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#88812 - 01/21/05 10:10 AM Re: My chi experiences & yours


If you are referencing [Super] String theory or the "Unified theory of Everything", then you may be missing the boat a bit on what you are describing. "Strings" (as defined by the theory) are not "circular loops of energy".

Additionally, if we are looking to qi as a bio-electric type of energy, it would not be a loop either...we would be talking about a wave with frequency and amplititude.

#88813 - 01/21/05 09:00 PM Re: My chi experiences & yours


Just curious. How old are you? Your 'character' as I am able to gather from upur postings so far is a puzzle to me. I cannot put a finger on it. If you are able to generate an awareness of or to 'feel' / 'absorb' chi as you say you can, then you should be able to work out any possible 'negative' environmental impact -- you should be thrice as sensitive when compared to a non-practitioner. If I walk into a room or a bus crowded with people, I feel very uneasy and If I enter one of those large electronic department stall with switched-on electrical equipment everywhere I actually feel ill and had to get out quickly. This is not to question your accomplishments of course -- we all learn till we die.

Anyway, good to hear you are taking the advice of an oldman, which of course is not an indication or a guarantee of higher wisdom. That pile of stones and a family of cherry trees certainly sounds lovely; as it was said, nothing happens by accident. Please tell us what you actually 'feel'.

Pagans were no less human and, with their minds not being cluttered with 'modern' nonsense, all the more sensitive to any energetic emanations from the natural environment.

I believe caucasians today, especially those whose ancient ancestors built all those stone circles/monoliths all over Europe, are now just 're-discovering' their long-lost ability to 'communicate' once again with this ever-present energy of nature, which is more "alive" than we can imagine. I am sure they had a name for it. If only those stones could talk; maybe they can, just that we are not listening.

The practice of chi, which is highly introspective in nature, is just one method to 're-tune' our inner mind/emotions which has, since the industrial revolution, been artificially suppressed; and so the "Yang" has dominated in the West for the last few hundred years, giving rise to great scientific discoveries and inventions. The chinese has for the last few hundred years called caucasians "Yang Ren" -- Yang People; I always wondered how they worked it out so quickly.


Your point taken on the need to be guarded in order that "we" are taken more seriously by the scientific community. The "problem" with "them" is that they have no subjective involvement and being totally dependant on limiting instrumentations; and "we" have to use archaic and arcane language to express our ideas which have no counterpart in modern science. Sometimes I think we'll have to walk on water to convince them. Do you yourself do any fundamental research?

I agree absolutely with your point about DNA and fundamental genetic research throwing up some answers; they are now looking at the fundamental substance of live itself; if chi is there, it will be found; unless we are all suffering from mass sympathetic delusions, which is entirely possible until proven otherwise. But they will also, to sound contemporary, give it a different name, like 'supra-bio-magno-wave' or some such variations; no way they will call it "prenatal chi" in order not to be laughed at themselves.

Without flogging a dead horse, I would pose the question that if 'chi' does not work at the cellular level, then where does it work? if we assume it "works" at all. The question is related to people who claim that chi gung practice can prevent or even cure cancers which, fundamentally, is a cellular disease. Your thoughts or experiences on this?

The strange thing about longer life expectancies is that there is a corresponding rise in various cancers -- expecially breast cancer in women. Do you think the high level of pollution is a large contributing factor?

[This message has been edited by ButterflyPalm (edited 01-21-2005).]

#88814 - 01/26/05 03:04 AM Re: My chi experiences & yours

I feel as though if you new more about me then you may be able to help me in some ways that I may not be able to comprehend at the moment because - You are the wise one!

I am 18 years old - although I look about 16. Im very slim, I believe I had the ability to suceed in education - although I didn't like the awkward set proceedures that schools in the UK follow. I quickly found friends, I was very nieve and at the time only cared about what people thought of me - which made me act like a class clown and probably had an adverse affect. I have always had a complex about trying to better myself on a moral level - by being nice to people - although sometimes I went against my conscience. I had alot of pride which caused me to get into many fights with people larger (or better fighters than me) - I dontknow why - but i've never lost a fight.
I didn't even try at highschool to revise for exams - I didn't do any coursework which makes up a percentage of my final marks - I got 4 B's, and the rest C grades.

I stopped fighting when I left high school - I became more easy - going. I smoke more cannabis than is healthy for me. Although I dont feel any unhealthier. I took an opportunity to go to a really good college - I took philosophy and psychology - I didn't pay attention in class - Because I smoked cannabis everyday at lunch & break times. I dropped out of college to look for a job - (this is around the time I became interested in chi) I am still looking, although I am on a government training scheme where I sit on PC's all day long - It makes me feel ill also - any office type environments with electrical equipment does - although I believe this may build up my negetive chi resistance as I am getting more used to it - although I grow ever more sensitive to it.

I meditate morning and night - and whenever I have spare time. I believe in God. I exercise all the time - I never catch the bus - I always walk - I feel uncomfortable on buses also - But i dont know if I walk because I am uncomfortable on buses or not. The way i think of it is I save money - which I can spend on food. [IMG][/IMG]

Any advise on my life? - There is more to it that I dont think I would post on a forum, perhaps your insight would sense this anyway - nothing bad that has directly affected me but my big brother, but all has been resolved. I've tryed to tell you how I 'feel' about life.

I feel most of my wisdom comes from my farther ( I dont consider myself wise ) and most of my spirituality from my mother (who is extremely spiritual / and has caused things to happen by merely verbalising them at times of anger - don't question this as I am sure of it - I am not blinded by the tricks of fools). My father said his mother - who I only met once (she seemed to have a huge presance even for such a small woman) She is iraninian and always was called mother (in persian ) by the whole village - she had no education but my father said she didnt like nonsense - she just liked helping people - my father said she was wise also - and said that he would say she was enlightened but would be scared of putting words in my mouth.

I pondered about these things (after already practicing chi/meditation). And realised my mother and farther are like yin yang - One really spiritual & one that I that is extremely wise.

I still wonder if this could have any meaning or perhaps not. My mother and father said as a child I was really fat - as a joke they called me their mini buddha, also they've said to me when using chi to heal aches that as a small child putting my hands on my mums head used to take her headaches away.

This all probably seems like verbal poop [IMG][/IMG]
but i've been as open as possible. Any help/advise?

#88815 - 01/26/05 05:04 AM Re: My chi experiences & yours

I believe that Yang people of any colour will oneday take us seriously because I am one example of this - Walk on water - no - just as i've been brought up in a yang community as you may call it and I believe Uneducated people (in the field of chi) prejudge it as magic - or mumbo jumbo. Chi is not magic - it is a natural life force.
They fail to understand the logical details. And ask for proofs beyond our present limits to discard our opinions as rubbish. Although in the bible it says that we will be able to do miracles such as jesus' - maybe he just had the abilities unlocked early for him.

#88816 - 01/26/05 07:52 PM Re: My chi experiences & yours

It is refreshing to see a 18 yr. old opening up; most will have too much ego to do so.

However, I just have to be hard on you, if you want any help from anyone on the Forum.

You will have to stop taking any kind of hallucinogenic drug. Poisioning the mind is worst than poisioning the body, the latter is temporary, the former is permanent; it also harm others around you. Other members of the Forum will take you less seriously.

The practice of chi should bring about wisdom, as it stimulates and heightens mental processes; more so than any drug. you do want to be wise? don't you? of course you do. Everybody does.

Your are only 18; I am 55. Imagine the wonders that you will see from now till you are 55 and beyond. When I was 18, man has not landed on the Moon yet, Elvis was singing 'Blue Hawaii', Bruce Lee was wearing a mask and playing 'Kato' and the word 'computer' was not even heard of. So think about it. You want to see all these wonders with a clear and 'enlightened' mind or with a messed-up one?

If you have such great belief in yourself, and want to be a leading member of the IMA community or any community, you should know what to do.

The practice of chi or any worthwhile art requires time and patience; lots of it, (that's why kung fu is called kung fu) Impatience will do more harm than good; I have absolutely no doubt about this. If you consider me wise, then listen to me.

In order to progress in your chi development, you need a 'stable base' in your personal life; meaning you should not need to worry too much about socio-economic issues; so get a stable job; earn enough to give you the necessary peace of mind needed.

If one day you are actually able to do all those wondrous things you've heard people of high chi ability can do, then you can come back here and tell all of us -- 'I told you so' But until then, get a job and practice carefully.

As I said before -- nothing happens by chance.

Remember this -- 'no man is rich enough to buy back his past' -- Oscar Wilde.

I would add, 'the future holds riches beyond imaginning'

You appear to have some near & middle-eastern heritage. It is a great heritage. Many mystics / prophets have come from there. Do them proud, please.

[This message has been edited by ButterflyPalm (edited 01-26-2005).]

[This message has been edited by ButterflyPalm (edited 01-27-2005).]

#88817 - 01/26/05 09:47 PM Re: My chi experiences & yours

when i practice chi i feel warmer and tingly. i also feel like a extra layer of something cover my skin. is this normal??

#88818 - 01/27/05 12:39 AM Re: My chi experiences & yours

I totally agree with Butterflypalms

[This message has been edited by Sa Bum Nim (edited 01-27-2005).]

[This message has been edited by Sa Bum Nim (edited 01-27-2005).]

#88819 - 01/27/05 02:08 AM Re: My chi experiences & yours

[QUOTE]Originally posted by jimmythestrange:
when i practice chi i feel warmer and tingly. i also feel like a extra layer of something cover my skin. is this normal??[/QUOTE]


That 'extra layer of something' is actually your 'sudden' awareness of the 'bio-electric nature' of chi's interaction with the surrounding air. It's just that through your practice, which involves concentration of the mind, you have become aware of this, as oppose to non-practitioners.

However, try not to 'lift' this feeling up to your brain too often or for too long. Keep it nearer to the legs / feet. In other words 'SINK'. This will happen when you 'SUNG' or 'RELAX'. Do not strain in your breathing; keep it soft and slow. After a period of 'sinking' the chi begins to accumulate at the dan tien. All in good time.

In the beginning, it is not advisable to 'over-load' your brain with so much concentrated energy. Your brain needs time to adjust to this new kind of 'thinking' So you may hear of headaches, dizzyness.

Patience. A watched kettle never boil.

The more relax you are, the better is your 'feeling'

When you get more advance, and if you practice other 'hard' MA, you can begin to combine the two and get "hard/soft" the first goal of application of chi to MA --"Goju"

#88820 - 01/27/05 06:48 AM Re: My chi experiences & yours


i cant seem to keep te covering over my skin for very long.. what can i do to help it stay?? do i need to focus more??

[This message has been edited by jimmythestrange (edited 01-27-2005).]

[This message has been edited by jimmythestrange (edited 01-27-2005).]

#88821 - 01/27/05 05:48 PM Re: My chi experiences & yours

Thanks for the Great information ButterflyPalm.

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