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#91569 - 10/03/02 02:08 PM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
judderman Offline

Registered: 08/06/01
Posts: 1400
Loc: UK
Kicks are fantastic in real combat.

Turn in the opposite direction and kick your foot out in front of you. Follow up with the other...

I call it running......

Sorry to be silly, but I think the concept has been adaquately covered above..


#91570 - 12/11/02 01:39 PM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
martial_life Offline

Registered: 12/10/02
Posts: 72
Loc: Elkton, SD, US
I have had the misfortune of having faced multiple attackers, and yes, i used above the waist kicks against them.
How you train is how you'll usually fight, and in most encounters, you have very little time to think.
As for what i think about it, it depends on your circumstances(open or closed area), speed(can you move if you miss), power(will the kick be likely to take them down or won't it even bother them), experience(have you ever been in a real fight), and your oppnent(s)(how do they fight?dart in and hit?spaz on you?)
It really comes down to the individual. I usually use it to keep me an extra few feet away and discourage them from getting in close.

#91571 - 12/11/02 03:33 PM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
isshinryu kid Offline

Registered: 12/06/02
Posts: 618
Loc: Knoxville tennessee u.s.a
[QUOTE]I Agree with vig on this oneKeep your kicks low so you can move quikly wiht power to match.& If he's angry his balance will be off & you'll have the upper hand.If He grabs your hand & pulls you toward him,exagerate the movement. So If he pulls you,you go faster & give him a knee.& When you see a target strike him when theopprotnitypresents itself,& Alwyas remain calm & yet ready for anything.So always prepare yrself for a up close & personal when fighting.I Don't Know wht your level is but ya sure ask some good questions,Sounds like your gonna be a good karate ka.

#91572 - 12/12/02 07:59 AM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
RedAdrian Offline

Registered: 12/11/02
Posts: 10
Loc: south australia
btw ,if i remember correctly it only takes about 11 pounds of force to break a human knee joint. (this figure may be wrong cus in australia we use kilogramms)
someone with only one knee is not going to too happy about fighting.
also kicks are really effective for pushing people back ,and i find that they can be really hard hitting (especially step up kicks).
they can also be useful for keeping distance from weapon weilding opponents. taking a few cuts to the leg is better than taking them to the torso when up close.

#91573 - 12/12/02 03:04 PM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
joesixpack Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/04/02
Posts: 2282
Loc: Australia
Sort of. The leg has vital arteries running down it. The torso at least has a rib cage.

#91574 - 12/13/02 07:01 PM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
isshinryu kid Offline

Registered: 12/06/02
Posts: 618
Loc: Knoxville tennessee u.s.a
[QUOTE]I think it takes 8 pounds,But I cld be wrong.

#91575 - 12/13/02 10:41 PM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
Shawk Offline

Registered: 12/12/02
Posts: 32
Loc: Colorado
The award goes to joe6pack...

Why, he mentioned the arteries in the leg...he is so close, but I give credit where credit is due...

One very well placed yoko-geri, mae-geri, mawashi-geri, or the best hiza-geri to the mid-point of the thigh...will drop most folks, unless they are on drugs...then you better be running...

joe6pack, mentioned the arteries in the legs....on the side of the thigh, between the knee and hip flexor...basically the center of that zone is something called the siatic nerve...crap folks pay attention, this aint Master Geroge Dillman's one touch, super kenpo pressure point stuff...its anatomy 101

the siatic nerve controls all the ligaments in the entire is also the main communication device to the brain for thigh and leg movement...are we getting the picture yet...

If you geri that nerve, the leg shuts down and it aint purty...when you strike a nerve with any amount of reasonable force, the nerve will "lock", the brain's normal reaction is to shut down the affected issue, in this case the many of you have watched "real" Muay Thai bouts...crap, keep paying attention...not UFC, not WWF...."real" thai fighters in -country....Ok, good have you seen a knock-out scored simply from a fghter hitting a you understand...pretty simple right?...exactly....those Thai fighters aim for the siatic nerve...I have seen fights in Bangkok, where the victim could not walk for 24 hours after being hit in that location....look at any atanomy 101 book, and you will see where the nerve is precisely located, then memorize it, and then TRAIN your geri's to zero in on that target....If you have ever been hit there yourself, you already know about my feels like hitting the funny bone on your elbow, amplified by the exponent of 1000....any kick will do it....

Of course one of my favorites is if some shitbird is trying to get his point across, then stomp kick the in-step of his foot and then stomp kick his toes....It is recommended that you accomplish these tasks while Mr. shitbird is swelling his chest and verbally re-enforcing his plans to remodel your life...if you have any kind of boots much the better...


#91576 - 12/15/02 04:59 AM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
joesixpack Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/04/02
Posts: 2282
Loc: Australia

My dojo practices and loves that kick. To the uninitiated, being kicked in the thigh would appear to little damge. Looks are decieving!

Another good one is a point on the outside muscle covering the lower part of the shin - whilst the first kick is devestating, this has a similar effect, but on the movement of the foot. Actually, I giggle with glee when I see someone try to move after being hit with this - looks like someone's got a cattle prod on them!

Would a hiza geri be like "reverse hook kick" or somewgat like a crescent kick which descends or pushes in with the heel?

#91577 - 12/16/02 05:43 PM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
Shawk Offline

Registered: 12/12/02
Posts: 32
Loc: Colorado

A Hiza geri is a knee kick....

#91578 - 12/17/02 12:32 AM Re: Kicks in Real Combat?
senseilou Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 10/14/02
Posts: 2082
Loc: Glendale, Az.
Shawk-I can attest to your sciatic nerve kick(we use a big toe to that point as well, or the point of our shoe if we have them on)as I had a sciatic nerve problem in my leg and was paralyzed for about 2 days, could not walk, couldn't even walk into the hospital, had to be carried. The injury was caused by a disc, and the recoupertive period was over 6 months, about 2 weeks before I could get into the dojo. To this day we do not know an exact cause, but when the nerve is effected, you can't walk, straighten up or sit up. It was after this event that we starting refining the kick you speak of

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