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#97218 - 05/06/04 12:00 AM School Fighting
Professional Offline

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 8
School Fighting has always been really pissy to me, because everyone is watching, you hurt them you end up in Juevinile(spelling?)
and loosing is like embarrising as hell.
I have been in Aikido since age 6(I'm 15) and i have never had to use it. But since people at my age have less pain tollerence they are easier to take out/kill.
So people that have fought in school what did you end up doing?

#97219 - 05/06/04 05:42 AM Re: School Fighting
kiwi Offline

Registered: 07/26/03
Posts: 789
Loc: Wellington New Zealand
Learn grappling. You can controll them lock them up, make them squeel without really hurting them.

#97220 - 05/06/04 05:17 PM Re: School Fighting
Professional Offline

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 8
The other problem with fighting in my school, is that i am the only person who is not everyones cousin. If you beat the crap out of one Juan Romero, then he get 20 other Juan Romeros to stap you. So...that might change peoples opinions on fighting?

#97221 - 05/07/04 12:05 AM Re: School Fighting
exceptionist 2 Offline
one arm napalm punch

Registered: 06/09/03
Posts: 438
Loc: Kanagawa Tokyo, Japan
Hey Pro, You dwell in the Cali region or Texas? Short answer though, why isolate yourself from the "Romeros"?, subliminal hint of another underlying issue, try getting to know one or two of them. I'll tell you this much; to them you being "different" with the addition of being distant=the projection of the age old superiority complex, inturn it will urk a few people=negative attention to you. Think about it. Covert feelings with Overt imagery, or "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer".

the exception

#97222 - 05/07/04 08:25 AM Re: School Fighting
Professional Offline

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 8
I live in New Mexico.
I am friends with many of them...just with about 1500 of them(exact Number) you cant know them all.

#97223 - 05/09/04 05:27 AM Re: School Fighting

I learned Kempo at a young age and most people knew I was learning this style so they were smart enough to avoid a fight with me... then I went to high school and it was the exact opposite, if they knew I was into martial arts, it usually meant that some idiot would want to "try me out".

I'd usually try to avoid the fight if I could but we all know what happens when we back down so I waited until this person wanted to pick a fight with me and I cut loose on him with just about evryone watching... teachers and all.

Yeah, I got in trouble for it and so did the other guy (suspended for 2 days) but after that, nobody wanted any part of fighting me and I didn't have to hurt this guy other than just knocking him down a few times.

Now, if his friends would have jumpped in to help him out, I'm sure I would have done some actual damage to stop them.

Being that you're pretty far advanced in Aikido, I'm sure you know how to win a fight without doing any permanent damage. The idea is to avoid the fight if you can but end it qiuckly and with as little force as possible when you can't just walk away.
Now, if you're ganged up on or a weapon is pulled out, you are legally entitled to protect yourself, this doesn't mean kill just cuz you're out numbered or weapons are involved, but it does mean you can use a lot more force if needed.

#97224 - 05/09/04 09:38 AM Re: School Fighting
Professional Offline

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 8
If more than one person pull knives, i guess i would have to use my cross country skills on them.

#97225 - 05/24/04 01:12 PM Re: School Fighting
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
Hit first and hit often.

#97226 - 05/30/04 06:05 AM Re: School Fighting
Chang Wufei Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 358
Loc: Spokane, WA
I think I can help you here because of my situation. I'm 15 also. I've been doing Jeet Kune Do for 4 years, and western boxing. Both work great, especially if you cross train.

You can't always avoid the fight. My advice to you is if it feels right, make the first strike. If you feel threatened by the situation, pre-emptive striking is the way to go.

ANOTHER COMMON MISTAKE: Don't stop! I've learned this. Once you make the hit, some tend to get thw "Well, okay, I hit you, now you hit me. Then I'll hit you again!". Idiots. Once you make that hit, follow through with a "domino effect", or string of attacks.

I incorporate it into all of my fights


Take away any of these factors and you have the upper hand, take away their breath with a strong hook right below his ribcage. Take away his eyesight, obviously enough, with a jab to the eye. Take away his attention by a snapping kick to his kneecap, taking his attention away from the fight and to the pain in his knee. Finally, take away movement by getting in really close so you can execute your knee and elbow strikes, or, if you are adequately trained, grappling techniques. This system works well.

And you can finish the fight with three steps

1. A BEAM target to start with, a quick edge with your first hit.
2. While he is disabled, follow through with an attack to a very weak area, like his gut.
3. Finish it by moving in close range and executing a trapping method, a simple one is placing your leg behind his and shoving him so he trips.

After that, he will be VERY unmotivated to continue, or if he's a bit tougher, you've already jabbed his eye, so his vision is down a bit, and you've hammered his gut, and most of all, HE'S ON THE GROUND.

#97227 - 07/07/04 01:58 AM Re: School Fighting

im 16 and goto high school where fighting seems to be quite a big thing. theres always someone who wants to fight someone. i agree i love to watch its fascinating to watch, ur own adrenaline starts pumping.......its exciting. i know what most teens out there go through in school. some smart *** kid try's to look all big in front of his friends and does some dumb little thing and u know its not worth doing nething over but it makes u mad. Or somone says something totally uncalled for and u realize " look who its coming from" but it still makes u mad.

For the actual fighting ive come to some realizations.
1. most fights like everyone says is someone hits someone and then they both engage
2. ive also noticed that the style most prompty used puts u in mind of a hockey fight i.e ( clothes grabbing, wild punches, wresting around type stuff)
3. most people get so entrapt in what they "hear" about people, it gets them pyched out

so my adice to any teen goes like this. always stand up for yourslef and what u belive is right. dont hit anyone unless u feel deep inside u that they r gunna try and cause u harm. try not to fight in the school cuz u always get in trouble. the first shot is pretty crucial, use it. most fights will turn into hockey style, go with it dont try to give someone a roundhouse when theyve got u by the scruff of the neck. hit fast and hard, dont even throw a punch unless u know its gunna do sumin. save ur punches it helps save ur breath, try to hit with all punches. a punch missed uses more energy then one landed. dont stop until u know theyve had enough, dont let up until there done. headlocks and trips and stuff like that will occur, they dont do much damage. elbows and kness do HUGE amounts of damage. and finally whemn the fight goes to the ground be quick and try to mount the person this position is hard to escape and defend from.

remember this posting is just from a teen who knows something about school fighting. not some 40 year old sensai who teaches karate ( who i totally respect) its just on this topic u need a teens advice, but most off all AVOID THE FIGHT IF U CAN!!!

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