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#87226 - 08/06/04 05:23 AM Internal power

This happened some years ago.
I was sparring lightly at training still loosening up for the harder sparring later on. My partner suddenly picked up speed and kicked me in the stomac follewed by straight forward punch to the head. The kick was right in but I was able to block the punch. At the moment of the block I felt his hesitation to pull through with third technique or to pull back and I used the oppertunity to counter. I slided in with my guard up and as he tries to grab me for clinching/throwing I countered with a punch to his stomac. He fell down about 2 meters further and as he was back on his feet he said : "You never touched me". I replied : "No, I never touched you".
I have analysed this over and over but I can not explain it. The sensation I had while punching was : a very rooted stance and a very floowing technique without any resistance yet very powerfull. Afterwards I still felt energy flowing for some time.

My question, have any of you had simular expierances while fighting ?

#87227 - 08/09/04 05:52 AM Re: Internal power

what kind of M.A are you into? im in tai chi and i experienced it a lot?

i cannot understand. why would you say you havent touch him? isnt it that you punch him?

#87228 - 08/09/04 06:03 AM Re: Internal power

I did not touch him with the punch.
As he tried to grab me and I punched he was lifted and thrown. But I did not touch him nor didhe touch me. It's like 2 magnets that push each other away.
I practice Goju-Ryu Karate and Kobudo.

#87229 - 08/09/04 08:52 PM Re: Internal power

wow, that was wierd. what i just experienced is having a tremendous power that even bigger guys are knock off, w/o too much effort on my part. its knowing the right way to deliver chi-force.

well what happen to you i guess is that you have accidentally used chi-force in a very large amount.

the good thing is, its good if you can do it again. it is not impossible since you know the feelimg already. seek good teachers to develop you....

#87230 - 08/09/04 09:07 PM Re: Internal power

What branch of Goju? If I remember correctly there are several branches. I do meibukan Goju-Ryu. I havent done that but it sounds weird.

#87231 - 08/10/04 05:05 AM Re: Internal power

I did not have that experience again.
I can however stimulite ki with breathing and sansin but I cannot hold it. When doing sansin only a few times and not tiring the muscles to much I feel 'revived' and full of energy. However when going to endurance
in training (be it kata/sparring/kihon/..) it wears off.
I still have to do more research in sansin/tensho to understand.
Sansin is basic training kata. We do the Higashiaonna version with the 2 turns. It explains movement, breathing, energy, body mechanics to encapsulate power (internal and external) in your technique and is base for all other kata.
We use Tensho to cool down and rebalance energy.
Sensing the internal power through sansin takes quite a while (for me more than 20 years of training) and I still discover more and more in it but I cannot rechannel the energy into one all 'devestating' energy blow. I do feel there is more than just the body mechanics/muscle tension/rooted stance and consider that as the ki (internal power) in my technique.
I follow JKF Goju Kai line of Goju-Ryu (Uchiage-kai) but cross train within Goju linages and other karate styles when I have the opertunity. As for chinese systems I would like to investigate.
Are there others with these experiences training sansin/happoren .. ? (okinawa/chinese, nomatter what style of MA)

#87232 - 08/10/04 08:13 PM Re: Internal power

Cool. My style is Okinawan. We usually start up with a few stretching exersizes, then do Sanchen to get the blood flowing and to warm up, then go into tenchi, seiryuu, byakko, shujakko, and genbu. Alternativly we do the fukyou(fook you, i cant spell for crap and i dont wanna offend anyone)katas, geksai ichi and ni, and i cant remember the names of the others. we end with tensho.

#87233 - 08/15/04 03:08 PM Re: Internal power

i have trained in the internal arts for some time now, tai chi for 4 years and xing yi for 2, and i have had a couple of these types of experiences.Although i have only told a few people. I beleive these types of feats are real and are proof of some of the esoteric theorys of certain types of martial arts that are thought to be unrealistic or unpractical can be achived.

#87234 - 08/15/04 05:14 PM Re: Internal power
laf7773 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 4065
Loc: Limbo
[QUOTE]Originally posted by xingyi45:

i have trained in the internal arts for some time now, tai chi for 4 years and xing yi for 2, and i have had a couple of these types of experiences.Although i have only told a few people. I beleive these types of feats are real and are proof of some of the esoteric theorys of certain types of martial arts that are thought to be unrealistic or unpractical can be achived.

I'm sure kempoman would love to chat with you about your "xing yi" training since he has been training form some time. I personally would like to know what form of ninpo you have/are studying. Is it one of the kans?

#87235 - 08/15/04 07:05 PM Re: Internal power

yes i have trained in the genbukan system of ninpo. unfortunatlly there are no dojos in my state so i cant make the trip as often as id like to, but whenever i get the chance i like to go up to the futen dojo in winsconsin with and attend a few classes.
I think the spirit and philosophy of ninpo i good for all martial arts, but for the past few years ive been more dedicated to xing yi considering i dont have to spend cash to learn from a teacher i truly respect.

#87236 - 08/16/04 11:18 AM Re: Internal power
Fisherman Offline

Registered: 07/16/03
Posts: 1656
Loc: Colorado, USA

What style/brach of Xingyi do you train?
Just curious - it's always cool to compare the different methods of the different styles out there. Seeing how they evolved from their original source.
I mainly train in the Yizhong branch of Gao style baguazhang, but we also incorperate a lot of Hebei branch Xingyi.


#87237 - 08/16/04 11:17 PM Re: Internal power

I also study hebei style xing yi, im currently learning the linking of the five fists, i know thats not very advanced but i get taught very slowly. Where do you study at? are you pretty advanced?

#87238 - 08/27/04 09:54 PM Re: Internal power

See my answer to Coxne and Rusted Sword. You have accidently stumbled onto the "bouncing" part. This is the problem these days. Methods are taught, but why and for what, the teachers either do not know or afraid to tell. The founder of Aikido, did it all the time; he just also happens to be exceptionally talented -- almost psychic! Now you know why martial arts is a lot deeper than we can imagine? because it concerns the harnessing, manipulating and application of the great force of nature itself; at very advance levels, you will, for obvious reasons, get spiritual. In the very old days, martial artists turned into gods! and worshipped as such.

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