Ok guys, here is the bottom line. In order that this valuable resource not degenerate into a forum for slanging matches, I intend to operate the following policy on the self defence forum:

(1) Any posts that serve only to antagonise other members will be deleted. I will do the same to entire threads if necessary. I'm sure we all have the intelect to tell the difference between making a valid, if contentious point and simply trying to stir up trouble. Therefore i'll assume that posts of this nature are deliberate.

(2) Any posts with abusive language will get deleted - no i'm not a moral crusader these posts just generate more of the same ad nausium.

(3) This resource is not a forum for point scoring or attempts to enlighten the "ignorant" masses, its a venue for mutal and respectful exchange of information and debate. If you don't like that fact, don't use it.

(4) I will see to it that repeat offenders don't have the opportunity or access to offend any further.

Sorry it has come to this but im sure you will all agree it is necessary.I will strongly support anyones rights to speak freely and will not censor any content other than that described above.

Mr Vigerous