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#87489 - 08/23/04 10:16 PM question

hi, my name is ari, i'm new here. i've been having a lot of trouble finding places to ask question online, i was wondering if anyone could help?

for the most part, i've been confused about how my chi works. for the last few years, i've met a about three different people who've told me my energy is particularly vibrant. One, a close friend of mine, and who's done martial arts training since he was a kid(Bhaga Zheng, i think, not sure how that's spelled)....has told me he can easily pick up on very vibrant sexual energy, but that mine isn't like that, it's simply, vibrant chi. I know someone else, who, just sitting next to him, my energy was bothersome to him, and he had to politely tell me to move a little bit away from him at the table we were at. He does energy work/ritual type stuff(and martial arts, not sure what though, but for a long time also), and has given me readings on occasion. The last person i will mention here, is someone very much like a teacher to me, who is often not around, as he's very busy. He does energy work of his own technique from teachers of his own, and among many friends of mine, is regarded very highly. Last late fall, he opened up my bubbling springs(foot) points, finger points, and helped activate my dantien further. I havn't really seen him or talked to him since then.

The general view on what's wrong with my energy is that it's very overly vibrant(which is confusing to everyone, but not necessarily a bad thing) third eye chakra is overactive, and i have blocks on my left shoulder/neck area, and my entire left side is a little weaker.

does anyone understand this, or have anything to say about it. i'm just trying to gather info. thanks in advance.


#87490 - 08/24/04 08:04 PM Re: question

its easy your hara or tan tein is 2 1/2 inches below your belly botton
you draw ki or chi i like to say ki though from there visulise it tranfering into your arms now turn it into a ball by visulizing it into one ok? this is a begenners ki ball emAil ME FOR OTHEr things ( oh and dont go to a million differnt web sites it will confuse you even more

#87491 - 08/25/04 03:13 AM Re: question
nenipp Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1205
A good idea might be to try and relax the parts where you feel there's blocking.
How does the overactivity in your third eye manifest itself?
(or is it only something your friends/teacher have told you?)

ps: your name made me curious, where are you from?

#87492 - 08/25/04 02:35 PM Re: question


Relaxing the blocked areas definitely helps(like using a lot of pillows to lean on rather than just a chair at my desk), also, yoga has helped a lot for grounding and such.

The overactivity of that area is something mostly others have told me. but for the last few years, i see sparkles(clear colored, red, and blue)(kind of like when you pass out and you see stars, i don't know if i'm hypoglycemic, but that may have somethign to do with it).....and if i'm very relaxed i can sometimes see a wierd projection of my third eye area in my line of vision, kind of like this pulsating mass of energy which is semi-transparent. but that's about it, really.

as for my name, ari is just short for arielle. i live in the northeast, have lived in NY, and currently live in NJ. my parents gave both my brother and i hebrew names although we are not israeli. I'm quite a mix of cultures though.


i've been told simply to meditate, and a few other things, like chi stirring of the dantien area. i'm just curious what others think of the way my energy is.

thanks for listening and such. and any more advice/input would be greatly appreciated.


#87493 - 08/25/04 02:41 PM Re: question


i'm not that much of a beginner, but thanks anyhow. I'm still just barely learning to control my chi....i don't think i'm grounded enough or in the right place to move on. and besides, certain techniques require "downloads" of sorts from other people, for different levels of ability. I'm interested in healing mostly, and that involves first healing and mastering myself and my abilities.

i'm simply seeking information/opinion, not really looking for direction here. I want a better understanding of concepts.

[This message has been edited by eversilent (edited 08-25-2004).]

#87494 - 08/25/04 04:05 PM Re: question
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth
Hi Ari [lovely name Arielle]

If you are interested in healing with ki than I suggest you consider becoming a reiki practioner.

The 4 attunements for level 1 reiki will help to unblock problem areas and chakras and will also enable good grounding which can help to stabilise your own energy.

A question, do you drink a lot of water? If not I suggest you try to increase your water intake as it can help to ground you and also helps to flush away impurities and negative energy. It can also help with countering that lightheaded feeling...

There are a number of good online support groups for reiki, Reiki_On at yahoogroups is a good support group and does free attunements for level 1 and 2 if you are interested.

Dont be too worried about the "sparkles" & funny things you are seeing, I think it could be energy that you are detecting.

From what you have said I think you have some grounding problems.

Good luck, feel free to ask any more questions regarding reiki.

#87495 - 08/26/04 03:20 AM Re: question

Your problem may be due to an unsystematic training regime, which, through out martial arts history, masters have warned against. One "safe" mathod you can use is to the yoga systems of colors. Blue for energy, pink to subduing over active, uncontrolled energy production (which I think is your problem)white for pain-management, green for healing. So imagine (eyes closed) the color of pink "on" any affected areas. goodluck! Do not over use; too much "yin" balance it with some blue after a session. try some "cooling" herbs, like chrysenthemum tea.

#87496 - 08/26/04 04:18 PM Re: question
nenipp Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1205
hi again eversilent,
reasons I asked were...
...third eye:
for a couple of years I've been having some kind of feeling in the third eye area, more or less constantly.
There has been no "unexplainable" phenomena involved with this experiance, although my ability to sense my own "qi" and other areas (centers/points) as well has improved steadily during the period.
I'm used to it by now and it doesn't bother me at all (in fact I quite enjoy it), when it was new I asked my teacher about it, he just said that in periods some areas are more active and it'll pass.
(I haven't payed that much attention to it since, but your post made me qurious)
...yor name:
my name happens to be ari too and I live so offside you wouldn't believe me if I told you )

edited 'cause of really shitty spelling

[This message has been edited by nenipp (edited 08-26-2004).]

#87497 - 08/26/04 11:09 PM Re: question


Four (4) attunements for Level I? What form of Reiki is this? I was trained in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and there are only 3 attunements total.


#87498 - 08/26/04 11:30 PM Re: question
nenipp Offline

Registered: 04/13/04
Posts: 1205
hi, I seem to be developing an annoying habit of speculating and guessing on questions that are way beyond/beside my area of "expertice", sorry 'bout that )
could it be that meijin is talking about attunement levels or events and reiki is talking about number of attuned chakras at one particular event?


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