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#83985 - 11/07/04 11:40 AM Meditation and demons, etc ?

I have read a great deal about meditation, the brain, and just about anythimg related. I even tried meditation a bit when I was younger but, though I could relax well enough, I never had the supposedly awesome experiences it can produce. But its those experiences I wondered about. I have read that many encounter "spirits" or other paranormal activity when practicing zen meditation. It supposedly can lead to out of body experiences, "visitor" experiences etc. As kewl as that sounds, I have no desire to "wake up" to see some dark figure staring at my still sleeping body or things to start moving about in my house. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this stuff? Having never had an OOB experience etc, I have no way to judge other than to say I have read about such events and wondered what you all thought or have experienced? Like I said I an well read in all the ideas and concepts of the brain (especially theta wave production which mimics meditation) and meditation etc. I just am curious to hear from people that actually practice this if they have had negative, or positive experiences. Also what do people think the "negative" or even positive things are. (for example: spirits, another plane, just really vivd dreaming...etc etc.
Beardy Man

#83986 - 11/08/04 02:47 AM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?
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Meditation is merely a tool for relaxing the mind and removing the buildup of stresses that we place upon ourselves.

Done daily it will help to relax you and overcome self doubts and all those other little nagging voices/thoughts that undermine your confidence.

I've done a lot of meditation over the years and have never experienced an out of body experience.

Just relax and enjoy the benefits. [IMG][/IMG]

#83987 - 11/08/04 07:08 AM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?

Meditation is the selfwritten source to a better life... Can not explain, but as i started mediating i started to get a different view of other things, that have helped me a lot... But surely! Dont seek trust in Christianity, it's a complete manmade catastrofe that makes you bow for him...
Do not bow for anyone, Maybe i am a little of track, but it's surely the truth im telling... It's your mind that are F***** Up,Meditate and fix, It is our nature....

#83988 - 11/08/04 09:30 AM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?
schanne Offline
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Always make sure your sword is next to you when in Zen meditation, that way you can cut that demon in two!

#83989 - 11/08/04 11:08 AM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?


lol. sword, machine gun, staff...heck I am goona bringa n army with me lol [IMG][/IMG]

#83990 - 11/08/04 01:08 PM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by TroyVonCox:
Meditation is the selfwritten source to a better life... Can not explain, but as i started mediating i started to get a different view of other things, that have helped me a lot... But surely! Dont seek trust in Christianity, it's a complete manmade catastrofe that makes you bow for him...
Do not bow for anyone, Maybe i am a little of track, but it's surely the truth im telling... It's your mind that are F***** Up,Meditate and fix, It is our nature....

Do not critisize that which you do not understand. Whay do you believe is so catastrophic? All I know is that it's changed my life for the better.

#83991 - 11/08/04 02:01 PM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?

I would comment on the obvious ignorance and bias with which you responded except I am not seeking to make this a religious topic. You obviously have past issues regarding Xianity and that is your business. However, condeming something you dont really know, and just being condeming anyway, is hardly going to allow you to find the spiritual wisdom that meditation seeks to provide. Please desist in turning this into a religious thread. It is a discussion on the phenomena experienced in meditation and the like practices. Please keep your comments confined to that issue. Thanx.
Beardy Man

[This message has been edited by Beardy Man (edited 11-08-2004).]

#83992 - 11/08/04 09:06 PM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?

I have to agree that meditation provides good guidance along lifes path, particularly once you have practiced for a long while with it and found your personal sway of things..

I personally dislike christianity, more the extreme side of christianity (including a large proportion of its past), but every religion has its fanatical side... you should not judge everyone by that same stick. And pardon my language... but havent the best wildflowers always been grown out of the foulest manuer? (spelling?)

Perhaps he/she was relating more to a personal struggle, and granted, one of the shapes that christianity has taken is a dominating control-through-fear imp.... so.. I guess we could cut Troy a little slack.

One of the best ways to appreciate meditation, is through repetition. I dont mean treat it as a chore and burden.... but try to make it work for you, make your own way into it... find out what relaxes you mentally.. and go with that.
Like all things spiritual, meditation too will evolve directly alongside your own growth.

I have no one easy way of saying it.. but if you bathe in the gentle silence of your own quietened mind... many other things find it easier to get in. OBE's being one of them.
The sciences of the spiritual are very messy to say the least, as we are only used to measuring things in cups, inches and tonnes...
...for anything of a more... extranormal origin to be able to touch upon our senses, we have to be sensitive to it. Spirit guides, or any of their similar counterparts, forms or avatars, will find it greatly easier to contact you when the natural 'static hase' of your mind is at a minimum.

Imagine trying to tune into a radio station, that is surrounded by huge, constantly overdriven machinary. At best, your signal would be garbled and confusing. Most trying to listen to that station would question whether they have the right frequency.

Patience is a huge factor here, too. If you maintain a fair level of skepticism, be brutally honest with yourself, but desire to expand enough.. it will come in time.

My first and only OBE came when I actually stopped trying to get one, after 6 months of passive attempts (before I slept)... and I finally got one, when I got a day off from college, rolled over to get some more sleep instead of wake up.. and found I had rolled through the sheets and was laying a short distance from the floor.
Heh, after a short OBE, I found it felt 'too natural' to be what I was looking for, and decided to continue searching for that invisible thing that beckons me, deep inside.

I still havent found this weird thing that keeps calling to me, like someone is pulling on an invisible string attached to my heart and soul... but the journey has been fun to say the least. (and hard :|)

I tend to babble terribly.. uhm.. if the guys here cant help, throw me an email sometime when my mind is clearer. (its 4:06am right now, lol)

#83993 - 11/08/04 10:45 PM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?

Agh, i just skip-read your post again..

Dark figures are common to most people who visit 'other' places. Thats not a bad thing, really. Physical senses are terribly dull, if not non-existant, when travelling away from your body. Replacement senses often set in, some mimic the 5 physical senses, others are very different (like the 6th sense, instinct/precognition)...

Also, try to think of it as being reborn. Here in the physical, we have the comfort of wearing this irremovable suit of armor, the physical body. Even when we are terribly hurt, or being attacked, or when we are scared... the body is always with us, a constant factor, a 'comfort blankie' if you will.
Being in a place without your body leaves you terribly naked and vulnerable feeling.

Combine this sense of insecurity, with a lack of sharp senses.
A lot of astral entities are 'felt' as dark silhouettes, humanoid.

People mistake the darkness (the shadow of 'presance'), for evil, or hostility. Many people take these watchful figures as demons, or evil energy-draining entities.

We are very much like children, when away from our anchor-bodies. Again we are like simple creatures of the world, anything we are uncertain of or unused to, we fear.
That is why so many fear death.
Death is also not to be feared, even if dying often stings.

Death is so scary because it is so unknown to us. Not only are we forcefully disincarnated and seperated from our 'comfort blankie' of a body... we find that our constantly analysing 'monkey chatter' mind is gently ebbed away before us.....
..this is why people without religion often see death as just blackness. A void, similar to that which we experience just before and after sleep and dreams.

I know it sounds like I am shooting off onto another subject.. but when dealing with entirely new ways of exploring our space in reality.. you do need a little arsenal of semi-reassuring nuggets of information.

My only solid piece of advice to give you is : "Take everything with a pinch of salt, even what you believe". The entire 'trust nobody' motif goes well here, especially upon yourself.
With nothing to measure up these weird new experiences with, it is hard to feel unthreatened and alone. Many just pretend they never happen, because science cannot validate the experience, or other people scoff at you.
Just remember that science cannot conclusively prove the existance of the common dream, and it still cannot measure things like pain in units.

Science is still a religion. Many say it is not, but it is. It does not worship a deity, but it obides by a code. Religion may be an inaccurate word, but it is an 'order' at best.
Consistancy and coherancy only gets you so far, as science once agreed that the world was flat, that the bike would just fall over.. and related to martial arts.. that it is impossible for a pin to be thrown through a sheet of glass, or for a human to jump high enough to pass over another standing human.

Science may be a good milestone for us to refer to, when we feel lost with all the weird things in life shooting all around us... but in the end, it is only a milestone, it is not the very voice of truth.
Probably for the better, seeing how we humans use what we have learned thusfar :P

Again, sorry for the ranting babbleishness, but I like to help as much as I can. You'll need to explore what i've said before you can entirely trust it, too.
Try looking around online, there is a lot of support for it... and you'll also find that many people disagree on the fine print of how it all works.

You walk alone, in your life, only your feet can carry you... make a choice, and follow your path as it reveals itself to you.

....and as a hint, if some firey horn-headed dude asks if he can borrow your soul, politely decline, then bail back into your cosy meatbag of a home [IMG][/IMG] lol

#83994 - 11/20/04 07:11 PM Re: Meditation and demons, etc ?

Beardy!!You got to help me, I've been banned from christian chat for nothing, you got to get me unbanned.Please!!!!

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