I hate to do self-defense seminars. Women usually feel after 2-4 hours they can defend themselves, guys think there are Chuck Norris. I agree with the fact that down the road most will forget what they have learned.. Having said this, I was asked to do the same-recreational self-defense(even the terms are contradictary). I try to get them as many basics as possible, and I use palms and hammers, and try to do it in a way that the concept will stick with them.But it is hard. I always start with learn the concept not the technique but maybe 2 of the group understand. Keep it simple but different. In our style we have a pari exercise done by number, and elbow set, a heel palm set. I teach these right away then refer to Pari#1-heel palm #2 etc. My main concern is that they have something useful that they can remember