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#86937 - 07/20/04 02:36 PM A Traditional Critique of Beginning Radical Ki Techniques and Practice
Kempoman Offline

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 1484
Loc: Houston, TX
I have been very hard here on the Radical Ki(RadKi) group without being true to my skeptical nature. So, in order to correct this injustice I have decided to do a step-by-step critique of the training methods and techniques taken from what I assume to be the accepted tome on the matter...The Ki Manual authored by Skullkid.

[QUOTE]excerpts taken from the 'Ki Manual' authored by Skullkid:
Visualizing your ki: This is how to visualize your ki. Your ki can be any color, shape, form, whatever you want it to be and look like. All you have to know is that it is your ki. Ki is usually seen as a hazy light; semi-transparent, almost foggy.[/QUOTE]

I see nothing wrong with attempting to visualize your qi/chi/ki, as long as the practicioner realizes that if qi/chi/ki exists it can not be seen by the human eye.

[QUOTE]excerpts taken from the 'Ki Manual' authored by Skullkid:
Controlling your ki: Now you will learn how to move your ki to different areas of your body. This is a great practice for those who are just starting out. This will give you a good feel for visualizing, make your will power stronger, and it will give you a good idea of what your ki feels like. Now to start. Close your eyes, and concentrate on the fact that your ki is flowing around inside all of your chakras(or just all through your body if you don't know about chakras yet)and inside of your dan tien. Now, pick a body part that you would like to move your ki to. For example, we'll start out with your hand. Now, start to visualize your ki moving and flowing smoothly into your hand. You can picture it one of three ways. The first way, you can visualize it coming from your dan tien, flowing up into your chest, down your arm, and into your hand. The second way is to visualize it flowing from your dan tien, out of your body, through the air, and back into your hand. The third way, is to just picture your hands starting to glow because of the ki you put in them. If you feel anything such as warmth, tingling, electric feeling, magnetic feeling or coolness, you have just moved your ki. Practice this technique until you can do it easily, and visuaization is no problem for you. A good way to practice this technique is to move your ki all around your whole body. Like hand, forearm, bicep, chest, bicep, forearm, hand, leg, foot, leg, foot. Do that until you can move it around your whole body pretty quickly, then everything will be much easier for you later.[/QUOTE]

Again not too much different than traditional qigong here. It is said the the yi(mind) leads the qi(energy). So far not too bad or too far off-base.

[QUOTE]excerpts taken from the 'Ki Manual' authored by Skullkid:
Ki Breathing: This is a simple technique that will replenish lost ki, and get rid of negative, used up energy. To start out, get into a comfortable position. Start taking deep breaths - in through the nose, out through the mouth. Picture your body as an empty shell, and when you breathe in, visualize fresh ki flowing through the air, into your nose, and into your body, filling it up. Picture your dan tien glowing brighter and brighter. When you breathe out, visualize the negative, used up energy (I picture it as black) leaving through your mouth. When you feel that your body is filled with fresh new energy, you are done.[/QUOTE]

Still within the pale of orthodoxy here for the most part. Just more visualization and good dantien breathing.

[QUOTE]excerpts taken from the 'Ki Manual' authored by Skullkid:
Grounding: Grounding is a technique just like Ki breathing, only it's done differently and Ki breathing is a little bit better to do. To start out, get in a comfortable standing position. Now, visulaize roots shooting out of your feet and burrowing into the ground, where they tap into the earth's energy supply and start absorbing energy. Picture the roots sucking in energy given by the earth, and taking the energy up, through your legs, and into your body and being stored in your dan tien. Breathe deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth. When your breathe in, visualize fresh energy intering your body through the roots, and when you breathe out, visualize the used up energy leaving through your mouth. When you feel your energy is full and replenished, you are done.[/QUOTE]

An acceptable exercise. Many okinawan kempo style practice this particular one.

Ki Flame Power-up & Making a Ki Ball

Still within the pale in my opinion. However here is an excerpt from that gives me pause

[QUOTE]excerpts taken from the 'Ki Manual' authored by Skullkid:
NOTE: Do not worry if you cannot see your ki ball the first times making it. There are a couple ways to see your ki, which are discussed on the Seeing Your Ki page[/QUOTE]

This is where we begin to differ. You will not see you qi, what you may see is a well documented 'trick' of the eyes.

Ki Ball Shell & Making a manna ball

Nothing wrong with the exercise in an of itself, mostly just another visualization technique. But...

[QUOTE]excerpts taken from the 'Ki Manual' authored by Skullkid:
Then, try placing it on a table, and concentrate on it staying there when you move your hands away. Then, slowly wave your hands through the ball and you should be able to feel it pulsating around your fingers.[/QUOTE]

...we have clearly left reality here. Perhaps there can be some self-suggestion that there will be a feeling at a particular point on the table. I would recommend an independant source to attempt to 'feel' your ki ball.

In conclusion the Beginning techniques and practice of Radical Ki are not too different from some very simple and basic kiko training I have seen in some okinawan systems.

Moderator - Energy Arts

Next Up Intermediate Radical Techniques & Practice...

#86938 - 07/21/04 02:01 PM Re: A Traditional Critique of Beginning Radical Ki Techniques and Practice
Ozmo Offline

Registered: 12/22/03
Posts: 142
Loc: Kuopio, Finland
I'm honestly suprised that... thing had so much in common with "real" internal martial arts.

[This message has been edited by Ozmo (edited 07-21-2004).]

#86939 - 07/22/04 08:44 AM Re: A Traditional Critique of Beginning Radical Ki Techniques and Practice
Kempoman Offline

Registered: 11/15/00
Posts: 1484
Loc: Houston, TX
One thing to think about though is that all of the radki practicioners that have come here to the forums have shown signs of extreme "fire" symptoms. They have lost all sense of balance.



Moderator:  Cord, MattJ, Reiki 

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