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#83478 - 01/25/05 11:37 AM 1 INCH PUNCH

does any1 know any good web sites or videos that demonstrates the 1 inch punch in full flow because i would like to learn this technique as best i could as i reckon it wud help me further along with my JKD

#83479 - 03/01/05 07:06 AM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

The one inch punch is suprisingly simple especially once you have learnt to use your hip in your punch. There are three importamt components to the one inch punch that can be practiced on their own.

Twisting in your Punch:
When you punch start with the back of your hand facing the floor and as you push the punch out and it is about to make contact twist your hand so that the back of your hand is facing up.

Fist and Arm Tension:
Keep your arm completely relaxed when punching and then just before the fist makes contact tense your fingers and arm.

Putting the Hip In:
This is probably the most important of the three components for the one in punch. For this lets say you are punching with your right hand. Before you punch keep your right hand by your side so that your fist is about an inch from touching your side, make sure that your left hip is more forward than your right hip. Then as you push the punch out push the right hip forward so that alot of the power in the punch comes from the right hip pushing your right arm forward.

All of these can be used in a normal punch for extra power but are vital components to the one inch punch.

#83480 - 03/01/05 05:37 PM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

Read the earlier thread & my comment. But for the record, the common karate punch as described above is the most in-effective punch mainly due to the rotation of the radius over the ulna. The full twist is more suited to tearing the skin on the face (where it's thinner & filled w/ capilaries) than producing power. A natural punch such as the so-called 3/4 punch or vertical is most effective.

Try this: Stand up w/ your arms hanging loosely @ your sides. Close your eyes & let your arms "float" up to a horizontal position (like the sleep-walkers in old movies). Make a loose fist. Open your eyes & notice that your index finger's knuckle is @ "12:00" - like the peak of a mountain. This is natural & you will not "put on the brakes" (muscle tension required to "twist" your fist).

#83481 - 03/07/05 10:12 AM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

In Chinese MAs the one inch punch is normally recognized as coming from Xing Yi. This punch is totally and completely different than the Karate method mentioned earlier in this thread and extremely more effective due to the use of internal muscles. It starts in the waist with the harmony of the 3 joints. Then eventually you learn how to use your arms in the punch with the harmony of the 6 joints. Then you’re taught the 9 joint harmony with the bringing together of the legs with the rest of the bodies movement.

The one inch punch, that actually starts off as a 4 to 5 inch punch and then over the course of years can effectively be used from one inch away, is something that took me 3 months of 4 to 5 day a week (2-3 hours a day) training to finally grasp the concept of … It wasn’t easy to say the least. The actual technique is something that my current master (Master Nik Ogre) is still refining after years of practice, as he explains it.

#83482 - 03/08/05 12:21 PM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
What everyone said is rather correct. Even if you have to start with a one foot punch and work down the distance over the years. Another good example of a short punch is when a fighter doubles or tripples up the jab. Practicing short distance punches will help you build that skill as well.

Good luck and train hard.

#83483 - 03/12/05 01:41 PM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

This short clip of Bruce Lee Executing the One Inch Punch may help if you want to study the technique.

Remember that the One Inch Punch is just a gimmick, it's all about transferring your body weight over a short distance.

#83484 - 03/15/05 03:47 PM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

To learn the punch in depth description i recommend by James w.Demile's 'Bruce lees 1 and 3 inch punch' Book.

#83485 - 04/07/05 01:20 AM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

I love it how they call it "bruce's 1 and 3 inch punch" like he invented it. Sorry but Fa Jing has been around for a long time, and it is much more effective when done without excessive rules, and formal guidelines. To be honest, judging from what I've seen from real masters, that clip isn't even impressive. Real Fa jing is actually truly striking, and causing severe internal damage, this can be done almost at point blank range. Not just pushing them backwards (not even that far). You can tell its fa jing because of how his body shakes. The problem with karatekas and fa jing, is they formalize it, rather than done naturally. I did it with just SHaolin training under my belt, once I started taking Taiji, within a month it was easy to do with my palm resting on the persons chest. And I'm just a beginner at Taiji compared to masters of the old.

#83486 - 04/07/05 01:28 AM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

wait a minute... How could the 1 inch punch have been invented in China if they use the metric system? It would have been called the 2.54cm punch if it was not from the US.

besides everybody knows the 1" punch was invented by the master "Pai Mei" from 'kill-bill'


[This message has been edited by kara-atama (edited 04-07-2005).]

#83487 - 04/07/05 01:34 AM Re: 1 INCH PUNCH

I thought Pai Mei used the exploding heart technique in the movie?

In reality, the Bak Mei/Pai Mei system uses this kind of energy and body mechanics in its standard every day techniques. The old Shaolin methods did too, but now all you see is the wushufied stuff.

China didn't have ridiculous gimmik names like "1 inch punch," it was just a standard way of being able to use power in arts like Taiji. Silk Reeling energy, is what it is called. Fa jing.

[This message has been edited by BaguaMonk (edited 04-07-2005).]

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