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#90053 - 03/16/05 03:40 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

This crap is fakery of the highest order and Mooney is it's high priest. At the request of George Mattson (famed uechi ryu master) he submitted to a double blind test and was debunked. Please see:

#90054 - 03/16/05 10:11 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

[QUOTE]Originally posted by BaguaZhang:
This crap is fakery of the highest order and Mooney is it's high priest. At the request of George Mattson (famed uechi ryu master) he submitted to a double blind test and was debunked. Please see:

I disagree with you Baqua but to each their own

#90055 - 03/16/05 11:39 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

Once there was a man and a woman. They stood in their kitchen together when the man heard the woman groan. " Whats up honey" said the man. "I was at the store earlier and I forgot to get apples. I really need them for a recipe and I don't have time to go back. The man said "Honey you know I love you and would do anything for you, let me go to the store and get apples". The lady replied "You would do that for me? you must really love me. You are so understanding.I love you and I always will". He replied "Anything for you my love". So he went to the store and asked the grocer for his best apples. The Grocer complied and brought out the most beautiful apples either of them had ever seen. The man paid a premium price for the glorious produce. He left the store excited to know that he could express his love for his mate in this practical fashion. He entered the house and called out to his mate "Honey I'm home I've got the apples you wanted,and I must say they are the most beautiful apples ever seen!" The lady took one look at the apples and said " Those are Macintosh I needed Granny Smith!!! The man replied "What I am saying is, I say apple and you say apple isn't that the same thing? I guess we will have to agree to disagree no problem".

[This message has been edited by oldman (edited 03-17-2005).]

#90056 - 03/17/05 05:51 AM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

You're not disagreeing with me,I have no stake in this. You are ignoring the obvious truth because it does not conform with your belief.

#90057 - 03/17/05 12:27 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

Don't want to take any part in a debate on a subject I'm not competent in, but I'd just like to correct two mistakes made by Sa Bum Nim, regardless of the rest of his statements on which I will make no judgement, having no knowledge of what is being discussed here.

First, Peking(Beijing in the now official pinyin translitteration) is not the new name of Nanking (Nanjing in pinyin): these are distinct cities which both still exist, and as their name says, Beijing is situated in northern China (bei = north) while Nanjing is situated in southern China (nan = south).
And as for "positive and negative particles: protons and neutrons", protons are positive particles indeed, but neutrons are definitely not negative: as their name says quite plainly, they're neutral [IMG][/IMG]. The negative particles of the atom are the electrons.

I'm aware that these menial details aren't relevant to the debate at hand, but again it is not my wish to take part in it anyway. I just couldn't help correcting those two minor errors (well, minor regarding the topic, that is [IMG][/IMG])...

Respectful regards to you all.

#90058 - 03/17/05 02:30 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

Thank you for the correction on the particules the point i was making was everything is made up of energy. If I am understanding your correction on the translation of the word Jing why is it you directed the correction only at me. I didn't even bring it up. But thanks for the info. I have known for along time that if you ask a non martial artist Chinese who speaks different dialects i.e. Cantonese, mandarin you will get completely different translations of what the words actually mean.

I am still waiting to here of what experiments in LKJ you have done Meijin and the results

Thanks to all.

#90059 - 03/17/05 03:07 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

My apology! I realize now my linguistic bit must have sounded confusing according to what had been said previously. My correction had nothing to do with jing: as far as I know, the "jing" in Beijing and Nanjing has nothing to do with the jing being discussed here (different tone and different ideogram). I was just referring to an errated passage of your post about the history of
"...and left for his home in Nanking (now Peking)."
I just wanted to explain that Nanking (or Nanjing, in pinyin) is a whole different city from Peking(or Beijing), and they both still exist: the first is in southern China, the second in northern China - and is the current capital of China, by the way (People's Republic of China, that is). And since their respective names roughly indicate their location, there's no way they can be one and the same city...
I hope my explanation was clearer this time...

#90060 - 03/20/05 05:13 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake


Although YiLiQuan uses several forms of QiGong (stake standing being just one), Mr. Starr is not an advocate of Mooney or Dillman.

I appreciate your posting some of the history here, but by dropping Mr. Starr's name along with the others in your posts, it seems as if he is of the same mind. Well, he's not...

I just wanted to make that clear for the others reading this thread.


#90061 - 03/20/05 08:43 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake

Cheng I think you took this the wrong way. I studied under Sifu Starr and when questioned about the style Biaxing I was showing where it came from and it's linage. As far as Dillman I never mentioned him. I have had conversations with Mooney.

I was doing Lin Kong Jing under Sifu Starr at the age of 15 even though at the time I didn't know what it was called I only knew it as chi gung then. But I was able to move a 12x12 piece of canvas suspended by 2 stings from the ceiling with my chi gung exercises taught to me by Sifu Starr back then.

Sifu Starr told me of masters who could knock out a person from across the room without even touching them.

He demonstrated and taught Fajing quite often. Let me just say heavy bags were falling like fly's, being split with internal punches and kicks back then.

How is Sifu I heard he moved back to Omaha recently? I could tell you some amazing things that happened in the C. R. Kwoon back then.

My initial post was about Zhan Zhaung as the foundation to the internal arts. The problem is that standing meditation. was nearly forgotten when it came to the internal arts of the West Fortunately Sifu Starr was one of the few who Knew this and made us practice this during class quite often. As Far as Mooneys Validity I can only say this. What I have experienced from Mooneys teachings has made me a lot more sensitive to chi than ever before and able to read an opponents intention better as well as having what I feel as significant success with the experiments I have attempted.

#90062 - 03/20/05 08:52 PM Re: Zhan Zhaung/Standing the stake


e-mail probably know me, just not my handle...

Mark Hachey

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