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#95264 - 10/03/03 11:53 AM Re: Offensive Knife Technique
kman Offline

Registered: 05/15/03
Posts: 368
Loc: minnesota
Iv'e called someone a name? Guess I'll need one of to point out exactly where that was. Seems to me others have been doing that and I have yet to take the bait.

#95265 - 10/03/03 01:56 PM Re: Offensive Knife Technique
MAGon Offline

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 1737
Loc: Miami, Fl.
[QUOTE]Originally posted by kman:
Iv'e called someone a name? Guess I'll need one of to point out exactly where that was. Seems to me others have been doing that and I have yet to take the bait.[/QUOTE]

I was agreeing with the sentiment. You're right, YOU haven't stooped to name calling.

#95266 - 10/03/03 03:34 PM Re: Offensive Knife Technique
Kotetsu Offline

Registered: 04/17/03
Posts: 314
Loc: Hollis, NH, USA
Just as an aside, have any of you looked at the AMOK! knife type fighting style? Not having much experience with knife-fighting(knives themselves are a whole other issue) i was curious as to your thoughts on it.
There's the site, if you care to look, I'm going to a seminar tommorow in Derry, NH.... I unfortunately don't know the address(getting a ride from a freind) but if you are in the area, it's 20 bucks i believe... 2:00pm-5:00pm. Yeah anyway, I personally have only been attacked by someone with a knife once.... that wasn't pretty... at all, but the first act on the aggressors part was not a grab, but merely a large swinging stab holding the knife underhand. It was very tingly, and i must agree, i didn't realize i had been stabbed until the bloody knife popped out of me. I then proceeded to run, very fast(thank adrenaline for the unlimited energy) [IMG][/IMG] anyway, that was awhile ago and i am much healed by now. Thanks for the intelligent input and please just don't bash AMOK! or any other knife fighting style/technique without telling us poor simpletons why(namely me as the poor simpleton, although anybody else can join if they want [IMG][/IMG] )
"I'll fix their clock... like a monkey on a batch of cookies!"

#95267 - 10/26/03 07:59 PM Re: Offensive Knife Technique
c_maj7th Offline

Registered: 10/13/03
Posts: 127
Loc: Indiana
Hi Ed,
I don't doubt your ability at all.But i hold your judgement in serious question.The Martial arts are to be taught with respect,honor,maturity,and integrity in mind.How can you in good conscience put out a killing technique for any kook to see and try without being there to make a proper decision on wether he/she is in the right frame of mind to learn such a technique.I hope that you don't have to answer to a husband ,wife ,parent or child as to why their loved one was killed from a lethal technique that a crimnal learned from your website.You sir,have a responsibility to the public to divuldge your knowledge wisely and from what I've seen thus far you are failing miserably.

[This message has been edited by c_maj7th (edited 10-26-2003).]

#95268 - 10/26/03 08:12 PM Re: Offensive Knife Technique

c_maj7th-I am afraid to point out to you that the kooks are already out there, doing what they are going to do.If they want to kill someone, they are going to kill someone.They are going to do this because they are kooks, not because of a tv program, movie, book, or website. Hold the kook responsible for their actions, not the rest of the world.

#95269 - 10/27/03 07:17 AM Re: Offensive Knife Technique
c_maj7th Offline

Registered: 10/13/03
Posts: 127
Loc: Indiana
So let's add fuel to the fire right?Besides Tv,video games,moveis etc,etc,DO affect people.If this were not the case billions of dollars would not be spent on advertising.That really is kind of beside the point I was making.You're right there will always be kooks but lets do our part and be responsoble MA's and give out our knowledge to the proper candidates.I've had my say I'm through with this post.Thanks.

#95270 - 10/27/03 08:54 AM Re: Offensive Knife Technique
charles mckey Offline

Registered: 05/09/03
Posts: 1368
[QUOTE]Originally posted by c_maj7th:
So let's add fuel to the fire right?Besides Tv,video games,moveis etc,etc,DO affect people.[/QUOTE]

Pah, video games affecting people. Look at how many people played Pacman in the '80s... Did they grow up to spend their time in darkened rooms listening to repetitive music whilst eating little white pills - actually, never mind.


#95271 - 10/27/03 11:24 AM Re: Offensive Knife Technique
Ed Glasheen Offline

Registered: 06/21/03
Posts: 1379
Loc: Newburgh,NY,USA
My move of the month is an example of the tantojutsu I learned.Like it or not, jujutsu is a combat art. It is not made up from three sports, karate, judo and aikido as so practice in the states. Jujutsu was designed to take out armed or unarmed assailants quickly. Weapons were and are employed as my example shows. The knife was and still is used as a mean of assasination. Not the bs sword play that is popular in todays MA crowd. It is unfortunate that you feel that showing my technique on the web is inmoral. I for one am tired of seeing the same ol judo,aikido,karate bs. There is more out there. There is real Jujutsu and then there is this made up crap. Like what you want. But if I am ever attacked, I want to take the attacker out quick and go home.Period. Ed

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