin my way to my next lesson,
i was walking with my girlfriend and the guy approaches me.
He says he needs to talk, so i tell him im busy coz i was with my girlfriend.
He says its urgent.
So i tell my girlfriend il see her at the end of the day,kiss her and walk off with the guy.
Then me and the the guy (the one whos older brother were after me with his gang) began talking.
He explained that he didnt set the gang up for me,that he went home and his brother had asked him what was wrong with his nose.
Coz he went home with a pretty bad nose bleed basically.
He explained that his brother got angry and asked who did it, he said it was me, but to not harm me because they were the ones who started the trouble.
His brother didnt listen to him and him and his friends met up and waited for me after school.
They knew who i was because a few of the people who were with him knew me because they used to be in my school last year.
The events that took place were not his doing but his brothers revenge for us hurtin his lil bro.
He said that he talked things through with his brother later on that evening and that everything would be alright as long as we didnt fight again and i didnt harm him.
With that being said i agreed to it and the situation is cool now.
He said that him and the others who came to our class wouldnt come back and bother us anymore and thered be no gangs waitin for me and my friends after school.

I got to lesson 6 explained it to my friends and there all glad to hear the news.

Home time was gd aswell, everything worked out as promised and agreed 2.
We all got home safe and fine and hope it all stays this way which im sure it will do now.
Im hopin so anyway.

So thats basically the end of this whole deal, unless anything starts again.
But i doubt it, the guy really meant it and we shook on it.

P.s im sorry i posted this late.
I went back after school to my girlfriends house and stayed with her,chillin out and having fun.
I got back about an hour ago and had to eat coz i was hungry.

So know you all know what happened and
understand what went down.

Thanks to everyone thats helped me and influenced me and im really gratefull for all the support.

Andrew [IMG][/IMG]

#99202 - 10/15/04 05:36 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

sounds like things are cool now, still, dont let your guards down so soon. Carry a self-defense weapon anyways and tell your friends to be careful.

Its not likely but what if they guy said those things to you to make sure your not gonna call the cops on them? Just be careful, and dont hesistate to call 911.

#99203 - 10/15/04 08:37 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

Wow, that's quite a misunderstanding!

#99204 - 10/15/04 11:24 PM Re: Strength In Numbers
mongoose Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 72
Loc: Rochester NY
Nice man, glad to hear things are all kool again.

#99205 - 10/16/04 06:24 PM Re: Strength In Numbers



I admire you sensie silentbutdeadly

HE, HE couldent have done it better myself.
I wish I was there to help you guys out ( Im 15, 5ft 8, 170lb, Can bench my body weight, An ex boxer, kick boxer and im in Ju-Jitsue)

silentbutdeadly Where do you live? in New York?
Those guys where d*cks, Tell ya what, I would have got betten up because I cant stand people beating smaller people (expesualy freinds) up for no reason and, Expesualy, Disturbing girls
and I would of went beserk and hit someone and gotten jumped. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

Again kudos to you silentbutdeadly!!!

Justice rules!


#99206 - 12/17/04 05:46 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jay:
That's ridiculous. If you bring a weapon into a weaponless confrontation, you become the bad guy. Now, if you think you're tough and able to fight, you probably can't. But, now here's the fun part, they probably can't either. That's why they hang out in such a huge pack. That's also why they get courage when there's someone on the ground.

Pick the leader. Either get in his face and talk some trash (for that matter, talk trash to all of them). or Mess him up. If you mess him up, they'll flee like little cowards.

My advice to you is to stand up for yourself and your friends. Don't fight if you don't have to but draw a border. Don't let them touch you. Tell them that they have no damn right to put their hands on any one of your friends and then tell them to get the f out of there. The worst thing that happens is you get your bottom spanked. Then, you can hunt them down one at a time and hand them their bottoms on a silver platter. Otherwise, stay out of trouble.

Maybe its just where im from (lon) but most of the people that hang around in gangs do tend to be quite tough...and if you take out one of the gang this does not mean that they are all going to stop, on the contrary, if you mess up one of them they mess you up alot worse than they would have done before... and about weapons, if they hang around in a gang ( i am assuming there are other gangs also???? )they will have confrontations over turf and all that bull, so they will be carrying weapons ? am i right ? and you may do a form of martial arts but this can only help to a certain degree, you should not get OVER confident in your ability, my advice, try and avoid it.

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