I'm searching for ways to use chi and ki. Anyway possible would be great. Can someone teach me through email (Seventeen17@insightbb.com), MSN messenger (Seventeen17@insightbb.com) or AIM (Foun1oofyouth). Anyway I can learn healing techniques, fighting techniques, everyday use for such energy would truthfully help me out a lot. I have this weird strive for the power to protect people. I avoid getting close to many people because if I do, they might get hurt...and I would be responsible. I have tons of friends, but I never really let myself get attached...and occasionally I'll start hanging out with new people. But I've let myself get attached to this girl, and now she's having problems with life and I want to be able to protect her. She's been hurt in the past and I want to open this energy to her so that she can heal, spiritually and physically. Anyone who will teach me will be my saviour. I have gone to sites about this, but its either too much reading for nothing or I have to pay. and my resources are limited.

AIM: Foun1oofyouth
MSN: Seventeen17@insightbb.com />Email: Seventeen17@insightbb.com