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#98162 - 07/25/04 01:25 AM Re: Self Defense Concepts

Getting back to Awareness and Avoidance, an excellent book on the topic is The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker.

For an aggressive mindset and surival, Strong On Defense by Sanford Strong is terrific.

DeBecker's book is usually in stock at bookstores. Strong's book may be a little more difficult unless you use something like

While training in realistic self-defense is certainly good to know, with excellent awareness skills the chances of you ever needing them are greatly diminished, and that's the ultimate form of self-defense - not being there when trouble happens.

#98163 - 07/25/04 08:49 AM Re: Self Defense Concepts

I've not read either one of those, so thanks for tip. Bookstores are pretty scarce where I live so I'll have to search on line for them.

Proabaly the most difficult topic to find good matieral on is art of de-escelating a potentialy violent situation. For some reason this paticular skill seldom finds its way into self defense classes and you are pretty much dependent on what ever phycatrist (spelling?) come up with. While I'm sure they have some good stuff, I'm also pretty sure that very few of them have any real world experince.

Hmmm... A personal security guru/shrink! That's what we need!

#98164 - 07/25/04 09:39 AM Re: Self Defense Concepts
Ed Glasheen Offline

Registered: 06/21/03
Posts: 1379
Loc: Newburgh,NY,USA
Although I appreciate your post, using stats is a mistake when coming up with a "plan" for self defense.
First they are national averages not city stats where huston NYC and Washington DC will look quite different. Also the mindset of compliance...what civilision its laws and morals want you to no longer a viable solution..hence the compliant passengers on the 9-11 planes. Or any hostage situation...compliance is the first step towards the Helsinky syndrome.
I agree that most martials arts are technique driven with little regard to teaching mindset advoidance ect.
In all honesty it becomes a personal choice to what a person does when confronted with an aggressor. I personal, although trained for the seek the safest way out first...but if that is impossible I am glad that I have training to end the conflict as quick as possible.
Self defense is not about ranging...boxing type techniques..most of all martial arts are based it is about pure aggression...knowing where to strike someone ..not just throwing punches...and the ability to take someone out of the equation fast...which limits your exposure time to getting hurt. Unfortunately..due to societal mores (sp) and personal belives most people do not have the mindset to do what they have to when attacked...hurt the attacker. So the stat showing victims who did not resist were less injured is squed (sp). Most victims who do not resist violent crimes are dead. And most of those who do resist are injured...with superfictial wounds...but are alive to tell about it.
We do not live in a society where the police are expected to protect us...or where some crack head who wants your money really does not want to hurt you....BS the criminal mindset is more ruthless today...going to jail is not an option...dead man tell no tails....
You have the responsiblitiy to protect yourself and your one else is going to do this for learn how to do it right...which includes having the right mindset...being physicaly in shape...and training for your specific need.
Selfdefense or better self protection is not a martial art...there is no place for budo...there is no time for zen...just take the guy out and go home....Martial arts are for those who would like to study historical techniques and all that zen budo stuff...learning how to protect yourself does not take 8 years and doesn't require a black belt. Ed

[This message has been edited by Ed Glasheen (edited 07-25-2004).]

[This message has been edited by Ed Glasheen (edited 07-25-2004).]

#98165 - 07/25/04 09:48 AM Re: Self Defense Concepts
judderman Offline

Registered: 08/06/01
Posts: 1400
Loc: UK
If I had to recommend some books it would have to be:
a) Most stuff by Geoff Thompson (although he has corned the market in writing several books from a few!) ~ excellent work looking at the pre/in/post fight stuff, how to avoid fights in the first place and how to deal with them if you can't evoid them.

b) Verbal Judo by George Thompson (no relation) ~ excellent into the worl of verbal confrontation. Lots of do's don'ts and stories to highlight them. Probably aimed more towardss the professional, but relatively easy to transfer.

c) Streetwise by Peter Consterdine ~ currently reading. I'll let you know.

A&C used to be professional bouncers/bodygaurds and often do consultancy work with the Police and Prison Service.

B served with the LAPD for a number of years.

#98166 - 07/25/04 01:07 PM Re: Self Defense Concepts

Great points Ed. The stats are just raw data, but still useful as a basis of study. My point on use of the stats is that unless you have the mindset that allows you to put aside the social barriers that we are indoctrinated with and do whatever damage is necessary to another human being in order to survive the encounter, your best response if you are assaulted might be compliance.

In today's society we are constantly being told that it is more virtuous to be a victim of a crime than it is to stand up and defend yourself. Far too many people have bought into that. I don't understand that myself but it's there. Not in huge numbers but a surprising percentage of the population seems to have bought into this idea. It also is kind of a regional and cultural thing.

Some people simply don't have what it takes to act savagely and violently, even when they are justified in doing so. Other will do what ever they have to. I feel it's important that a person commits one way or the other. I think that a "half hearted" attempt at self defense is probably worse than no attempt. Even if you have training.

That's the only predtermined type of plan I'm talking about. Committ to fight with every thing you've got in order to survive, or committ to complinace if you cannot committ that. That doesn't mean that you have to react in every situation, but when you DO act, you have to be committed.

Judderman, those might also be good reading. I think I've looked through the Verbal Judo once or twice but never fully read it. Thanks for the tips.

[This message has been edited by TwoGun (edited 07-25-2004).]

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