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#88136 - 10/30/04 04:02 PM I want to believe

I've been doing this Ki practices for and hours (Sounds pathetic no?) hear me out though. I want to believe but my mind(Brain, Laws of Physics) won't let me, I can't stand it. I read and honestly believed that: If you use 100% of your mind, and lose all of your Doubts and laws a man can do anything, even fly now here is the problem.

I feel like I'm using 80% of my total will power and there is a nice 20 % doubt ramming it slowly down to 0%.
I need a solution non of the "look into your inner being" stuff I need a darn good exercise, something that will truelly open my mind. Any suggestions nothing funny now I'm dead serious.

#88137 - 10/30/04 04:51 PM Re: I want to believe

Try using affirmations/mantras. That is like when you silently repeat something to yourself. Some might be-

" I am one with the universal life energy. It is flowing through me now, I feel it."

" My concentration is becoming perfect." or " My concentration is perfect."

" I am completely relaxing. My body is totally relaxed."

Some styles use numbers to chant. One style, Zhi Neng medicine, uses chinese numbers, sometimes saying out loud " San, san , jo , lui, ba , yao, wu!" or 3396815! To open the so called message center at the solar plexus, and develop what they call " soul language".

Sometimes a mantra should be kept in it's original language because the vibration of the word is important for energy. There is a meditation in Wild goose qigong which releases negative energy, the mantra at one point is " bang he, yup day, Do( Dao) hey yup Do". There are many mantras in different styles. During bagua wild goose circle walking the mantra is " ng hung ba gua sum, yup dok leung ma tong, jo jee joy jung sum, beet soy do sum jung, tai kung he kung so , sum jung wong suem sing, san sao da bang he, sing do ng hum jung"

Qimen qigong meditation chants " ongg, jang hey lo ja, sa yi wa sik day hom." 108 times.

I practice this style of meditation-

[This message has been edited by serious pain (edited 10-30-2004).]

#88138 - 10/30/04 07:30 PM Re: I want to believe

start with things you think could be possible, and work up from that. Just like you wouldnt go and run a marathon without training, you start with running a mile, then two, etc... If logic is your hangup, maybe approach chi from an anatomical view, such as using the concentration mechanism of the brain to increase the conductivity of the nervous system.

#88139 - 10/31/04 01:57 AM Re: I want to believe

Thanks I'll try these exercises out.

#88140 - 10/31/04 09:42 PM Re: I want to believe

Sorry, but actually, no one(except maybe VERY highly trained MASTER meditators and old men in India or Japan who meditate all day and walk on fire) uses more than 12% of their brain. It's been proven. Which means, yes, if you could use 100%, lots of stuff would be possible.

[This message has been edited by TheBlackCladMan (edited 11-01-2004).]

#88141 - 11/01/04 01:56 AM Re: I want to believe

there are still so many people who strangley enough constantly use 0% of their brain. That still suprises me! (I know you said you where dead serious, but I could'nt resist.) He probably meant to say that he uses the 100% of what he CAN use, BlackCladman.

if those ways the others where talking about don't work with you, you could always try fill up that 20% of disbelief with some imagination, but that only works if you have a lot of fantasy, and you should only try it as last resort. First try the ways Serious pain and Mr.Ed where talking about.

#88142 - 11/24/04 07:23 PM Re: I want to believe


I know exactly what you are looking for. I do not mean to be unhelpful, but I do not think many people on an internet forum who can give you specific methods of either meditation and or internal energy ("chi") cultivation will do so. It is not due to selfishness, but it can be dangerous, in the sense that serious mental or biomechanical or physiological problems can result when active attention from an experienced master is not constantly available. So all that people will offer will only be more theories, mantras, vague verbal hints, encouragements and so on, but not specific techniques that will development your internal energy (whether through meditation or internal energy exercises) to a level high enough or your awareness acute enough for you to be aware of it circulating in your body.

There is however a very safe method that you can do and which will provide a good fundation until you find someone nearer.

Just stand naturally with feet shoulder lenght apart and kness slightly bent. Hands loosely by your side. Breathe normally and here is the important part -- think, concentrate on your finger tips. Do not imagine anything about water, fire, smoke etc. Just be acutely aware of your finger tips and no where else. If you trust me, do it as often in a day as you like. Tell us all what happens in two weeks time.

So far your attempts at meditations are FROM THE MIND TO THE BODY methods which are counter-intuitive in this "scientific age" where unless it accords well with the Laws of Physics, it is not real or true. Well we all know that many of the laws of physics thought to be immutable have been revised before. The method above is easier for a beginner like because it is FROM THE BODY TO THE MIND.

#88143 - 11/30/04 04:48 AM Re: I want to believe

in MA's theres a law "Do not learn from books learn from your master"

u should ask your teacher about things dealing with cchi, about zazen, qigong etc...

dont try to hurry things up, when ull be ready, ul feel cchi flow and other things, dont try to concentrate on things u SHOULD feel, concentrate on the training...

nice day to u
wish u luck [IMG][/IMG]

#88144 - 12/22/04 02:41 PM Re: I want to believe

(This site has been removed by the moderator.)

i learn from there
and hope to become able to learn this art but only when iam rdy must i

[This message has been edited by Rooslin newbie ki learner (edited 12-22-2004).]

[This message has been edited by laf7773 (edited 12-22-2004).]

#88145 - 12/22/04 04:28 PM Re: I want to believe
laf7773 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 4065
Loc: Limbo
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Rooslin newbie ki learner:
(This site has been removed by the moderator.)

i learn from there
and hope to become able to learn this art but only when iam rdy must i

[This message has been edited by Rooslin newbie ki learner (edited 12-22-2004).]

[This message has been edited by laf7773 (edited 12-22-2004).]

The site you mentioned is not a legitamate source of training. The author of the site has stated on this forum that it was all a joke.

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