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#83120 - 05/23/04 06:04 PM Re: 1 inch punch?
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3119
Loc: East Coast, United States
The art that made this technique "famous" was Jeet Kun Do of course by Bruce Lee. However it is not a skill that is particular only to that art.

The 1 inch punch is purely about being efficent in your technique. If you are rigid, meaning tense in your body you will not be able to generate power at such a close range.

The one inch techniques demand anything that is not 100% required to perform the technique, to not be tensed, not contracted, not used. The power is generated by committed body weight ~moving as one piece~...


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#83121 - 05/24/04 04:52 PM Re: 1 inch punch?
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3119
Loc: East Coast, United States

<It's not complicated, it has very little application, but it's not complicated...>


I must have missed something here. Are you suggesting that the ability to use a hand strike from point blank range devistatingly, is not an applicable skill? (We're not talking about elbows, knees, feet, but a hand strike from an inch away... no wind up, no swing...)

I missed something, right <mouth agape>???


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#83122 - 05/25/04 07:36 AM Re: 1 inch punch?
otobeawanker Offline

Registered: 06/08/04
Posts: 192
Start with the two foot cross

Then the 1 foot cross,

Then the six inch cross and so on.

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#83123 - 06/12/04 09:18 PM Re: 1 inch punch?
reaperblack Offline

Registered: 04/30/04
Posts: 558
Loc: Victoria, BC, Canada
don't mistake what i am saying. I am not saying that a one inch hand strike with no windup is without application, but for most practical applications the one inch punch has very little application. For starters it is not very devestating, more like a push really. I don't mean to be judgemental but I just think that there are other more productive techniques to spend your time on. Like learning the pressure points and the correct hands to use them, learning how to strike and shift at the same time, and learning how not to get hit. The one inch punch is such an unnatural act to most people that they will never use it in an actual conflict anyway, because it will take to long to think of and the opportunity will have been missed.
The one inch punch looks cool and it is good to practice the technique to apply some of the principles to your regular punch, but that is really as far as it goes.

#83124 - 06/16/04 04:34 PM Re: 1 inch punch?
goldencrane Offline

Registered: 02/23/04
Posts: 432
Loc: Kansas City Kansas USA
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Horton:
the one inch punch is achieved i think by flipping ur power hand to the front of ur stance. when i hit the bag with a jab bout one inch off the bag it goes way harder and farther than hitting with my power hand the the back with no weight behind it. since i found this out i only fight that way now with power hand in front[/QUOTE]

If you strike with your non lead hand it would not be a jab [IMG][/IMG]

#83125 - 09/22/04 05:57 PM Re: 1 inch punch?

Where do i find these videos of a 1 inch punch?

#83126 - 01/27/05 03:16 PM Re: 1 inch punch?

reaper stated that "the one inch punch is more like a push", that cannot be more wrong. I studied Wing Chun and Tai Chi, two styles that rely heavily on the theory behind the one inch punch. in application 1 inch punch is a punching philosophy for maximum damage. It is far from a "push", i like to think of it as an internal organ crush. When used correctly, punching to the solar plexes and applying the "internal strength" generated by your elbow, waist, and wrist, it compresses the chest cavity and causes heart failure.

the one inch punch has been used by the chinese for countless years now, and has been known in practice as a fatal technique that should not be applied lightly. in fact, in tai chi it is only taught to the very senior students. one must first learn to contorl their anger before they can learn to kill.

at last, if you had ever been punched by the one inch punch, you'll know that it is not a push. some people who do not truly understand the punch would use it as a push, but in reality it should feel like a shock. the force you feel should be generated in a fraction of a second, and fron the wrist "snapping" and punching through the point of contact. a push is done by making contact then spinning the waist to push the target off balance. there is a huge difference. in fact, if done without padding, a "push" one inch punch will just jolt the opponent backwards, while a true one inch punch without padding will not move the opponant that much, instead it will crumble the chest cavity.

sorry for the long response, its just shocking that one of the most prized techniques of the east is being diminished to a magic show equivalent because of bruce lee.

#83127 - 02/11/05 04:49 PM Re: 1 inch punch?

If you want real information over this attack. search google for "tweed palm" from my knowledge, the "1-inch punch" can be with a fist or with the palm (hence the name tweed palm), the reason for this is once you've mastered the attack, it can be used however you wish. its used in "dim-mak" on 9 certain energy meridians, but thats a whole other story (ask me if you want to know). anyways, yes this attack uses internal energy. It's transfering your energy out your hand. A way to practice this technique is to get a GLASS bottle (beer bottle, coke bottle, whatever) make sure its glass. fill the bottle up with about 1 inch of water. sit the bottle down and stand or sit infront of it. place your palm over the top of the bottle (1 inch away from it) with an open palm strike you'll hit the top of the bottle and transfer your energy into it (hit it right in the center of your palm). the only way to break this bottle is with your energy. dont worry, you cant break it with sheer strength, and when the bottle actually does break, it will shatter from the bottom (so you will not cut your hand, dont worry)like i said above, use the open palm strike, just make sure you turn your hand so it is horizontally infront of your body. (in other words, look down at your palm, which should be held at your waist, your palm is face down, now turn it so it is completely horizontal infront of you and you can see the top of your hand) im pretty sure no one will be able to break the bottle with just the info i've given you, and it takes years of practice and hard work to do this right. you will need to know more info about this strike unless you're pretty advances in ki, in which case you probably already know about this strike. in the olden days, this strike was know as the "tweed palm" or first, or strike even. another name of it is iron palm (i think) check it out =) good luck

#83128 - 05/06/05 10:10 AM Re: 1 inch punch? [Re: goldencrane]
Ace Offline

Registered: 05/04/05
Posts: 101
Loc: Melbourne, Australia
the one inch punch has the potential to make you fly two meters (i have when having it done to me) but is also a variation of the Rising Sun punch (...i think thats wat its called) It works by channeling the power of a forward step (a long one) along with hip rotation, upwards force through the arm using bottom knuckle (as this stops energy being lost through wrist movement) and doing the movement explosively, channeling all of the power BEYOND the point of impact, effectively creating an extreme amount of kenetic energy. It will aslo require redimentry breathing technique, to help ATP muscle power being applied. It is hard to explain, and i admit i havent really, but that is the basic science that allows it to work. Might i also add that it is one of Wing Chun kung fu's many DISPLAY moves, and was created so that practitioners could help develop and understand the principles behind generation of power, and that if you are close enough in a fight to apply it (although there are mid and long-ranged variation) that you would be better off elbowing or kneeing your opponent.

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#83129 - 05/06/05 08:09 PM Re: 1 inch punch? [Re: reaperblack]
someotherguy Offline

Registered: 04/20/05
Posts: 69
you don't learn the 1 inch punch, you can just do it when you have proper control and understanding of your body. Bruce Lee didn't invent the 1 inch punch, anyone who tells you this is ignorant.

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