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#89258 - 02/10/05 06:53 PM i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm new to this, i've been researching lately on chi, and breathing. I've finally found this place. i'm sorry to say that i've never been in a physical fight with anyone. I would like you guys to teach me some little things, you know. i've kinda searched the chakras, but i don't know much on that either. any information on fighting, chi, chakras, any thing. i've found this one site that teaches me to build my chi. i got a really cool feeling from that, tinglingy feeling. thats why i'm here now. i know i'm just another stupid kid on this site, well actually i'm not that stupid. haha, but i'd like it if you guys took a chance with me, cause i'll listen and get on every day to check out what you said. well thanks for your time.

#89259 - 02/11/05 01:21 AM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the most common thing you will hear from most here is to find an instructor close to you. see if he/she has something you want and go for it. not very indulgent but,.,.,.

#89260 - 02/11/05 11:38 AM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOn't be too hard on yourself, there is so much crap on the internet forums you don't need to be so humble, as long as you don't post a DGBZ site, they don't like that here lol. But humbleness and honesty I think is a good thing, just you don't be too humble on the net is all.

Chi is the universal primal energy, and qi practices are often concerned with the integration of the universal energy in your body. Obviously the type of Chi practice most here are concerned about is Chi in Martial arts. Internal Martial arts are very concerned with qi in everything they do, but External styles can be concerned alot with chi too, and have their own ways of developing qi, such as the "hard qigong".

Another Qi art, would be traditional chinese medicine and healing arts. Things such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, Reiki etc, are healing arts.

Then there are high level spiritual practices which begin by cultivating qi, and then go on to cultivate the mind and emphasize meditation. Taoist spiritaul practices are often very concerned with qi and longevity, whereas Buddhist practices sometimes focus more on meditation and spiritual abilities, if all you do is sit in meditation, your body might suffer in health eventually, so buddhist practice also cultivate life and chi sometimes.

There, is often a lot of overlap between these categories. Many Chinese "Chi" arts, are all four. Taijiquan for example, contains martial arts, such as shaolin and shuai chiao, and Taijiquan is an old battlefield martial art. But it also contains knowledge of TCM, and contains buddhist practices, such as buddhist meditation. THe first move of Taijiquan is Buddha's warrior attendant pounds MOrtar, you end that move stomping down with a hammer fist, and end with the fist on top the palm at the dantien. ANd of course, "Taijiquan", if it is truly "Taijiquan" then has Daoist elements and empbodies Daoist principles. It does indeed.

I suggest, IMO, check out the thread about the Star exersice, it is really an incredible technique when you see it done well.

[This message has been edited by serious pain (edited 02-11-2005).]

[This message has been edited by serious pain (edited 02-11-2005).]

#89261 - 02/11/05 02:36 PM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd that!

#89262 - 02/11/05 07:02 PM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the info, by the way i'm not really a kid, well if you count 16 as a kid. haha, well i'm also trying to meditate, but i'm not doing so well. I guess I just need peace and quiet. thanks again.

#89263 - 02/12/05 05:30 AM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fisherman Offline

Registered: 07/16/03
Posts: 1656
Loc: Colorado, USA
Hey buddy, compared to some of us here you are a kid.

#89264 - 02/12/05 01:07 PM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the one thing i do kno is how to meditate, the easiest way is to find a quiet place somewhere outside and listen to the sounds of nature, toodleoo

#89265 - 02/15/05 03:13 PM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi welcome, you are most definately a kid at 16. Its a good thing. You're very lucky to be interested in Qi (chi) at such a young age. Its important that you find good info. 16 is an age of very powerful Qi, thanks to an abundance of hormones. And don't feel bad about never having a physical fight with anyone. Hopefully, you'll never have a physical fight with anyone in your life. You can spend your time doing something more productive, like turning all your energy inward.

On the other hand, the human brain grows from back to front, fully forming in your early 20's. The emotional mind is in the back, and rational mind is in the front! Good luck! (I would have used that one as a major excuse if I knew it back then. "But Mom, my brain is still unformed!" It is really very difficult to meditate without a teacher. And there is SO much erroneous, fluffy, nonsensical info out there on the subject.

Trace meditation back to its roots by reading some 'classic' books on Zen. The Zen riddles ('koans') are fun. Like "What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Meanwhile, stare at a candle flame and think of nothing else but your breath going in and out. Any time a single thought comes, let it pass, and return your mental focus to the breath. If your mind is still going haywire, make your breath audible. This usually works. Just sit.

Good luck!

#89266 - 02/16/05 02:31 AM Re: i would like to learn more on chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Theodoremurray, I started Chi training when I was 18 and have been doing that for 20 years now. Good thing you have keen interest at this young age because it is definitely easier to develop Chi when you are young and strong. You may want to consider if your interest in Chi is based on health, martial arts or spiritual. If for health, you can enrol yourself into any Chi kung classes available. For martial arts, you may want to try Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua,Hsingyi or Yichuan but make sure the instructor is a good and knowledgeable one. If for spiritual, you may want to consider Taoist or Buddhist meditation and more important to have a good instructor. You have to decide but internal journey is a pleasant discovery, that I can assure you.


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