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#97192 - 05/01/04 01:02 AM Alright, Here I go again. :)
newfighter Offline

Registered: 03/10/04
Posts: 40
Ok, I need some help where knee strengthening is concerned first. Someone I know told me to stretch out my leg and push my knee side to side and the knee cap actually moves side to side. He then told me that its because I have weak legs. Is that so? If so, how do I rectify this and strengthen my legs?
Second is dealing with a opponent much bigger than me. I'm not as tall and big built. One of my friends is big and tall and throws heavy strong powerful constant punches. As in, he moves towards you fast and keeps striking straight punches at you very quickly and powerfully. How do I deal with this and get into a good defensive and then offensive? Please help me out here guys, this has been a big problem for me. We'll come to fighting people who's got good leg skill later on maybe. He's sortta charging at me and looking down and throwing punches at such power that if it hits me its bearable but not for long. Help, thanks.

#97193 - 05/03/04 01:54 AM Re: Alright, Here I go again. :)
newfighter Offline

Registered: 03/10/04
Posts: 40
Noone? [IMG][/IMG]

#97194 - 05/03/04 02:55 AM Re: Alright, Here I go again. :)
Tengu51 Offline

Registered: 08/09/03
Posts: 361
Loc: Ellicott, MD, USA
I'm pretty sure that you kneecap will shift from side to side if you leg is relaxed. If you are flexing the leg it moves less.

What I got from your post is that your friend whom is larger than yourself is charging at you throwing wild punches while he keeps his head down to keep from being hit.

With his head down it has to be difficult to see you. If he is charging straight in, move directly to your left or right. From there use whatever training you have and give him hell.

The only thing is not to move too early. A good way to train awareness of distance is very easy and can be done every day. As people walk past you, just pay attention to two things, First; when they would be close enough to hit you, and Second; when you would be close enough to hit them. This doesn't mean to become paranoid, just use it as a way to train. Anywhere can be a place to learn.

If he is your friend there is also the possibility that you are going a bit easy on him because you don't want to hurt him. If this is the case, then realize this and ask him to not test you, because you don't want to possibly injure him. It's better to keep a friend than prove you can fight.

Hope that helps.

#97195 - 05/03/04 11:07 PM Re: Alright, Here I go again. :)
Raven Offline

Registered: 04/13/03
Posts: 549
Loc: Sin City
Um, I don't know what type of sparring your doing, but if punching is allowed, then if his head is down then just give him an uppercut. Also I agree with Tengu, just move to the side, and learn timing, very important.

Another thing I would do(still do lol) to learn distance was I would walk up to a tree and STOP when I thought I was close enough to strike with a punch. And if my arm was bent then I was to close, this should help you out. And you can use virtually any object to do this.

#97196 - 05/07/04 07:57 AM Re: Alright, Here I go again. :)
Ludeviews Offline

Registered: 02/19/03
Posts: 4
Loc: England
For stregthening the knee try:
One legged squats but don't go down too far Standing on one leg and throwing a ball against the wall
Getting some stretch stuff (like a thin/wide band of rubber), place foot 1 through loop then stand on other end with foot2, lift foot1 up and hold for 5
or again using the stretch stuff make a hoop/cirlce, slip the stretch stuff onto a post or summit, then put foot through loop, Move it up to your knee and have it so that you feel tension when you straighten you leg, hold for 5.

Sorry its hard explaining these in words!!

Also I agree with lateral movement and I'd stay in close too and crowd his work etc.. but I think if someone bigger is coming at you hard and frenzied, blocks won't work you have to get the F'outta there or attack back with more ferocity and be prepared to take a punch but just my opinion.

#97197 - 05/07/04 08:23 AM Re: Alright, Here I go again. :)
ken harding Offline

Registered: 04/21/04
Posts: 721
Loc: UK
Keep the leg exercises sensible.

Firstly knees have their plane of movement and the joint is a bad peice of design. That said we all have them.

Free standing squats (Ken's panacea for all ills) only going down to thighs parrallel with the floor will strenthen the legs. Avoid squatting with weights for at least 3 months of doing this. You then progress to Hindu Squats and one legged squats. To kick off do 4 sets of 30 with 60 sec rest between sets. Add another set of 30 as soon as this is comfortable.Then add another .
When you get to 200 or so in a session, switch to set of 50 with 30 sec rests. If the starting amount is too hard drop a set. It should tire the legs but not leave them feeling "dead"

For the fighting it's already been said. Move left or right and time your attack. Remember that a slight twist of the hips can take you out of harm's way. If you can face the idea go forward and sideways to get inside the big man's guard. If he has long arms get in close and make life hard for him. It takes timing and nerve but often rattles the bigger chaps.

#97198 - 05/24/04 01:19 PM Re: Alright, Here I go again. :)
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
I didnt read any of the posts execpt the first one. ANd I am a 6'6" 300 punder that does the same to my friends all the time. Most of them get frustrated and quit. But my one friend Jon, Keeps fighting me, no matter how hard I beat him. I mean I would drop him with one body shot, but not anymore. You just need to keep getting you arse beat and your body will adapt.

#97199 - 05/24/04 09:01 PM Re: Alright, Here I go again. :)

First of all, the kneecap is designed to move side to side while the leg is fully extended, as long as there is no pain or the knee does not catch during flexion and extension, you will survive. It is actually one of the tests that physitions check while completing a knee exam. Second, don't stand still and allow yourself to be beaten. If you move back to avoid his attack, he will move with you. Vary your movement side to side, or circles. Try moving to his dead space (approx 45 degrees to the back.) Also, try closing the distance and beating him to the attack. If his best weapons are long range punches, get in close and take that away from him. We must always look to disarm, or take the advantage from our enemies.


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