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#97663 - 05/31/04 09:02 AM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help

Well Chang Wufei, why do TKD when there are more effective MA around. Clearly muay thia dominates the stand up. You could also learn Wing Chung kung fu. I have really awesome videos of some techniques. Anyone on MSN? If so I can send you them and have a chat.

Since Jeet Kune Do is a stand up MA, to cross train is seen as an advantage. You should try BJJ or judo. I'm going to be fighting in an Edinburgh Fighting championship, same rules as Pride fc. I do judo and some BJJ, muay thia and wing tsun. I'm familiar in training with gi and not, I'm thinking of wearing trunks, but what do you think?

#97664 - 05/31/04 09:18 PM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3119
Loc: East Coast, United States
Hello Again Chang Wufei:

<<To paraphrase, I like Jeet Kune Do being a natural fighting system for me.

<Gentle smile>

Study ANYTHING for a good amount of time, whether gardening, butterflys, making clay pots, anything you can imagine, given enought time, enough passion and committment, and you will develop tremendous skill & technique

You have a CORE art, continue with it. STAY at it. When you have more experience then definately look at different arts and make a choice. Choose only 1 art and examine that, exactly as you did your first! Continue the first, and filter what you learn in your second art by that experience. But give the new information a very, very long time before you abandon/alter it.

Learn to use one tool extremely well, rather than play with the entire tool box.
All skills have a certain pattern to them, even your current art. Solely because you being a human you can't easily know all of your own yet.

Examine kicking, of choking, or whatever interests you, but stay put for a while longer, and figure out YOUR patterns now...

Its only advice, and worth what you paid for it...


#97665 - 06/17/04 11:03 PM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help

if you're doing TKD just for fun and stunts like it sounds, then go for it. Sure, you fight like you train, but who is seriously going to train to fight with a 570 degree spin kick or something like that? Don't give up your JKD, keep sparring JKD to keep yourself honest, and the TKD will only do you good.
One thing I'd avoid though is overlapping techniques - if you've got a JKD round-type kick, don't learn an inferior version. Only learn to fill in the gaps, don't replace good form with bad, even in training.
If you do just want fun and stunts, find capoeira - I did a little, want to get back to it, but was good cross training and no risk of interfering with more serious pursuits.

#97666 - 06/17/04 11:06 PM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
Loc: Ms
I took Moo Duk Kwan TKD before JKD and i still practice much of my TKD today only modified with principles and concepts of JKD. It will come easier than you think and there are great benefits to tkd training.

#97667 - 06/18/04 07:26 AM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help
JohnL Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/24/03
Posts: 4309
Loc: NY, NY, USA
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Chang Wufei:
I know what your saying, but thats not what I mean. To paraphrase, I like Jeet Kune Do being a natural fighting system for me. My question is will the patterns and preciseness of other, more traditional martial arts, like TKD, interfere with that? Or can someone consciously "switch" between learned styles? The reason I don't know this is because of all my martial arts, JKD is my only hand to hand martial art.[/QUOTE]

I doubt if training in TKD would have any detrimental effect on your JKD. You will simply be accumalating knowledge from a slightly different viewpoint. It's what you then do with that additional knowledge that will affect the way you progress in the MA's.

I believe I understand what you mean when you talk about the preciseness and patterns of other styles. Whether these affect your style is really up to you. Interestingly, when I teach kata, I sometimes teach what I call ugly kata. It's great seeing students who are used to doing kata with extreme precision, trying to do kata deliberately sloppily.


#97668 - 07/05/04 03:02 PM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help

To JKogas,immrtldragon,Ed Glasheen,Donald,and cameo, lets not lump all tae kwon do into the same category of "take our to" schools. Of course there are many of these out there that teach "de-fanged wolf" martial arts, but when tkd split with tang soo do, there was another self-defense tkd that kept the name tae kwon do, and is still an effective fighting system. All martial arts have their own individual hight points and some short comings. There is no perfect system. Some are really good for kicking, and some are really good for grappling and such. All have holes that can be filled by effective adapted technique from other systems. It is important to have a core system, which has been laid here with JKD. To improve kicks, a good "combative" TKD school would be great. Later if you find other things to work on, transfer to another system. But, there are very few systems that can help with kicking more than TKD. Good choice.

To other comments:
Yes, I think that there are several "combative" TKD stylists that could defeat Thai and many other stylists.

If you think that any art gets redundant at times, then you need to pick another passtime. It doesn't matter if you already know how to do a technique during training, you must practice the very same techniques that you learned in your first week of training in your 30th year of training if you plan to be an effective fighter.

No, 720 spins into back kicks are not effective in fights. You are stereotyping TKD as a Hollywood art or something seen done by the Paul Mitchel team. This is all show, and is not martial arts.

Jung Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do
Korean Military System
Brought to U.S. by Wan Yung Chung 1960
A combative Tae Kwon Do.

#97669 - 07/05/04 04:14 PM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help

For the past three years, I have been practicing Jeet Kune Do, and have learned a lot and enjoy it's street practicality.

Hmmmmm...What school of JKD have you been practicing? Original JKD, JKDConcepts, Functional JKD? Under what group? Inosanto, Golden, Dill, Beasely, Vunak, Thornton? They are all literally worlds apart in their approaches to training and fighting.

I would need to know these things before making any recommendations.

The concept of training in multiple arts and stockpiling moves is common in the JKD world. The problem is that frequently, the goal of becoming a better fighter and improving PERFORMANCE, gets lost along the way, buried under the classical mess that BL tried to avoid.

#97670 - 07/05/04 10:45 PM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
Loc: Ms
The greatest thing about JKD is the ability to raom the MA world, taking techniques, applying JKD pricipals, then making them your own. Dont mind the naysayers of TKD. They fear what they do not understand. JKDs founder,BL, was ridiculed many times for "going against the grain" and he did very well that way. TKD can be quite effective, if taught in a combative manner, easily defeating other styles who fail to train at the kicking range. These "other" styles fail to realise the importance and value of a well placed kick because they see guys do it for points on olympic teams, or they fail to train them long enough to become real assets to there system. I honestly believe I could break a mans neck with more than a few kicks I learned in TKD. But it took years of training to develope that kind of power and speed in a high kick. TKD is the long road for self defense because it takes longer to develope the skill and muscle to deliver some of the kicks with any real power but once the skill and muscle are there its well worth it. Ask anyone whose ever been kicked in the face by a real, combative, TKDst. Like the hermit Kung Fu master on the mountain, these schools are rare, and grow rarer each day, but do exist, and when found, are like the gold at the end of the rainbow.

#97671 - 07/05/04 11:30 PM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help

Well said Chen Zen.

#97672 - 07/06/04 07:21 AM Re: Serious Martial Artist in need of Serious Help

i started three martial arts all at the same time .

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