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#85639 - 04/03/04 12:31 PM Hey, Reiki.
Mantis_fighter Offline

Registered: 03/23/04
Posts: 38
Loc: elizabeth city, NC, USA
First of all. you people who feel the need to be sarcastic... shut up. these questions are for a master at reiki. ok... 1. what is reiki and what steps do you take to control and use it? dont recommend any masters or trainers or dojos because there are none in my area and i am unable to travel at this time to go find one. Reiki, i need you to be my online guide. type to me as if you were giving a step by step lesson in person. ive been meditating and ive been training and trying to figure it out. ive really been working hard, but i dont know where to begin. 2. what are you supposed to feel when youve controlled the energy?

#85640 - 04/03/04 03:14 PM Re: Hey, Reiki.
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth

firstly I suggest you visit the links I gave, particularly and also think about joining up with an online reiki community where you can receive attunements if you are keen to get involved with healing.

Reiki is universal life force energy.

It is used to heal.

Reiki can only be passed from a Reiki Master to a practioner by attunement. You cannot learn to do it, you must be attuned to the energy first before you can treat anyone/thing [including yourself] with reiki.

You do not control reiki, you merely act as the channel for it to heal and work.

#85641 - 04/03/04 06:59 PM Re: Hey, Reiki.
Energy Master Offline

Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 76
Loc: VA
If Reiki can only be passed on by "attunement" or whatever, then how did the teacher get it and how did the guy/girl that gave HIM the gift get it etc...? SO how did the first guy ever to do it get it? Someone eather had to have been born with reiki or else learned it.

#85642 - 04/04/04 02:20 PM Re: Hey, Reiki.
Mantis_fighter Offline

Registered: 03/23/04
Posts: 38
Loc: elizabeth city, NC, USA
ty reiki. how do i attunit? also... what should it feel like?

#85643 - 04/04/04 06:26 PM Re: Hey, Reiki.
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth
EM - a *very* long story - research Dr Mikao Usui for yourself...

he is the founder of modern reiki practices however it is believed that reiki healing has been an ancient skill that mankind "lost" a long time ago. Various sanskrit and other Tibetan texts refer to healing and use reiki symbols.

MF - you can't attune yourself. A reiki master has to do it for you.

Reiki feels different for everyone. Most of my patients feel it heating them up like warm sunshine from the inside when I have been treating them.

Some feel hot, some cold, some feel vibrations, hear sounds, see colours, feel pain etc etc.

I treated one lady where I felt excruciating pain up my arms. I have treated others where we both saw colours and felt waves of energy sweeping through our bodies.

#85644 - 04/16/04 05:33 PM Re: Hey, Reiki.
Mantis_fighter Offline

Registered: 03/23/04
Posts: 38
Loc: elizabeth city, NC, USA
so its almost like swallowing really warm oatmeal. [IMG][/IMG]

#85645 - 04/17/04 04:52 PM Re: Hey, Reiki.
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth
er, no.

It's like being microwaved and heated up from the inside.

#85646 - 04/19/04 04:23 PM Re: Hey, Reiki.
Bossman Offline

Registered: 08/25/03
Posts: 1785
Loc: Chatham Kent UK
As I had it on my 'puter....


Reiki - Ancient Origins

The ancient history of Reiki is thought to go back to the Tibetan Healing Sutras such as the Lotus Sutra found in Buddhist scriptures. It belongs to the Buddhist stream of Qigong - a yin stream where the main focus is the expansion of inner awareness.

It is thought that Tibetan Abbots used the symbols used in Reiki in their meditations to bring about a sense of oneness and connection with a higher consciousness. There also existed a Tibetan system of hands on healing which was given to a person wishing to train as a healer. The method of giving this healing knowledge was very similar to the way in which Reiki Attunements are given today.

It was only the Tibetan Healing Systems that used these types of attunements. It is reasonable to conclude that Reiki, or something very similar to it is a lost Tibetan practise. Many systems and skills can be lost through time either through lack of suitable students willing to study those skills, or through changes in perspective and emphasis of study.

These healing practises were 're-discovered' by Mikao (sometimes written as Mikaomi) Usui of Kyoto, Japan towards the end of the 19th century. It was he who named the system Reiki and developed it to what we know today as Usui Shiki Ryoho. Although he was not a conventional medical doctor, he was to become a doctor in the true sense of the word, and is usually referred to as Dr Usui.

There are several slightly differing accounts of 'recent' Reiki history. One of the most popular and respected versions follows, it must be remembered however, that it may not be wholly accurate.

Reiki re-discovered: The history of Dr Usui's search.

Dr Usui was a scholar and a teacher.* In the late 1870's he re-discovered Reiki.

Dr Usui was fascinated with the question of how did the great Masters, such as Buddha and Jesus heal? He was aware of Buddha's many gifts and that his disciples received healing powers through his teachings. He discussed this with many Buddhist Monks and found that not even those immersed in the Buddha's teaching knew how healing took place only that it did. Dr Usui was moved by the great number of people he came into contact with that needed healing, so he decided he would dedicate his life to the study of ancient texts to find the answers he sought to his questions.

Dr Usui spent approximately ten years travelling from Japan to India and Tibet and studied both Chinese and Sanskrit which enabled him to understand the texts he found there. On his travels he met with and spoke to many Buddhist Monks from many different temples and traditions and was always told the same thing - that the healing skills studied were concerned primarily with healing the Spirit. Physical healing skills had been lost centuries ago.

After several years of travel and study, Dr Usui met and studied with an Abbot of a Zen Monastery who shared his interest in the Healing Arts. Eventually, in the Tibetan Lotus Sutras he discovered the formula he needed to reach the energy necessary for the healing skills he sought.

The texts that Dr Usui discovered did not, however, say how healing could be given. He decided to use the formula that he had read to reach the higher consciousness required to discover the answer.

He went to the sacred mountain Kori-Yama where he fasted and meditated for twenty-one days. He was attempting to take the necessary steps to reach a higher consciousness and receive the information needed to give healing.

At the end of his fast he had what has been described as a 'tremendous mystical experience'. It is documented that he received a vision in which he saw sacred symbols and received the attunements and healing knowledge that went along with them.

Dr Usui was enervated and overjoyed by his experiences on Kori-Yama Mountain. It is said that upon his descent from the Mountain he was able to eat a full sized meal (bearing in mind his 21 day fast) with no ill effects! It is documented that the woman serving his meal was ill with toothache, which Dr Usui healed by placing his hands upon the affected area and removing her pain.

Dr Usui spent the next few years working as an unpaid healer in Kyoto's beggars quarter. After he healed the sick and afflicted he asked them to start anew - healthy and able to work - and build a new life. However he found he was seeing the same people again and again - people he had healed were returning to their lives as beggars. He became discouraged and left the slums.

(It is probable at this time, that Dr Usui made an error in only healing his patient's bodies and not their minds or spirits so they were unable to leave their beggar's way of life and embark upon a more enlightened path).

Dr Usui began travelling through Japan and lecturing on Reiki. He met a retired Naval Officer called Chujiro Hayashi whom he trained and made Master in 1925. Dr Usui attuned 16 - 18 Masters in his lifetime (although it is now known that he attuned around 2.000 people to various Reiki levels during his lifetime, from the West's point of view Hayashi was probably his most important student). At the age of 47, Hayashi became Dr Usui's successor.

Chujiro Hayashi opened a Reiki Clinic in Tokyo where he trained teams of healers both men and women. Patients would stay at the clinic and be treated by groups of healers. Hayashi's practitioners would also travel to the homes of those too sick to travel to his clinic.

In 1935 Mrs Hawayo Takata was visiting family in Japan (she was born and lived in Hawaii). She became very ill and was admitted to hospital. After discussing her condition with her surgeon and assessing the risks of surgery (she was frail and had respiratory difficulties in addition to her other health problems), she entered Hayashi's clinic and stayed there receiving treatments for four months, after which she was able to leave in good health.

She was very impressed and intrigued by the healing she had received at the clinic and wished to learn the techniques used. This proved to be very difficult, as the Japanese were not keen on their 'secrets' being given to an 'outsider'. However, after much effort, Hayashi accepted her as a student at the clinic and trained her to Reiki I in 1936 after which she worked in the clinic with the other healers. In 1937 she received her Reiki II training and returned to Hawaii where she opened her first Reiki clinic. In 1938 she received her Reiki III training from Hayashi who visited her in Hawaii.

Chujiro Hayashi was a man of vision. He knew that Japan would go to war and he would be recalled to the Navy to fight. He also feared that in a time of war, his clinic would be closed down and Reiki would be lost forever. His healer's conscience would not allow him to kill another living being and so, he named Hawayo Takata his successor on 22 February 1938 and died shortly afterward. By naming Takata as his successor and head of his Reiki School, he ensured that Reiki found its way to the West and was not lost during World War II.

During the War, the clinic in Tokyo was closed down and Reiki was no longer widely available in Japan. Although Hayashi's wife Chie survived, the clinic was taken over by the occupation forces and she was unable to operate as a healing centre.

It was through Hawayo Takata that Reiki continued to be taught and practised. She was passionate about Reiki and its benefits. She travelled widely throughout her life and trained and attuned many hundreds of people in the Reiki system. In the last few years of her life she attuned around 22 Reiki Masters. She died on 11 December 1980. It is important to note that Reiki became available in Japan once the occupation forces left and Japan became autonomous once more. It is available via lineage's other than those involving Mrs Takata.

Reiki - Present

Since Hawayo Takata's death, Reiki has undergone many changes and developments. Its essence however, remains the same. All teachers will have their own way of expressing the knowledge contained within the Reiki system. Reiki is constantly evolving. It is reaching more and more people at a time when both society and our environment are in need of healing and peaceful energies, its development and expansion could not be more timely.

* There is some mention that Dr Usui was a Christian Minister and taught at Doshisha University and that he studied Theology at Chicago University. However, research by William Rand would suggest that Dr Usui was not a member of either University in any capacity. It is possible that when Reiki came to the West, Christian elements were added to make it more acceptable - especially in the light of public feeling after World War II.


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