CHAOS International Headquarters 11235 Alpharetta Hwy 118. Roswell, GA 30076. 30 Minutes North of Atlanta

July 27 11am - 7pm * $85

July 28 9am - 2pm * $50

Register for both days only $125

(CHAOS Members pay Discounted price of $105)


Participants will learn Kuntao combat drills and techniques -

Designed to supplement your current training styles and teaching


Master instructors, Professor Rick Hernandez and Renshi Pete Pukish,

Will instruct seminar participants in:

Kuntao Combat Drills
Sikaran (Combative application of low line destruction)
Visitacion Knife Methodology
Internal Power Development
Close Quarter Combative
Survival of Knife Encounters

In response to overwhelming requests from the martial arts

Community, Professor Rick Hernandez and Renshi Pete Pukish have

Teamed up to share the art of Kuntao on an on-going basis through

Their newly formed organization, CHAOS International. The

Organization will provide a series of seminars, workshops, videos,

Newsletters and an interactive website to its members. The goal is to

Supplement the current style and training of its membership with the

Extensive knowledge these instructors bring in their combined

Experience of Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, American and Korean

Combative and healing arts.

Professor Hernandez and Renshi Pukish founded TACSAFE

International which provides tactical training for elite government

Agencies, as well as Special Forces units, SWAT teams and

Counter-terrorist units on an international basis. TACSAFE has

Received critical acclaim and was developed from the combination of

The Kuntao systems along with the training and personal experience of

Hernandez and Pukish. (

Hernandez trained and was given the rank of professor

directly from Martial Arts Master, Professor Florendo Visitacion

(Prof. Vee). The system Prof. Vee taught Rick Hernandez was developed

after decades of intensive study and practice in Filipino Arnis,

Kali, Kuntao, Japanese Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Chinese Internal

fighting arts, western boxing, Hindu Varmanie, Spanish fencing and

military hand-to-hand combat. Hernandez is the founder of the Jing

Shen Jie Fang Kuntao system. He also served as a Ranger in the US

ARMY, honing his weapons proficiency along with the practical

application of his martial training.

Pukish holds advanced ranks in numerous martial arts systems.

He currently serves as the Chief Technical Advisor and the Georgia

State Director for the American Jiu Jitsu and Karate Association

(AJKA). He has owned and operated Satori Martial Arts & Healing

Center in the Atlanta area since 1989 where he focuses on teaching

and training in the striking, grappling and healing arts. Pukish is a

Kuntao instructor under Professor Hernandez and they combine skills

to teach their individual arts in unique ways. Pukish practices and

teaches different aspects of the healing arts including massage

therapy and Reiki.

Satori serves as the headquarters for TACSAFE and CHAOS International.

Some of the benefits of CHAOS membership include:

* Certification of Membership

* Quarterly newsletter with training tips, seminar schedules and

informative articles

* Member only access to Professor Rick Hernandez through his website

column "Ask the Professor" - interacting with Professor to get

answers to technical questions related to the study and application

of the Kuntao system

* Downloadable information from the CHAOS website on Kuntao forms

and drills

* Ability to host CHAOS seminars at your location

* Discounts on seminar registrations

* Discounts on video purchases

* Pre-release access to new videos

* Quantity discounts for CHAOS International wearables


Become a charter member of CHAOS International and save on the yearly

membership fee. Normally $125, the fee is only $100 if we receive

your request for membership and payment before July 15, 2002.

The CHAOS website will be operational in early July 2002.

If you have questions, call Pete Pukish at 770-521-1152 or e-mail him

At Or