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#8366 - 07/12/03 05:15 PM can you teach yourself a martial art at home?
multistyles10 Offline

Registered: 07/12/03
Posts: 4
does somebody know how to teach yourself a martial art at home because i have no $ to spend on a program. [IMG][/IMG]

#8367 - 07/13/03 05:51 AM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

SOME people would respond to an enquiry like this with UNpleasantries. I answer with the recommendation that you study the 2 video package "Protect Yourself" by Master Tsai. I believe it's STILL sold via internet. As a beginner you WILL be satisfied. WHY can't you afford a dojo? Do you have an infirmity and can't work? Please address those issues!

#8368 - 07/13/03 06:03 AM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?
joesixpack Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/04/02
Posts: 2282
Loc: Australia
If you can afford the net, what about giving it up for MA?

You may be better off finding some school interested on developing a few students, like a boxing school, JKD or very traditional karate school, where money really isn't an issue.

Otherwise try to find an adept who trains alone....and would like to train with a novice.

You can learn alone but it has it's limits.

#8369 - 07/13/03 08:20 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?
kempo_jujitsu Offline

Registered: 06/15/03
Posts: 1914
Loc: illinois, usa
i think you can learn at home if infact the videos you buy are TEACHING videos, with a CURRICULUM of study, and not just a demonstration of techniques so fast that you cant see them.
some very respected people in the martial arts offer home study courses in practically any martial art, from judo and jujutsu to karate to ninjutsu, and kenpo karate or any other art you wish to learn, testing in these are done via videotape as well, you tape yourself and your partner and send them A COPY of it, you retain the original, and they send you feedback on the same tape you sent them usually addressing any problems they see. although i think learning ONLY with this method MIGHT be better used by an already somewhat experienced martial artist.
and the biggest problem i can see with it is getting THE FEEL of the techniques. and you should also practice with as many people as possible...most of them dont mind if you start a STUDY GROUP for this purpose. and occasionally train with the teachers in person in the form of private lessons or seminars periodically, this will cost money because you will have to travel to them or bring them to you if they are free, so have your partners chip in occasionally and save up.
i have considered some of these courses, but i always ask myself...would you go train with a sensei who earned his certification with a few videotapes?...something to consider if you plan on teaching in the future.
but is it possible...yes! does it really work...yes!
i know people who teach kyusho jutsu (pressure points) on the internet...and have seen demos of the students knocking people out like a pro!...the key is to correct any problems before they progress, everything builds on the foundation (basics)...and the next important thing is to periodically and as often as you can, train with them in person in addition to video training, and TRAIN OFTEN, practice alot.
the people who offer these courses are very respected and sometimes very famous martial artists...and they swear by the video method, and their students via video...the way i see it, if these respected masters, and their organizations feel you are worthy of a rank or certification in their system..then you must be, regardless of how you learned the material.

#8370 - 08/05/04 02:53 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?
bjjskn Offline

Registered: 03/06/04
Posts: 288
Loc: usa
[QUOTE]Originally posted by multistyles10:
does somebody know how to teach yourself a martial art at home because i have no $ to spend on a program. [IMG][/IMG][/QUOTE]

THE ANSWER IS YES YOU CAN. You can do karate katas with perfection, you can buy bjj and grappling videotapes and books form experts, if i were you i would go to and get the package where you actually get a certificate to teach shootfighting, you can get the exercises from aikido and hapkido. you can stretch. You can shadow box. You can do 900 push ups in ten minutes. you can run like 15 miles a day. You can learn knife fighting with books and videotapes. You can use a broom for a bo stick, you can do extensive research on the different styles and how to fight and win, You can do a thousand sit ups a day. You can buy books from all the martial arts. YOu can watch martial arts flicks all day and pick up tips. You can go out to local bars and test out your skills against opponents. You can go to dojos and martial arts clubs and challenge senseis and students to test you skills out. YOu can enter grappling and striking tounaments to teszt you skills out too. You can spend 24/7 making yourself into a full rounded fighter who can beat anyone. You can also raise your pain tolerance by putting youself through massive pain. You can make youself a real weapon. SO have fun making youself a dangerous, tough guy.

#8371 - 08/06/04 12:54 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?
Ironfoot Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 06/10/04
Posts: 2682
Loc: St. Clair Shores, MI USA
Hey, the tapes could be expensive, too. Perhaps this is a young man not even of working age yet. Besides, this is one-way communication. The tapes can't tell you your stance is too high, your elbow is out too far, etc.

Check out adult ed courses at local school districts. Their overhead is low, so they can afford to teach you for less.

#8372 - 08/06/04 01:24 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

Videos - No. You can learn to dance this way though.

Unless you are training with someone you are only mimicking movements in an instructional vacuum. In spite of all the wonderful advertisments that say so, you can't learn a martial art this way.

"McVideos" are the trailor trash cousins of McDojos.

Keeping looking around or just wait until you can afford to train with someone.

- KiDoHae [IMG][/IMG]

[This message has been edited by KiDoHae (edited 08-06-2004).]

[This message has been edited by KiDoHae (edited 08-06-2004).]

#8373 - 08/06/04 02:19 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

LOL @ bjjskn.

Realistically, can you learn Martial Arts at home by yourself? Well, you can learn and study and read but minus a living breathing training partner, it will take a very long time and results may not be what you hoped.

#8374 - 08/11/04 03:43 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

I completely agree, hence the reason i suggested some actual training. The only difference between training at home and in a school is the lack of intercommunication between student and teacher. If you have already aquired the basics, learning from a video is ok, and only ok, you will never become a master and my green sashses could probably win in a fight, regardless of how long you study at home. Home study is only meant as a facilitator, it can help, but it is not complete. No one could ever get even their first dregree balck sash without a live test, meaning no correspondence no tapes. Our tests are a very long ordeal, consisting of demonstrating your knowledge of each basic technique apprx. 160 strikes kicks and blocks 100 unarmed self defense combinations, and 50 more against armed opponents while you are unarmed, and 14 advanced forms, one weapons form, and then after all that, you get to take on five Blacksashes for five minutes, without getting knocked out or losing. You cannot train for this with our videos, you need to train in a school or you will never make it, the average test takes about 8 hours

#8375 - 08/11/04 05:13 PM Re: can you teach yourself a martial art at home?

Tapes and books are great aids, but cannot replace actual hands-on instruction. I use my tapes and books to review techniques and to help visualize what my instructor was teaching. Using books and tapes alone will, at best, give you the "gross muscle movements". Keep looking for a quality instructor, who sets and enforces high standards. It's worth it.

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