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#88546 - 12/09/04 12:45 PM Let's see how long this takes to get deleted.

The above subject is not so much out of any disrespect for our respectable moderators. In fact, I just didn't really know how else to start it. Sue me.

BUT, the reason this could be deleted is because it pertains to the use of marijuana. So, after that, if it faces extinction, I completely understand and respect the decision.

Now, perhaps this has no reason to be on these forums, but ...well, i'll explain that.

Let me start out by saying I have never, not once, done any Chi training, or Ki ..and in fact, I don't even have a clear idea what it means or what it's supposed to accomplish. Personally, I think its all too deep and profound for me. *grin* But, anyway.

I grew up in a *Expletive* environment. My parents were stoners of the worst description, and so incidentally I ended up doing the deed myself, as a young teenager. Well, my dad one night, brought me into the garage where the weight bench and work-out paraphenalia was kept. He pointed to the bench, and told me to lay on my back, whereby he proceeded to pile on *atleast* 40 more lbs then I had ever been able to bench at the time. I muttered protests, but he just said "Lift", here I will state, we were both, my dad and I, very high.

So I lifted ...lifted that puppy with incredible ease, put it down, then lifted it a couple more times. I was shocked at the time, but when I woke up the next morning my chest was more sore then it had been for a long time.

So my question is ....How?? The only explanation I could come up with is, The Mind. Like I more or less lifted with my mind in conjuction with my arms and chest, because I don't know who here has tried Marijuana, but it's hard to focus sometimes, but other times its very easy. My focus, at the time, was on the Lifting of the weights matter what. Whether it be with my arms, chest, head, back, pinky's, or mind.

Can someone explain this ....and, was that "chi" oriented?? I ask this simply because of the relation between Chi and Energy.

Now, my marijuana days are long gone. I am now 21 and fit as a horse, my only vices, cigarrettes and beer, but that day is etched in my mind simply because of the possibilites it could entail. If that is possible, under the influence, why could it not be such, sober? Is that what chi does to some extent? Allow you to use your mind on the task at hand, displaying the extra potential we all have, but don't use??

Well ...theres my story, and inquiry.

Thanks for wasting a few minutes out of your day to peruse this, probably, useless topic.



[This message has been edited by Ket (edited 12-09-2004).]

#88547 - 12/09/04 07:17 PM Re: Let's see how long this takes to get deleted.
Salek Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 475
Loc: Minnesota
Wow... Talk about a good way to train... Take a puff do a few reps take a puff do a few reps, a few days later you have a few less brain cells and a ripped body...

Almost make me wanna do Marijuana [IMG][/IMG]

Just kidding guys

Sorry I have no idea if there is any connection, but my guess is that it would have much more to do with meditation and/or focusing

#88548 - 12/09/04 10:04 PM Re: Let's see how long this takes to get deleted.

shouldnt this be in a differnt section?

#88549 - 12/09/04 11:13 PM Re: Let's see how long this takes to get deleted.
nenipp Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1205
You're right about one thing; it's in the mind..
..only it isn't M giving you superpowers or anything like that, it only removes the obstacle (which of course was in your mind)

Something like you were too stoned for your mind to remember that the wheight was far too heavy for you.

This is very very usual in wheight lifting and strength training, only most coaches have perhaps slightly more psychologically oriented way's of bringing out their trainees' potential (I should hope)

So: no hokus pokus and a frequently vitnessed phenomena in any gym!
Your mind doesn't pick up it's hidden powers from their hiding place, it only allows you to use your body's capacity when the blockages are forgotten for a while.

K: "Is that what chi does to some extent?"
n: Yes probably to some extent

#88550 - 12/10/04 08:46 AM Re: Let's see how long this takes to get deleted.

It probably relaxed your muscles so they were able to work better, dulled some of your senses so you were only focusing on the task at hand. The same type of thing happens with drunk people when they fall, they have a lower internal tension going on, so they are more pliable and are able to withstand falls that more rigid people would be injured from. Alot of the tumbling like this with relaxation is part of "drunken" styles. I dont advocate use of marijuana and drinking with training. I dont think it is chi related, unless you felt tingling in your nervers, or some sort of energy traveling along them. Otherwise it was probably just focus. studies have shown that you can significantly improve your bench press between your first and second time, just by being familiar ennough that your nerves adapt and you can focus better


#88551 - 12/10/04 08:50 AM Re: Let's see how long this takes to get deleted.

Well, I realize it was not anything particularly "magical", I was merely searching for an explanation. The way I see it ...if it's possible to do that simply because of being under the influence, how could one achieve it outside of Marijuana? Simply meditation?? And, could it be applied to aspects of martials are, as far as striking goes??

And yes ...I'm sure this should be in another section, but it's fairly obvious, Hunter, that I'm not exactly sure what I'm talking about. This was the only semi-logical section, in my mind, I could belong. Hence the question, at the end, about Chi.

Thanks for the help.


#88552 - 12/21/04 01:13 PM Re: Let's see how long this takes to get deleted.

I guess weed makes you not care about pain because your so high and you just do it, it might have had sumthin in it that took away some of the lactic acid in your muscles too, otherwise im stumped but its better to not do drugs though.


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