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#92316 - 09/26/03 08:12 AM Re: Nunchuka is there a defence?
StillWater Offline

Registered: 09/26/03
Posts: 101
[QUOTE]Originally posted by BUDDY:
Other than running away, how would the trained martial artist deal with the thret of Nunchuka? Is there an effective defence against this weapon?

Please post your views.

As this is my first post here at, before juming into the topic I'd just like to say Hello to everyone. So, Hello. [IMG][/IMG]
I've studied with nunchaku (the weapon so versatile it can even be SPELLED in different ways) for a little over ten years.
Against someone who actually knew how to use them, I'm afraid that the best suggestion i have was eliminated right off the bat with the words "other than running away.."

After that I would have to ask "can I have a weapon as too?". I wont get into the (almost historical) debate between the superiority of 9mm over 45 cal. or vice versa (though I'd choose the 45 [IMG][/IMG] ) but I'll certainly agreee that your best bet is to shoot bugger right quick.

Assuming that
1: I'm unarmed
2: the person weilding them looks like he knows what he's doing
3: there are no objects in my environment that i could use either as defenseve weapons or protective obstacles and
4: theres no way to talk him out of trying to kill me, I would (as has been mentioned) want to get inside of his swinging range. Not that this gets me out the woods in and of itself, because even up close the nunchaku can be extremely effective weapons. Pretty much everything you've ever seen or imagined as a possible or practical technique with a baton (including the many grapples) can be just as effective with the nunchaku.

But, getting inside and controlling the weapon (or rather, the hand/arm holding the weapon) would be my number one priority.

Though I'll admit that THEORETICALLY it might work,,,sometimes, I dont advise the "take a hit if you have to" mentality because if you take one hit, chances are fairly good that you're going to take another. And then another. And then as many more as the person using them decides is neccessary, since one hit often flows smoothly and powerfully into another.

Something that I was shown a very long time ago as a (desperate) defense against nunchkau, is to very quickly and forcefully snatch the chain or chord while the weapon is being swung. If you manage this without getting your arm broken, you may end up holding the weapon in your hand. Which is a considerably better place for it than HIS hand.

And for now, that is all i have to say.

[This message has been edited by StillWater (edited 09-26-2003).]

#92317 - 07/30/04 12:41 PM Re: Nunchuka is there a defence?

rush him when hes trying to change momentum(like when he wraps the chain around his waist, then goes the other direction)try to get a hold of his wrist or try to close range, because chances are he is a thug and wants your wallet, and hes not going to know how to use the chucks at really close combat(joint locks and so forth). if hes in the process of swinging when your rushing him, try to get close and if your gonna take a hit, try to pivot so you get hit with the chuck part that is closest to his hand THIS IS DIRE. becuz as another one of you posted, he will have just changed direction and will not have that much momentum, and he will have even less when you get hit by the chain in stead of the wooden part. after youve gotten that close, making his chucks useless, open up a world of hurt on him(what i would do after all this trouble is really knee him in the nads.(hey, it was his fault for not guarding them, right?))

thank you and good training

#92318 - 07/30/04 06:27 PM Re: Nunchuka is there a defence?

If the person were going through the figure eights, body wraps, and hand changes for intimidation then I have nothing to worry about because they are probably not very good for that is not how you fight with chucks. I would throw something into their eyes and kick the **** out of them. I would find a stick or use my belt and defend myself. If they are skilled and I could tell then I don't know what I would do. I would have to be in that situation. I guess I would just defend myself to the best I could.

#92319 - 08/11/04 10:30 PM Re: Nunchuka is there a defence?

It's not that hard really...just tackle him. Cover your head and tackle him. There have been reports of cops shooting armed criminals running at them from twenty feet away and still getting killed from the momentum of the criminal's weapon. I could take a blow to the arm to tackle some guy with flails. I might have a broken arm, but...oh well.

#92320 - 12/10/04 12:28 AM Re: Nunchuka is there a defence?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by BUDDY:
Other than running away, how would the trained martial artist deal with the thret of Nunchuka? Is there an effective defence against this weapon?

Please post your views.

You need a bow as in a 6' stick to contend with chucks.

These dudes on here talking about fightin with chucks obviously never have. You don't stand there and spin 'em around you like some movie when you're fighting and you're not likely to start attacking with a roundhouse. I snap my long heavy chucks out at the speed of light and hopefully knock the mother out.

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