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#83354 - 10/25/04 09:43 AM Re: Fists of steel?

I call my self no master,
I am a student prationer of Martial combat. Im an old school thug that found martial arts and I now teach what I've been blessed to learn. I practice Iron fist, I train & teach our core arts of Combat Hapkido, Korean Kukkiwan Taekwondo & Golden Dragon Kung Fu. We spar Gentlemens rules in our school, Sometimes its full contact sometimes not. Blood, Sweat and Tears is what were all about.
I have studied and dabbled my mind and body to many avenues of combat, boxing, kick boxing, Kuntao, Silat, AkiJutsu, Jujitsu, Iaido, Kabudo, Karate, and competed in Ultimate fight in Canada, and Grappling Trounament's hear in the states, and I have had my bell rung plenty of times from the many street fights ive been into, sparring in class, and competitions as well.
As far as Iron fist goes it's just another weapon to my arsonal. Im only 27, I concider my self not normal but crazy & Little essentric.
I live somewhat of norm life, after all this is america, and I can not afford to to teach and train all day. I have Wife - two kids, work till 8am-3pm Then walk over to my school, Train & Teach from 4pm -10 at night, Mon-Thurs and Kung Fu on Sat.
Just Remember the better most conditioned man will win regardless of training or back ground. & I will remember you when the next time you ask for advice.

#83355 - 11/19/04 11:25 PM Re: Fists of steel?

gday all
just a note on fists vs palm strike.
there is something like 27 bones in the hand some of which cannot be conditioned. if you punch something hard enough, you will break something. these bones also serve to soften the impact like a shock absorber. A conditioned palm is very hard to break and has very mibnimal loss of force

#83356 - 11/20/04 06:20 AM Re: Fists of steel?

Having callouses on your knuckles is irrelevent in a fight

makiwaras and bags are not there to make them but develop body alignment

makiwaras by the way will give you premature arthritus

do you need to f*** your body up for a fight that will in all probability never come?


#83357 - 11/22/04 01:51 PM Re: Fists of steel?

Dragon: Dear ironpalm,
Do you mind sharing with me your palm training methods? I'd be extremely grateful

#83358 - 11/27/04 12:16 PM Re: Fists of steel?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Ajacks:
Im am Iron Fist, You can start by punching wood 100 time soft everyday, or punch until it hurts, The goal is to slowly condition your fist, or if you wish the recipe is to just break the knuckles and then form your knuckle back to almost look normal, Karate Master's old way was to break both punching knuckles then form them together creating a brick look on your hand but, then you jeperdise stealth and your fist will look like a weapon, I chose to break my knuckles then form them back to look normal. Save one hand for the ladies, you really only need one Iron fist.[/QUOTE]

will punching wood actually work

[This message has been edited by battersup2 (edited 12-22-2004).]

#83359 - 11/29/04 11:10 AM Re: Fists of steel?

I think I should state that Ajacks is NOT a profesional or a Dr. and should not be handing out such dangerous and clearly false advice. I dont know if you belive this BS that you spew, or are a troll, but I repeat DO NOT listen to him, he speaks idiocy. This iron hand thing is total BS you cannot break bones in your hand and then manually put them back in place and have a stronger fist. The hand is a delicate complex structure that took millions of years to develop, dont ruin yours.

If you need a hand of iron do safe and reasonable conditioning. Do finger pushups, this will make your grip so strong it wont lossen with impact and minimalize injury

[This message has been edited by Hunter (edited 11-29-2004).]

#83360 - 11/29/04 12:42 PM Re: Fists of steel?


Beleive what you will, Im not here to argue, I spit no BS !

They asked for advice I gave what was passed to me. I never told them to go break their hand, I explained to slow condition softly 100 times a day, knuckles, finger tips, ridge hand, hammer fist, palm strike, back fist, etc...and gave info on what I and masters before me have done.

And yes you can break your knuckles and form the Calcium that replenishes the bone. I have seen my masters knuckle, I have seen it happen in class with another student who punched a brick wall in anger a bunch of times, my master then molded his knuckle, this guys knuckle is bigger than mine today. I have been taught it, and have done it my self and still conditioning to this day.

So whatever dood's or dudette's dont listen to me since Im BS, Listen to your paper tigers.

You Train you I'll Train me

#83361 - 11/29/04 09:44 PM Re: Fists of steel?

You know, the japanese belived, that swift movements and proper technique could win over power any day.

By worrying about building up muscles, and breaking your knuckles(i have never broken a bone) just to get extra strength you forget what martial arts is about. It is about learning proper technique, and self control, not to mention disciplened. Breaking your Knuckles on purpose just to toughen them up is Niether Disciplined, or self control.
Want srong bones? !CALCIUM!

[This message has been edited by NeoSaturn (edited 11-29-2004).]

#83362 - 12/04/04 10:31 AM Re: Fists of steel?

Jeez jack's gettin burned.

For now, I dont know what to say.

Jacks a troll, or telling the truth?

#83363 - 12/06/04 07:08 AM Re: Fists of steel?

Like I said...

You Train you and I'll Train me.

Why dont you do some research before you spill your mouth talking about what you may not beaware of.

[This message has been edited by Ajacks (edited 12-06-2004).]

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