Tell him if he can teleport to CNN(For recorded proof) show me 12 ki beams and a gigantic energy balls I'll pay him.

40 billion dollars and a frickin' plane ticket back home. I'm willing to place all my money on this cause I know for a fact that he can't do a Ki-beam otherwise the earth would rumble every time Cell and Frieza show up to fight him(Mind you I'm insulting his intellegence not his ability)

I dare him count em FOUUUUURTTAAAY!!! B.I.L.L.I.O.N mut********n' dollars, go to(Teleport)CNN right infront of the camera and do it 12 Ki-blast and a "Spirit Bomb,".

And if you want more money you can go blast open a bank volt and rob it yourself.

~Now officially the ki-blast-***-kicker.

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