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#87435 - 08/20/04 03:32 PM A little help needed on a few subjects

Latley I have been interested in chi/ki power. So far I'm assuming that its like another state of mind type of thing like meditating. I've read around and read all sorts of obviously BS stuff, and I've seen more reasonable stuff, like making a chi/ki ball. I've tried doing it while meditating and to be honest I do feel somewhat of a magnetic pull and when I move my hands around a bit it's almost as if theres my own forcefield of chi/ki within my 2 hands. What to do with it? No idea. How to harness it? No idea. There isn't any good martial arts dojos around here, mostly only self-defense type stuff like punching and grips and fighting type stuff. I've asked around and looked. So I came to a forum that seems to have people know what their talking about. Any help from people that know what their doing? Especially, this strange "ki ball" I feel. Thanks

#87436 - 08/20/04 05:02 PM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects

Good luck to you in your search.

I can recommend that various product by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming (aka Jimmy) on the topic of qigong. He has several good books and videos that can get you started down the road. But, you are only going to learn so much through these mediums. You really need a qualified teacher. I have found that the old saying about when a student is ready, he will find his teacher. Look harder and you might find something that will surprise you.

With regards,


#87437 - 08/20/04 06:46 PM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects

Thanks for the assisstance. I'll be sure to look into that. Also, I tried this.. ki ball again and got the same feeling. This time I moved my hands back and fourth to see what it would feel like, and it felt very strange, like a magnetic pull. But I'm left wondering if this magnetic pull was really my so called ki energy or just a result of my muscules tensing and my mind only thinking that ki was present. The mind is an incredibly powerful thing and can convince you of almost anything. So can anyone help me out about the subject of the ki ball?

#87438 - 08/20/04 08:04 PM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects

really good videos clips here!

Check out the clips here too!

The original qigong here!

#87439 - 08/21/04 12:19 AM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects

With regards to the websites posted....

I highly recommend Wild Goose Qigong as it is a system that I have experience with. However, I am not familiar with Sifu Hu. His website mentions Yang Mei Jun....but not if he is a part of her direct lineage. So, I am not sure what is going on there.

As for the Falun, I am not a fan. Most of the folks that I have met that are associated with that group remind me of cult members.

As for that Atlantis site, all I can say is buyer beware...

With regards,


#87440 - 08/21/04 10:53 AM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects

As I understand it, and been told, Bingkun Hu is a disciple of Yang Meijun. The only other disciple I know of in the west, who knows more than the first 20 or so sets which are taught publically, is Michael Tse. On Tse's website, it says he knows over 40 of the 72 sets, either movement sets or meditation sets. I have read that the son of Yang Mei Jun knows all 72.I have done wild goose for 7 years, my teacher only knows the first 20 or so, which is still good. You have to practice the first set 1000 times to start getting the benefits, and move on to the higher levels.

But , however, I say falun gong is more powerful.All the practitioners I have met, are the most clearminded and intelligent people I know. Some falun gong practitioners are doctors themselves. Like cult member? Why, because they believe in the Fa? ANd accept Li Hongzhi as their teacher? No. I see it as a living breathing tradition, with all the principles of higher level, in practice, for real.

But nothing beats Atlantis tibetan Yoga. The Star exercise alone, is very , very energizing. You're not gonna find higher quality vibration of energy, anywhere.

But yes, always beware, or aware of yourself, all the time. Do not blinly accept anything, from anybody. Be it a guru, or a scientist.

[This message has been edited by serious pain (edited 08-21-2004).]

#87441 - 08/21/04 11:48 AM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects

Thank you for the helpful replys. I'll be sure to look into this and continue my search. Hopefully I'll find a good instructor somewhere. I've got all the time I need.

#87442 - 08/23/04 02:05 PM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects


lol just had to get your attention

LOOK, the National Geographic and the Discovery Channel have both investigated on chi with many questions left open ended, but the phenomenon of the chi ball has been conclusively explained by purely scientific means.

Even within internal martial arts, such sensations have been questioned and now through monitering blood pressure, pulse rate, and brain wave functions, this has been proven as purely physical.

All electronic wires create what is called an "electro-magnetic" field around them, which is how some lifting equipment at junk yards work. This includes your nerve wirings, which use electricity to send signals to muscles, etc. When you consciously focus on an area, say, hands, and try to send some energy or concentrations, etc, there, your nerves there are stimulted, causing increased blood flow and sensitvity of the same nerves which cause small electro-magnetic fields. If one pays enough attention, the nerves will active, increasing the electro-magnetic fields, and one will feel either a slight push of pull of the hands. This is the electro-magnetic fields of both hands interacting and even though this may help blood flow and concentration, it NOT increase any sort of power in the hands. The fact that some demonstrate extra power from "chi balls" is that they believe it does, increasing hormone levels.

I am not a skeptic and do not discount chi, i am simply explaining that "chi energy balls" are simply a magnetic phenomenon, having no scientific or even philosophical/religious base for "generating energy" to shoot out, throw, etc.

I hope this post was informative to you.

#87443 - 08/23/04 02:44 PM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects

I am a lvl 2 in reiki and i was the biggest skeptic in the world when i started . However i can tell you as a reiki practioner and a pagan that energy works for a variety of reasons . I don't however know about the mythical "ki ball" but i have seen many odd things involving energy so who knows . Good Luck Artos

#87444 - 08/23/04 05:35 PM Re: A little help needed on a few subjects
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth
Well you all know by now my views on ki. [IMG][/IMG]

I too started out being a bit skeptical about its existance, however after my first reiki attunement when I really felt the difference, [& so did the people I treated!].

I knew I just had to go further so that's what happened, I did my Reiki Masters and made more reiki practioners.

And so the circle goes on. [IMG][/IMG]

I just wish I had more time to investigate qi gong [I've only dabbled in it so far] and some of the other things you are doing. Pity you are all so far away, I'd love to be able to come to some of your training.


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