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#99190 - 10/12/04 09:35 AM Re: Strength In Numbers

[QUOTE]Originally posted by antzca2000:

one last word, if your doing this to protect your friend then I think its cool as long as no serious injuries are done.

but if you and your friend are planning this as a way to advertise yourself as the big boys in school, dunt do it. Personally Im a firm believer or energy, and I believe that doing anything for selfish reasons will backfire on you.[/QUOTE]

Okay first of all i just wanna inform everyone nothing went down today or yesterday for that matter, im instinctively sure somethin will go down tommorow and thats where i wanna address this quote.
Were not doing this for the fame and the glory or to intimidate people, were only doing it because weve had to take there crap for too long.
Infact i totaly agree with what youve posted, i dont think its a gd idea to win this fight and start promoting ourselves and trying to start fights with other innocent individuals.
We would be relaying the stuff thats happened to us on others.
As soon as weve got the point clear to them to get out of our class and stay out because we aint gonna take anymore of it,
were just gonna go back to how things were originally.
Another thing id like to say is that im surprised by the ammount of you who are helping me out and thank you all for that.
Another important peice of info,they dont really have a leader, they basically function as a whole unit(if that makes sense) and fight together as a unit.
There is no particular person givin them any orders or anything.
Another reason me and my friends want to take care of them is because they seem to enjoy it [IMG][/IMG]
Your all mostly right though,there behaviour may seem cowardly but infact some of them are average and over average fights.
I no that doesnt sound special but as a group your not just thinking about them as individuals like you would do in a one to one.
You have the mindset that if you take on one you take on them all.
Weve evened it out though now and were just waitin for crunch time.
But yeah the way they act is sissyish and whatever they get from us they deserve it.
I'l still keep you all updated


#99191 - 10/12/04 07:52 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

remember if you outnumber them, jump em all at once, crush em all together. Wish you luck, and sue the school if they give you trouble about fighting the kids.

#99192 - 10/12/04 09:07 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

No point suggesting a recourse here, it's already in full swing, apparently.

If you get this in time, I have a desperate and final suggestion for you. If you have the time to pull it together, have every person possible in your lunch room smuggle in a knife.

Arrange a signal. When the gang enters, have everyone draw their knives. Be careful to instruct your schoolmates that NO ONE IS OUT FOR VENGEANCE. The hope is that no one will be hurt at all. The school cannot ignore an entire grade of armed people, and cannot punish the leaders as mercilessly because you will undoubtedly get media attention. The gang can't ignore an entire room of armed people either. If they do not book it, slowly advance with the intention of hurting them only marginally. If they try to fight, slash their arms. Always leave the option of their escape open. Hopefully they will book.

This is a LAST RESORT. Only try this if you have tried every other nonlethal option available. It sounds like the problem is escalating, so don't let it get to this point. This is very illegal and could go very wrong.

Where is your school? Maybe someone else here can help. I suggest putting this on the Teaching section, if only because the senior (and wiser) members are there.

I cannot stress enough that this is a last option. Please take it with a sea of salt.

[This message has been edited by Foolsgold (edited 10-12-2004).]

#99193 - 10/12/04 10:25 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

man if you have even number of people I think just spread out around the roon, look harmless. And on your signal jump up and attack all at once. Have the smaller people grab like a chair or smuggle in a wooden stick. I really don't recommand having a full group of people all carrying knives because that's really bad.

See if your the only one thats carrying a knife its easy to dispose of it, wipe off the fingerprints w/e and just flush it down the toilet or throw it into the filthest garbage can you can find. But disposing 11 knives.... well it feels a lot more complicated.

Nywayz I think that attacking them add on with fists and chairs should already be your last resort.

Goto the police if they come back to bug you afterwards. If you cant scare them off, please don't try to carry out the fight any longer then it already is.

#99194 - 10/13/04 11:30 AM Re: Strength In Numbers

Hey everyone, alright heres what went down.
okay so i get to school in the morning and were makin last minute plans and im telling them theres no turning back now.
were all waiting impatiently for the bell to ring.
okay so after a long wait the bell finally rings signalling lunch time,we all headed straight for the class.
were all in place now were just waitin for them to arrive.
okay then it happened, after about 10-15 minutes of waiting they showed up.
there was 11 of them, they were missin a few but oh well that wasnt important right now.
okay most of them are through the door now.
im really close to the door only about 2 1/2 metres away.
One of them:sup
Me:sup with you
~little smirks on there faces~
Me:so youve come here lookin for a fight
One of them:yeah, watcha you gonna do
Me:Its not what im gonna do its what were gonna do
One of them:*talkin to his m8s* i say we rough em up
My friend:ur the only ones who are gonna get ruffed up
One of them:use lot cant do anytin,your all scared

Okay note,my friends are all near me or relatively close to me this whole time to make things clear.

Okay so after he said that the guy tryed to hit him,my friend dodged.
thats when we all just rushed them and start fighting with our fists.
as the whole thing goes fists were exchanged and so were kicks.
all i remember is at times fighting one person and at other times fighting three.
i got hit a few times nothing serious but they got beat the hell out of.
The guy that talked trash to me , i left him with a bloody nose.
a few secs later one of em says " f*** im outta here "
thats when they probably all realised they were screwed.
We made sure the girls stayed out of the action because it wasnt pretty.
Then all of us chased them out with chairs
and left them with something to think about.
The actual fight lasted longer than how it was posted here but basically we got them out.
None of my friends were hurt badly but we took down some of there "best fighters".

Even though weve won this little fight i have a feeling there gonna come back with knifes and even more of there crew backin them up.

As far as this fight goes weve won,
as far as revenge goes, i have a feeling the worst is yet to come.

Tommorow at school will be very interesting ...
at the same time im anticipating whats gonna happen

well thats what went down
i'l post back a little later
im goin out now 2 c some friends


[This message has been edited by silentbutdeadly (edited 10-13-2004).]

#99195 - 10/13/04 08:10 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

Well hats off to ya, great job you guys did, being able to stand up for yourself. But by the sound of it, you guys didnt effectively get the job done. If they come back tomorrow, they will forsure bring knives (if they are the sissies that we think they are, they wunt come back at all). I suggest you guys hang on to the chairs tightly all lunchtime tomorrow and if they come showing even a bit of aggression, smash their motherfu**ing heads off.

Sometimes they need to learn things the hard way, but no matter what, geting anyone of your friends stabbed with a knife is not worth it.

If you know their coming with knives, i say either avoid that lunchroom or talk it out. becareful man, everyone here's rooting for what your doing but no one here wants you to get killed. Dunt forget to post here tomorrow if anything goes down so we know your alright.

#99196 - 10/14/04 02:20 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

okay il skip immediatly to it.
Nothing happened at lunch time today but il skip to what went down after school.
Okay we were walkin to the shops, coz thats were everyone normally hangs out and that lot.
Then we began makin our way home.
We are about 1/3 of the way home.
And then these cars pull up next to us (about 3).
The guys in the car are all carryin baseball bats and iron bars.
A few of them get out and start chasin us.
As soon as we saw the cars pull up we started running.
They pick up the guys who got out of the car and then start chasin after us in there cars.
We were pretty close to this alley.
so we all head down it coz we know the cars cant get down it .
Its basically a dead end alley with a spiked metal fence at the end of it.
At both sides are brick walls leadin up from the top of the alley to the fence.
We start climbing over the fence and we all manage to make it over fine.
Then guess what they pull up to the entrance, a few get out of the car and begin to climb the fence.
Theres abouts 6 of them chasin us, they all got bats and bars.
There shoutin swears and verbual abuse at us.
We manage to get a gd distance from them and they stop and head back to there cars.
There tauntin us shoutin were dead.
I recognised one of the guys to be the older brother of one of the guys we beat up yesterday.
So i know this wasnt just a coinsidence but it was planned for us all along.
All in all there was about 14-15 of them.
They were all between 15-19 years old.
Most of them go to college 17-18 yr olds.
We get back home to my house and tell my mum whats happened.
She agrees to give my friends a lift home,
because were all still in shock.
My dad was at work otherwise he wouldve been on the war path finding these guys.
Him and his friends are hard men.
The only thing i feel bad about though is having to be a sitting duck that whole time and not sticking my ground even though outnumbered in every way.
Anyway my minds set on tommorow at school.
I dont know whats gonna happen but i have a really bad feeling about it.
All of the peeps with me and the peeps who were involved in our group should get home quickly for safety reasons.
I dunno wot to do right now.
But im happy to answer any questions anyone has, coz im going to be on for quite a bit.


#99197 - 10/14/04 04:52 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

Why isn't your school flooded with police by now?

#99198 - 10/14/04 05:22 PM Re: Strength In Numbers

um if their chasing you with baseball bats and iron bars. Ask for a police escort. Im not sure about the details but supposedly you can ask a police to follow you on your way home to confirm that you guys are indeed in trouble. Call the cops man, its the only way. They wunt come back to the lunchroom, but now you have to stop this war from happening. Just goto the police station and explain what happened.

The only thing here is that you guys fought back, and thats the only thing whikch shoiuld worry you. Explain to the cops that you guys DIDNT plan the fight-back. Tell the cops that you guys knew they were going to attack you guys again and tahts why you fought them. Now the other group of punks has absolutely no way tol win this argument against you and the school will be in deeeeeep sh*t.

oh and in case ANYTHIGN do happen, carry a blunt weapon with you man. This is becoming more serious then before, the other guys are gonna fall HARD when the police get to this but you have to last longer then they do.

[This message has been edited by antzca2000 (edited 10-14-2004).]

#99199 - 10/14/04 09:07 PM Re: Strength In Numbers
mongoose Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 72
Loc: Rochester NY
Same thing happened to me. Some of the "bloodz", who are all white and asain, decided to jump me for fun. I avoided them for the longest time. Now everywhere i go i carry a pipe in my pants leg, brass knuckles, and mace. Mace is the way to go since if they jump you again, spray them, they'll go down and thats when the knucks and pipe comes into play. Some kids egged my house once, i knew who it was, went to their house, and took off all their lugnuts. No more car for them that day. You got yourself into another crew war it sounds like, good luck man. You might want to start working out more.

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