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#8376 - 08/11/04 06:26 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

i would say no..

but you can learn the basics of whatever you're trying to learn. im teaching myself muay thai using a heavy bag and a few other things. i read about different MT skills, combos, spins etc and try them out until i can do them well. its pretty fun but i know i cant learn everything myself. however i can learn the basic moves and actually get pretty good so it'll be more easy when i do seek instruction.
of course use your own discretion. make sure you know what movements to make so you dont hurt yourself.

#8377 - 08/11/04 06:58 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by jscrow:
Tapes and books are great aids, but cannot replace actual hands-on instruction. I use my tapes and books to review techniques and to help visualize what my instructor was teaching. Using books and tapes alone will, at best, give you the "gross muscle movements". Keep looking for a quality instructor, who sets and enforces high standards. It's worth it.[/QUOTE]This is what I do also,I use the video and books to study techniques,but IMO you still need someone to correct your mistakes.

#8378 - 11/20/04 05:52 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

I picked up on an offer a while back to learn Taekwondo at home via video. The instructor would send me videos and then once I learned the material, I'd video myself demonstrating the techniques, combos, forms, etc. Then, he'd send me a belt.

I had a group of friends join me and we all worked out and tested together. I also picked up as much reading material I could on Taekwondo. I learned a lot in this process, but I always fetl as though my technique was sloppy and there was just no good way to correct that. We eventually stopped this training.

Lesson learned, I think the only real way to learn is to have someone teach you. Videos and books are great, but I think you should look for a good dojo and learn. Check around. Sure, there's probably some guy around charging more than you can afford, but chances are there's a guy who doesn't, so do your homework.

#8379 - 11/20/04 07:38 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

Realistically, can you learn Martial Arts at home by yourself? Well, you can learn and study and read but minus a living breathing training partner, it will take a very long time and results may not be what you hoped.
I agree.
You can learn as much as any other martial artist on your own, only it will take far far longer, and you will most likely end up with some fighting flaw, that someone else could have picked up.
It would be an advantage if you could gather a few friends together as you learn, that way you can help each other (two minds are better than one, right? [IMG][/IMG]), and access to some kind of heavy bag would do some good too.

If you ever find an affordable opening, it would be a good idea to take it, even if the fighting style isnt the one you particularly desire. Experience is just that, experience.

I myself train alone, but this is mostly rooted in issues I have with people (any people). I've found that by training alone, you need to devote quite a lot of time to become good. Unfortunately, im lazy and easily distracted [IMG][/IMG]
Martial arts when done alone, often tends to lead down a far more personal path... it seems to become just as much about the intellectual/spiritual as it is about the fighting.

That is why I make a strong distinction between the terms "Self Defense" and "Martial Art". One is solely about getting good at fighting, the other (to me) is more than just about fighting.
Many do not share my opinion, so I end up calling a lot of people who simply fight good "Martial Artists", when I believe them to be little more than experienced and conditioned people.

Then again, i've said it before.. im a bugger for making things sound so over-romanticised (spelling?) :P

#8380 - 11/20/04 10:01 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3119
Loc: East Coast, United States
Hello multistyles10:

Most practitioners spend MOST of the time which they study on their own! However to be completely on your own with NO training at all will make this a difficult path... for anyone, not merely yourself.

Do you have a background? Regardles it can be done, but you may be very rough in some meaningful areas.

Talk to us... let us know where you are coming from?


#8381 - 11/20/04 10:13 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

I suggest finding a sparring partner. Sparring is the bread and butter of martial arts. You'll learn more from sparring than you ever would from video tapes. ANNNDDDDd... you don't need to go to a dojo to spar. Just make sure you stay safe while you're doing it.

Also, research as much Martial Arts Philosophy as you possibly can. STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!!! Philosophy will help you a great deal with developing new and effective techniques to add to your arsenal. Then you can practice them with your sparring partner. Once again... safety is more important. Don't risk breaking someone's arm trying to test a joint lock. Do what you can whithout seriously hurting anyone.

Have The Fun!

#8382 - 11/21/04 01:57 AM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

It depends on what you're trying to achieve.

In my opinion, no, you can't learn a MA using videos. Ok, you can learn some of the 'moves', but the true essence of MAs is the 'journey', and again, in my opinion, this can only be achieved under the guidance of an instructor.

However, if you wish to learn Self-Protection skills, by yourself, then I highly recommend the following:

'The Fence' by Geoff Thompson

'The Shredder' Package by Richard Dimitri

Take care,


#8383 - 11/21/04 08:44 AM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

Uh, I the only person who's noticed that multistyles10 hasn't replied in over a year?

#8384 - 11/21/04 10:50 AM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

I dont believe it is possible to became a good martial artist by yourself.
Without a good teacher you will never learn the important things, and there are too many of them in martial arts.

I have been training martial arts for 10 years now and for me it is still a problem when i am away and have to train alone.

It just isnt the same thing without the uke(teacher, partner).

Try to find someone who is willing to teach you without charge.
But beware of self proclaimed senseis.

#8385 - 11/21/04 11:08 AM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

Yeah, it HAS been over a year since his reply. However, others may have the same question.

It's funny how the people who try to tell you that videos are a good way to learn also have personal ties to martial arts videos.

Videos can be quite expensive. If you have the time to put into training, talk to an instructor about possibly cleaning his studio for your tuition. Even a poor instructor is better than self-tutelage.

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