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#88111 - 11/17/04 09:07 PM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.

No, just energy. I try to focus my chi with as little visualization as possible. Focuses on the unconsious mind not the consious. Just like fighting and dancing, action without thought.

#88112 - 11/18/04 06:57 AM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.

Greetings All,

I just finished reading this post that Akiba started and I immediately registered so I could reply. I'm sorry if this disrupts the flow of conversation a bit... This is the first time I have really heard anyone talking seriously about such "inner forces". From the name on the Forum Catagory I will assume this is commonly referred to as Energy Arts. I would very much appreciate a conversation with someone who has great experience in this matter. Talk here, or by personal email, makes no difference to me. My email is (please no spamming I'm trying to be serious here) I'm writing because, well quite frankly, I'm scared of myself. Please read this as a humble request for help and not bragging but there are times i feel so much power(chi,qi,something?) within that I often think I could level a house with minimal effort. I avoid thinking about it or situations which encourage it because I really am afraid I won't be able to control it. Does this make sense to anyone? 'help'

#88113 - 11/18/04 07:10 AM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.
Fisherman Offline

Registered: 07/16/03
Posts: 1656
Loc: Colorado, USA
Personally, I try and use as little visualization as possible.
This may be a difficult concept for some to wrap their heads around - but I'll put it out there anyways.

When training IMA's I try not to think too much - thinking too much tends to disturb the mind. Instead of visualizing I make the utmost attempt to clear my mind of thought, bring my mind into my body and FEEL what my body does when it is set into motion.
In order for chi to travel freely the body must be aligned properly so that you are relaxed with harmony in your body's structure. It is through this relaxation and structural integration that you begin to feel energetic movement. However, you can not think too much about feeling because all you will feel is your thinking.

This is the way I have been taught and it serves me well. I am not saying that the visualization techniques don't work, they just don't work as well for me.


#88114 - 11/18/04 10:25 AM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.

Hahaha. Oh please, we dont want any houses being brought down! For **** sake man, just go bak and read wot uve posted, i bet ull laugh at ure self.

#88115 - 11/18/04 11:24 AM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.

I apologize for my post. It was done in haste with the hope of gaining a better understanding of something I can not explain on my own. Please disregard. I won't interrupt a thread here again.

#88116 - 11/18/04 10:31 PM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.
nenipp Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1205
Let me take a swing at it, chaos sure didn't help much, did she?
nenippals hypothesis:
In your chidhood anger wasn't encouraged, in fact it was considered a "nono!"
This meant that whenever you expressed anger the respons you got slowly but certainly made you block out the existance of anger from your conciousness. If I was to ask you chances are you'd report that you never feel anger?
Well problem is we all have anger and it's a very natural way to react to certain circumstances, but if you don't become aware of it (because you've "been thaught" not to) the physiological reactions it causes in you body can be very confusing to say the least.
Sound plausible?

#88117 - 11/19/04 08:43 PM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth
As I've said before, I don't try to visualise but just wait for the flow of ki and accept whatever else comes with it.

Sometimes it's a feeling of warmth and a buzzing sensation in my hands, other times it's much much more than that...

One of the most memorable times was treating another Reiki master and giving her a chakra balance. I won't go into the nitty gritty of the details, but the sensations that were shared between both of us were a little disconcerting at first.

I could feel this incredible heat going up and down my arms and back via the hara line. She said she felt huge waves of energy moving her about on the table from side to side such that she felt she had to hold onto it to avoid being tipped off.

I could "hear" the ki as it went [I am always aware of it going], and also saw flashes of an intense purple and rose pink, and felt pulsations of energy and heat up and down my spine. It felt really weird, and our RM told us that we'd probably been shifting some blockage and out of balance in her system.

During this time I was not making direct contact with her, but was working within the aura with my hands some 60-75mm away from her body, so the pulses came as quite a surprise at first. Since then I am getting used to it happening whenever I give chakra balances.

I have had really odd things happening on occasion when I have been attuning people.

#88118 - 11/20/04 10:04 PM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.

I sort of skipped reading mostly everything in this thread, but I thought i'd throw a little extra something into the pot :

'Energy balls' of most sorts, were originally techniques used to give energy to something, I believe. The same way someone channels energy when they heal someone, but applied differently.
People involved in elements of witchcraft, shamanism and I -think- druidry, often charge or cleanse items by more or less 'washing' it with energy.

In my old spirit-group, an online forum, we found that even emotions could be sort of focused into these energy-balls. I wasnt that interested personally, but apparently they managed to influence other peoples emotions by filling an 'energy ball' with a thought/emotion/feeling, then sort of 'throwing' it at someone, or a place.
By throwing, I mean willing it to move [IMG][/IMG]

I heard that some 'old-school' chi/ki/qi masters learned to focus harmful intent in such a manner, that they could cause an opponent to move away or flinch away from a certain point - where they had focused.. as if they had mistakenly seen a fist swung at them. Maybe it worked through a sort of intense paranoia, or making the other person feel a strong (but false) hunch where a strike would come next.
It may have just been mere psychological warfare, but I like to think otherwise.

The trick with ALL things remotely mystic, is to be very guarded. Not against the unknown, but against the known.
The worst thing you can do, is become over-convinced, and allow your mind/imagination to rule over your experimentation or path on discovering these things.
We are not born with a sensory organ that allows us to sense electrical fields, let alone spiritual energy... so we have to be willing to wait.. and watch.. and listen..

#88119 - 11/20/04 10:18 PM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.

Oh, another thing :

My experience with meditation oriented towards inducing OBE's (out of body experiences, like etheric/astral travelling and so forth), had me experience what we called 'the vibes' quite a few times.

Its best and most commonly described, by asking you all to imagine what it would feel like, if you were being electrocuted, but you felt no pain, and your body was NOT spasming.. and that there was a distinct feeling of internal heat.. but your actual temperature was not changing.
Some say this is a flood of energy, prepping you for your 'exit launch' from the physical body.. some scientists say it is the side-effect of being awake whilst the catalepsy (sleep paralysis) sets in..

I dont know what it is, but it CERTAINLY changed my beliefs on the paranormal/extranormal. In fact, that, and my first OBE started me on a sort of freeform spiritual path.

I personally believe that using spiritual energy for physically destructive things is a huge waste of energy, and a complete mis-match of means vs method.
Why would a person recruit a pacifist to be an assassin? [IMG][/IMG]
Energy is naturally a positive force, neutral in base, but it has a natural leaning towards being positive and healing.

Even black energy has a particular use in resolving deep problems, concealing wounds from people with nasty intents and so forth.

Spiritual energy trying to manifest as a direct force in the physical, needs a LOT of focus, and.. well.. a lot of energy. Healing is easier to achieve, because it is not physically forcing things to be changed, but stimulating growth, passively.
Uhm.. how can I put this?
Using energy to force-grow a plant in under a minute is a terrible waste of energy, unadvised, and very unhealthy for the plant... if it indeed possible to perform such a feat. Whereas providing the plant with a little extra energy, will speed its natural growth..

..egh, that sounds almost right, but it would still sound far-fetched to most people.

Ah well. Analogy attempted.. I posted, so now im going to get some pepsi max [IMG][/IMG]

#88120 - 12/16/04 09:40 PM Re: Secrets of the Ki-Blast revealed.
Salek Offline

Registered: 06/09/04
Posts: 475
Loc: Minnesota
This is an extremely interesting thread, and I am looking forward to more posts on. I myself have no knowledge of it what so ever so I am just hoping more of you guys do!

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