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#85201 - 10/21/03 03:27 PM Some thoughts on the Reiki energy
StillWater Offline

Registered: 09/26/03
Posts: 101
The Reiki energy is generally taught and described as being "Universal" energy. Some even say that is simply Ki (Chi, Prana ect).
But if this is true then attunements would be pointless. You cant "attune' somebody to their own Ki or to the Ki of the world any more than what they are already attuned to it just by being alive.
Others say that it is a "special" energy, a special KIND of Ki, that exists "somewhere" (like in outer space or something?) which is why you have to be attuned to it.
But if it's this "special" kind of energy then it really isn't universal is it?
I mean, universal means everywhere, and
"special" means unique, or NOT everywhere.

Then others sort of combine the two ideas by saying that it is a special universal energy, that is everywhere but you cant reach it or use it without an attunement.
Which basically means to me that it's just sitting around doing nothing, having no effect on life or the world, no real PURPOSE or place in the universe, until man comes along and "attunes" to it. But that seems like oxygen before plantlife to me. Like the Reiki energy was just hanging around waiting for man to evolve so that it could be put to use. These are just the "common" or more "normal" ideas about the Reiki energy. I'm not even getting in to any of the "New Age" "Angels-and-the-Ascended-Masters" or "White-Light-Brotherhood" theories (which in all honesty, generally make me want to puke).

So my question is, which is it?
Is it Universal? And if so dont you think we should be reconsidering our ideas about Attunements?
Or is it Special, HIGHER energy?
And if it is, should we still be clinging to the notion that it's universal and everywhere?

Or is it both?
If it is both, i could really use some clarification as to exactly HOW it is both, and exactly WHAT it REALLY is.

(I have more thoughts on Reiki which i would like to bring up, but i dont want to drag this post on any longer than it has to be and I'm happy to take things one step at a time)

#85202 - 10/21/03 04:38 PM Re: Some thoughts on the Reiki energy
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth
Theories I have read recently include :
multiple strand DNA - we used to have it and were genetically modified somehow in the ancient times so that the other strands were removed.

Reiki was part of our ancient practices and at some stage we lost the ability to channel it, or stopped doing it. Certain sects in places like Tibet & Japan & China & Egypt practised it in different ways but it is thought that only part of the whole practice was re-discovered in recent times.

There are many theories none of which can be proved or disproved.

I agree that some of the other new age stuff seems to be too weird to get into.

BUT! I experimented with the force emitted from the healing centres of my hands before and after my 1st level attunements. It was there before attunement and I could feel it but it got about 10 times stronger once I was attuned to 1st level. When I reached Master level it seems 1000 times stronger than it was pre-attunements. The energy field extends much further and is very strong.

The attunement seems to raise the frequency level of the attunee so that they are resonating at a level that can work with the energy. The reason for doing 4 attunements was that it was too difficult/stressful for the attunee to change frequency in fewer steps.

No-one seems to know for sure what the true components of the reiki energy are.

All I know is that it works. [IMG][/IMG]
Use it.
There can never be too much reiki in the world.

Do post your other questions/thoughts on reiki and let's see if we can work on some ideas.

#85203 - 10/22/03 11:12 AM Re: Some thoughts on the Reiki energy
Bossman Offline

Registered: 08/25/03
Posts: 1785
Loc: Chatham Kent UK
I guess I'm a simple person - (or so I'm told..) I would describe it like this:

Humans are tribal and need human touch, proximity and acceptance from others. Sometimes a smile, an acceptance, an encouraging word, to touch or hug is in effect an excellent "Reiki" healing.

The energy that animates our body influences our state of health and it's emanations influence others. We are able to enhance it's effects through our sensitivity to it, our awareness generally and concentration.

There is an alchemy that takes place in a persons character through martial arts training that reflects that in most esoteric arts as follows:

Root chakra: mortality, overcoming fear of death and life and control of sexual drive.

Sacral chakra: getting in touch with one's intuitive self.

Solar Plexus chakra: overcoming fear and anger

Heart chakra: developing patience, kindness and tolerance.

Throat chakra: having achieved these qualities in oneself, being able to affect the environment in the same positive way.

Third Eye chakra: receiving inspiration. (sometimes through dreams and vision)

Crown chakra: becoming a spiritual person without all the previous hinderances.

The cultivation of one's character and thus animation effects the emanation, this influences the healee in an even more positive manner.

Anyone can do Reiki if they really want to help another person. If you train in a good martial art you should learn katsu/satsu (life giving and life taking) and this means becoming a peacekeeper and healer through positive development rather than violent and aggressive through negative development.

Attunement is simply sensitising the person to the energy that has always been with them. It is often described as "opening channels" but we in the MA know it as refining the mind. The Chinese would describe the alchemy as Jing (sexual energy) to Geng (warrior energy) to Shen (spritual energy).


#85204 - 10/22/03 06:05 PM Re: Some thoughts on the Reiki energy
StillWater Offline

Registered: 09/26/03
Posts: 101
You do 4 attunements? Oh man, i feel cheated [IMG][/IMG] We (the people i have studied under) usually only do three. Reiki 1 when we get attuned to the Reiki energy. Reiki 2 we get attuned to and taught the symbols. Then Reiki 3 we get attuned to and taught the master symbol/s. I am Reiki 2 so I'm not especially certain about the extent of R3. I have been told that the "Master" attunement also increase the intensity of a person's Reiki. I have no reason to doubt this, i just cant vouch for it personally as i have not had the Attunement.

I definitely agree that the Attunements made a huge difference in my energy work. Both in healing and in general energy excercise.

The Multiple Strand theory is interesting...
Im wondering how the "Reiki Strand" could have been removed. I mean, to say "genetically modified"......I dont know, like by Martians or something? I mean Who or What would have "modified" us?
I'll have to look in to that, if nothing else it'll make me think.
Do you know of a site or book that makes a good case for it?

I would have to agree that only part of Reiki potential is generally understood today, at least in the circles i have been fortunate enough to encounter. As an example,,,,,,
Do you think it is possible to make your own symbols? To "connect" your own symbols to the Reiki energy? To imbue them with it?

I have one particular symbol that I have used, and I cant say that it works or doesnt work simply because its difficult to scientifically measure the effects of Reiki, especially "Reiki this way" as opposed to "Reiki that way" but the times I have used it, it FELT right. Intuitively.
The same way it FEELS right when you "scan" someone's body and find a spot that needs
extra work.

Reiki guides?
I dont know if all Reiki practitioners use or teach about the "Reki Guides".
The first two "Masters" that attuned me used them and told/taught me about them.
I havent tried using Reiki Guides or any other "Spirit Guides" or helpers, and to be honest, I dont feel comfortable with the idea.
That there are forms of conciousness that are generally difficult to detect with the human eye I find plausible enough.
However, it seems like asking for trouble to to simply believe that i should run around asking them for help or intervention on the assumption that they have my best interest at heart just because they are different.
Know what I mean?

Till next time. [IMG][/IMG]

[This message has been edited by StillWater (edited 10-23-2003).]

#85205 - 10/23/03 07:06 PM Re: Some thoughts on the Reiki energy
Reiki Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/30/02
Posts: 3403
Loc: MiddleEarth
Well put Steve!

Level 1 in our system is 4 attunements given over 2 days and u get taught the first symbol.

L2 is 2 more attunements and 2 more symbols.

L3 is 2 more attunements and one more symbol.

Master is 2 more attunements and how to give attunements.

Master/teacher is 2 more attunements and a final symbol.

You are not cheated, your system is just different to ours that's all. Depends on the lineage and how you are taught. Our lineage includes Arthur Robertson and he taught a 5 step syllabus.

Some practioners feel drawn to other symbols and find them useful, or create their own symbols. I personally use a DNA repair symbol from time to time which I obtained from my RMT.

guides..... I have no personal experience of these


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