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#84158 - 03/15/05 09:18 AM Too Much KI?

Quick question,

I have been meditating for a lil while now and have never had any problem getting into that good meditated zone. However, lately I have had difficulty staying comfortably still while meditating.

A bud told me that perhaps it is because I have built up too much Ki energy in me and now I must release some? Make any sense to anyone and if so how might I release this? Even better would be using it to some end rather than just releasing it...maybe healing or something? How would I do this?

Also, I dont understand the whole having to much. I thought energy was a good thing to have. I also thought it is what causes the 3rd eye awakening or the kundalini experience...why would I want to get rid of it? Can someone please explain this to me?


#84159 - 03/16/05 11:44 AM Re: Too Much KI?

Visit these threads:

the third eye,

Meditation and levitation??,

What the hell is chi? How do you 'channel' it?

For years there has been the knowledge that psychotic episodes could happen associated with Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga. (Site Pages)

VisionAndPsychosis.Net explains the physiological cause of these events.

The Everquest Connection page explains the simple first semester psychology of what happens. There it is related to MMORPG play but the effect is the same.

Case histories from China tell that victims seem to be addicted and won't stop gathering others to exercise with them.

Limit the number of times and number of hours you use Qi Gong or Kundalini Yoga, (in groups) include any form of eyes-open meditation in that limitation.

The subliminal detection of threat movement causes the problem not meditation.

#84160 - 03/18/05 10:27 PM Re: Too Much KI?

It is normal to feel the effect of Ki working on you when you are getting used to higher levels. It is normal. It does not mean you have too much Ki, but rather that your are not used to such a level of Ki. There is never excess Ki, but more Ki than you are used to will eventually work on your energy channels to unblock them, thus the hassle in the legs, the nodged, the goose bumps,... the not-wanting-to-remain-still.

Be patient, all will set back into place. When you experience disturbance from your physical body, get up, strech, and get back to your meditation.

We do all kind of things to elevate our energy, but our human ego reacts to this energy by giving us all these reactions, and sucessfuly convincing us that we have "too much ki". Having much Ki has never been a problem, but a blessing. you only have to get used to it before you can even enhance more. Do not let your fear win on this.

#84161 - 03/20/05 03:00 PM Re: Too Much KI?

Having to much or too litlle of anything is never good. I think that only if you have all of your channels open there can`t be too much qi, and even then the reason would probably be that qi is now freely circulating and doesn`t stagnate anywhere.

Qi stagnation can cause problems, for example if qi is stopping in the head it might cause headaches.

Instead of releasing qi, try storing it in your tan-tien. A simple example of this:

Put your hands above your navel and circle around the navel with your hands 12 times clockwise and 12 times counterclockwise. While you are doing this imagine (feel) qi gathering behind the navel.

You have energy wheter you want it or not. You actually can`t get rid of energy, unless you die. Energy can cause the third eye awakening or the kundalini awakening, but not just like that. These things have to be awakened gradually, it may cause promblems otherwise.

I suggest you find a yoga, qigong or an internal martial art teacher. Otherwise Mantak Chia has a lot of good books. For a beginner I would suggest the book Awaken healing energy through the Tao. But you have to be careful when learning from books, try not to rush things,and do everything carefully.

[This message has been edited by Kosh (edited 03-20-2005).]


Moderator:  Cord, MattJ, Reiki 

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