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#88371 - 11/30/04 12:57 PM Re: sex and chi

Hey nenipp i'll try and keep it on track.

I think the loss of qi could perhaps be coordinated to hormonal imbalances. If you are oversexed the balance of hormones in your body might shift so that other organs and whatnot are not functioning at their optimum potential. As one gets older and the metabolism inherently slows down, this is due to a change in the hormonal balance of the individual. While these changes are somewhat inevitable, keeping an active metabolism is the best way to delay the aging process.

As one ages, the old qigong masters probably figured out that too much sex when older disrupts the new balance, or sends it in the wrong way, slowing the metabolism even further, which causes people to age. Thats also why sexual desire generally goes down in most people as they show signs of aging. So things like viagra probably do more harm then good.

Esoterically, if you aren't growing and changing, you're dying... If you continue the cycle of creation and destruction in your body (for example lift weights break down muscle to build up stronger) you keep your body away from entropy. When people neglect parts of their body, those parts (such as muscle tissue) tend towards entropy (we've all seen how older people lose muslce tissue). Since the body functions wholistically, if one part is weakening and dying, this invariably affects the others as well. But within this holistic picture, everything as an appropiate balance, and finding the right balance with the hormones, requires less sex as one ages. At least that is my understanding from what i've read.

Just my thoughts, anyone with more knowledge then I, feel free to comment....

#88372 - 11/30/04 01:27 PM Re: sex and chi

Yeah, that is a big part of what I have read up on the subject MrEd. Another angle is the amount of energy it takes to produce new sperm. Along those lines, if your testicles have to produce new sperm too often and never get a chance to rest, then they are "overtrained" <--referring back to your weight training analogy MrEd.
If your testicles are "overtrained" with producing new sperm, then energy from other functions (hormone production) might be re-routed towards your 'dying' testicles for sperm production and healing. Which brings us full circle to what MrEd just said about balance.

------- ---------------- ---------------
The other half our thread starter, aLx, seemed like he was interested in was not just energy preservation, but rather, 'transforming "sexual energy" into a more usable form of energy.' Is that right aLx?
I have read about this, but haven't had much luck in understanding it fully.
----- --------------- ----------------
schanne, you are way too funny!!

#88373 - 11/30/04 07:45 PM Re: sex and chi

[QUOTE]Originally posted by aLx:
hi there, i read a lot of stuff that frequent sexual activity lessens your chi storage. is this true, that everytime you reach orgasm a vast amount of chi is being wasted? i need your opinion on this guys. and i think this is an interesting topic huh? so we as IMA artist should avoid sex? anybody heard of the sexual kung fu? ithink it has something to do of taking advantage of gaining chi while doing sex. good day everyone....[/QUOTE]

From what I understand it is more a circulation of ones chi during the act and shortly after that retains the chi. Taoism gets more into this then other info I have seen. You can easily tell if you are drained..if all you can do is fall asleep then you may have wasted chi...if you are alert yet relaxed after... then things went well. To much mental(thinking) during the process pulls energy to the head and can dull ones experience. Anyway.. the point is... chi can be wasted in this way. However good nutrition, exercise, and meditation can balance it out again.
Some of the articles talked about holding the semen back which is a technigue used, but I am under the understanding that a certain pressure point on the right chest of the male(close to the nipple if I remember correctly) is to be stimulated with the breath cycle to produce this action not any direct pressure to any senitive tissues below. Hope I have covered this in a sensitive enough way.

#88374 - 12/01/04 08:58 AM Re: sex and chi
nenipp Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1205
hi guys,
problem with your rational and sound reasoning is that ejaculation is supposed to tax from the limited quantity of PREnatal qi, that you cannot restore or cultivate, only use up 'til it's all gone (and by that time, so are you)
Well anyway it's not worth worrying too much about, because if nothing else is certain, worrying sure eats your energy like candy ;o)

#88375 - 12/21/04 01:28 PM Re: sex and chi

Is sexual activity bad for your overall health.

#88376 - 12/21/04 02:53 PM Re: sex and chi

No. Overindulding in sexual activity is bad for your health just the same as overindulging in food is bad for your health, overindulging in exercise is bad for your heatlh, or overindulging in sleep is bad for your health.

The idea is balance. Balanced diet, balanced bath pattern, balanced rest, balanced exercise, and balanced mental stimulation.

You can even find these ideas in modern Western science and I'm guessing that many religions probably have similar ideals.

#88377 - 12/31/04 09:57 PM Re: sex and chi

Hmmmmm... This post is interesting but sex/masturbating is actually quite healthy they say that at least twice a day for a week will keep you strong and your heart will live longer..but that is what they say... [IMG][/IMG]

#88378 - 01/05/05 11:41 AM Re: sex and chi

I heard of an ancient belief, either buddhist of taoist, that having sex without ejaculating would bring wonderful results.
the list goes something like this( from memory):
1st time: Better health
3rd time: The strength of three men
5th time: Immunity to disease
10th time: Immortality

But don't take my word for it because it's been a long time since I learned of it.

Update: It was History channel.

[This message has been edited by RockHard Huy (edited 01-05-2005).]

#88379 - 01/05/05 11:57 AM Re: sex and chi
Bossman Offline

Registered: 08/25/03
Posts: 1785
Loc: Chatham Kent UK
Semen retention is part of the 'immortality' or longevity regimen. By indulgence in sexual activity without ejaculation means the semen are constantly produced but absorbed by the body supposedly making it stronger. Partaking in this kind of activity and particularly deflowering virgins means that you also 'steal' and absorb their yin chi making you stronger.

This is why old Kung Fu masters often have lots of young ladies around them..... [IMG][/IMG]

#88380 - 01/05/05 09:42 PM Re: sex and chi

hi guys, its nice to see this topic gathers interests. its been a long time

i already find a book that teaches this sexual kungfu stuff ,its " taoist secret of vitality" . i still have to go through the pages yet.

be here again soon....

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