This is to insure i have your full attention.

This forum is not for radki or ki blasts. This forum is for the serious, in terms of information given, discussion of legitimate internal arts and various forms of healing, exercises linked to internal arts in one way or another. You may very well believe your own claims but this is irrelevant. If you can not provide real proof of your claims to performing chi blasts, among other things, then move on to a radki forum where there are other like minded people. It is no one's responsibility to prove you wrong as they are your claims. I told you in advance to read previous threads on the subject of ki balls/blasts before posting any "advice". You either chose to ignore this or you did read them and posted anyway. If you had read them you would know the response you would get to these types of posts, thus you brought the response on yourself. If you didn't read them you were still warned, either way you can't complain about the reactions you get from posting this type of ignorance.

You have three choices.
1. provide proof of your claims
2. Stop posting DBZ ki blasts crap here and become a useful contributor of this forum.
3. Find a new forum.

All eyes on you.