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I have heard people mentioning abstinence as a way to improve chi. This teaching has been around for a long time and I do have some insight about it. There is a six week prep period that builds up your chi. Not abstinence for an eternity. They might be monks but they are still men. During this time they could not eat sugar because it erodes the body. I donít know how but it just dose. I am also not sure if by sugar they mean fructose or sucrose. I think they mean processed sugar and that means no alcohol because that turns into sugar. In addition to these things they recommended against yellow vegetables like corn. They use corn syrup as a sweetener because of all the sugar in corn. Any how after this six weeks time they could go about there life normally because there body had absorbed all of the chi that it could get from those things. Then there was no point in doing this any longer. There bodies had come to a peak and sperm was of no consequence.
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Anthony a k a saber