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#84767 - 02/25/01 12:16 AM Qi Gong
Brewer Offline

Registered: 01/15/01
Posts: 468
Loc: Arizona,U.S.
I've been studying the various arts for some time now. And for the Last ten years or so have got into the study of Qi Gong.I've developed the ability to transfer energy with my hands,It's also enabled me to help relieve pain from some people that have asked me to do so.There are some people that are very respondent and those that are not affected by it at all.If there is anyone out there that has any information regarding this
type of situation please reply.I am mainly looking for information on exploding Qi gong.
This is suppose to allow one to heal themselves,I have not advanced to this level
as yet.Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Your Brother in the Arts

#84768 - 11/05/01 03:35 PM Re: Qi Gong
judderman Offline

Registered: 08/06/01
Posts: 1400
Loc: UK
Could you provide a little more info on the process you use.
I am able to do similar things, but I have not studied Qi Gong that much.

Pehaps I could provide a different outlook??


#84769 - 11/16/01 04:58 PM Re: Qi Gong
Brewer Offline

Registered: 01/15/01
Posts: 468
Loc: Arizona,U.S.
Hello Judderman,
I sort of do a heat and body energy type of application.I'm really interested in Exploding Qi,if you have any information on it I would appreciate it very much.I am also interested in your method as you said you do something similiar to what I do.In my case it has alot to do with Chi.I'm looking forward to your reply.
Your Brother in the Arts

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#84770 - 11/17/01 10:36 AM Re: Qi Gong
judderman Offline

Registered: 08/06/01
Posts: 1400
Loc: UK
I see our application is similar. The difference is perhaps one of visulisation.

I set up a type of circuit, the 'pained' area in the middle as a sort of breaker.

I feel for shape and colour of the area, then slowly manipulate the energy in the area until the pain has gone, by changing the shape and colour of the 'pain'.

The draw back I have found is I can take on the pain instead. This is different to healing.

Here I use one hand to feel for the disruption in energy, which is sometimes located away from the area of pain. Then I add a small ammount of my own energy to the area before manipulating it manually.

I am unsure about explosive Qi Qong, I am afraid. I am able to control and reduce pain, but I am not sure about actually healing.

I look forward to your insights.


#84771 - 11/25/01 06:51 PM Re: Qi Gong
Tulip Offline

Registered: 10/29/01
Posts: 6
I was happy to see your guys postings. I have recently myself started studying Chi Kung (qi gong). Brewer, what type of this have you been studying for so long? I recently purchased a book called "The Way Of Energy" which teaches the Zhan Zhuang style. My sifu also recommended a book called "Opening your energy gates" that I have ordered but not yet received. I am very much looking forward to progessing in my study of this art.
I currently study T'ien Shan P'ai kung-fu and my sifu swears by the benefits of Chi Kung. He says he "heals" quicker when hurt now, and very rarely gets sick. He has only been practicing for a little over a year so he is also very new to the art.
On the matter of both you guys being able to transfer energy to or from other people may not be that far fetched. From everything that I have read it does not seem weird at all to be able to do things like that. I think that it all comes down to channeling your Chi. I have not heard of explosive Chi Kung but I will look in to it. I think there are a lot of things that we can do, most people are just to impatient to put the time in to reach that point. Hell, we only use 20% of our brains....ever wonder what the other 80% does, I do.

#84772 - 11/27/01 09:04 PM Re: Qi Gong
Brewer Offline

Registered: 01/15/01
Posts: 468
Loc: Arizona,U.S.
Hello Tulip,
Actually it has been an accumalation of years.As I stated ,I started Qi Gong about ten years ago and along the way picked up Tai Chi Chuan and Dim Mak.The three all go together,the meditative resources,energy channeling,healing properties and the ability and knowledge to protect oneself,last but not least,the mysticism of it all.
I don't per say practice any certain style of Qi Gong, to me it is a way of helping to heal and or treat others with certain types of ailments and it can on the other hand be used to protect oneself and if need be,,do personal harm to a would be attacker.
As far as Chi Kung is concerned,it is really the same thing as Qi Gong but one will find more available material on Qi Gong as they do have a magazine on it and it does have some very informative articles in it.The publisher incase you are interested is Pacific Rim Publishing.
Now, in studying forms of Kung I have mainly concentrated on Iron Broom Kung and Iron Forearm Kung and a form of Fist Kung.One has to remember that some of these Arts go to the extreme and some of it is a bit far fetched to believe.For information on these Arts and many more pertaining to Kung, you can check out a book "Kung Fu" History,Philosophy and Technique By David Chow and Richard Spangler. The Art that is physically discribed within the book,with pictures of various techniques is known as Chin Na.
I have to say that the two main ingredients in learning to channel my chi,ki or qi,are
Qi Gong and Dim Mak.The energy Channeling exercises in these two are totally and completely amazing.Considering Maditative properties,I would have to put Tai Chi Chuan and Dim Mak ahead of the class.Mainly because these are the only known forms of moving meditation really known to the Eastern and Western Worlds,the rest are all like Yoga.
I'm going to stop here and if you would like to discuss it further,let me know.To let you know where I am coming from,I have 44 years in the Arts.I don't want to sound like I have a big head or something but I figured thet if you knew something about me, then you would be better able to understand.
Take care,
Your Brother in the Arts

#84773 - 11/28/01 03:08 PM Re: Qi Gong
Brewer Offline

Registered: 01/15/01
Posts: 468
Loc: Arizona,U.S.
Judderman and Tulip,
Check out this site,I just copied Jade Body Gong,it's great.
It's the Qi-Gong Association of American
Let me know what you think.
judderman when you take on pain,you need to channel that energy out your other hand.
take care,
Your Brother in the Arts

#84774 - 12/31/01 12:13 PM Re: Qi Gong
Mal Wagner Offline

Registered: 08/20/00
Posts: 36
Loc: Maurepas, La., U.S.A.
Greetings group,

I study Isshinryu karate and Kundalini Yoga, and freelance as a massage therapist for the hands. I read a comment in the thread that said that one healer adds energy to the area. I have found that adding energy to another person is like donating an organ to someone else---the chance of rejection is very high because it is attuned to the donor's energy system. I find it is more helpful to visualize removing the person's energy "block" without adding your own energy to the system. Doing differently may be why you seem to absorb the malady after healing.

As far as "exploding energy", you may run a search on "fajing" or Earl Montaigue (sp?), as he sites exploding energy as the key to the whole martial-effectiveness of Tai Chi.

Others may have differing opinions, but I closely relate "Fajing" to "Chinkuchi" in the Okinawan arts, and nothing is better at developing chinkuchi (body-flinching power) than Sanchin.

Hope this helps,
Mal Wagner

#84775 - 01/01/02 07:12 PM Re: Qi Gong

Hi! I just recently learned the 'Jade Body' Ki Kung routine. After doing it before and after my workouts (which consists of an hour of weightlifting before class [Isshinru]), I notice that I don't get as sore and I tend to heal after the workouts faster.

Any comments on this at all would be appreciated. Also, any links to Ki Kung sites on the net would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

[This message has been edited by Vash (edited 01-03-2002).]

#84776 - 05/20/02 03:31 PM Re: Qi Gong
hideki Offline

Registered: 05/20/02
Posts: 4
Loc: brasil

in São Paulo, brasil, a aikido master - ono sensei - teach a breath techinique named nishino-ryu kokyuho. with this, he can project yours studentes many meters (almost 12, like me), without external power. in video, I see nishino kozu sensei doing the same.

please, i really apreciate infos about nishino-ryu kokyuho, taikiken and yiquan.


[This message has been edited by hideki (edited 05-20-2002).]

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