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#83050 - 08/17/04 01:49 PM Re: shins as hard as steel


is what I mentioned a good way to train? like i said, people at my school do that, but I was wondering if it was infact safe to do...

our teacher does, and he doesn't appear to be experiancing any problems...

#83051 - 09/29/04 12:24 PM Re: shins as hard as steel

It is provin scientificly that bones regenerate calcium to area's of the body that take abuse. I actually happen to catch a discovery show on this & it showed the elderly and their bone structers whare a man walks afters 80 some years their bones were stronger and thicker in the areas from just walking & over time the calcium built those parts of the bone to be stronger.

I am a practioner of the Iron method, I condition my fist, hand, fingers forarms, legs ribs solar plex even spear toes etc... But remember it is your choice to choose the path of the iron method, I do have pains sometimes but then I dont have to punch or kick that hard to hurt sombody, the bible does say to bang your body so bang away!! But, todays day people have guns, so if you choose to do it then it's totally up to you, but not needed unless your a competitior or you just want them for your own belief, you never know when you may have to cut someone in half with a low leg round kick or spear hand through someone chest or just have the abilty to take a powerfull blow.

A good conditioning program is to start softly with a kali or bambo stick while you sit in the splits smacking your shins. Another way is to rub your shins deeply with tiger balm then roll a coke bottle up and down your shins. Now If possible and you find bamboo shoots then using a coke bottle to roll and grind them into your shins, bamboo has a nerve agent in it that kills nerves very dangerous but effective. Then their is always kicking a tree is another good way or with a partner and go shin to shin.

#83052 - 09/29/04 04:58 PM Re: shins as hard as steel
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Registered: 06/11/04
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interesting posts...
i dont know the scientific explanation to shin conditioning but i do know it to work. i would not strike my shin wih a bar but rolling does work.
all i do is hit the heavy bag and pads and thats conditioned my shins to be relatively hard. however, i do not believe this nonsense of people kicking iron rads with their shins at full power...its pretty obvious that when a softer object strikes a harder one, its the soft object that will give. only a moron would kick anything iron with his shin at full power and expect to walk away.
also, shins need to be warmed up as well. youll always be able to hit the bag harder and with less sensitivity after a few minutes of warming them up.
finally, i do believe that my shins may be denser due to training but i also believe that a large part of the shin conditioning is just the deadening/ callousing of the skin on the shins look like snake skin...same thing as a construction worker who has tough skin on the hands.

#83053 - 10/22/04 01:36 PM Re: shins as hard as steel

yeah hehehe, full power would be idiotic untill and if you can build up to that. slowly and with time is my theory, As long as you condition every day you will show progress.

#83054 - 12/21/04 04:34 AM Re: shins as hard as steel

you also begin to not feel pain because of a buildup of scar tissue from continual abuse to your shins (rolling bamboo on it and hitting it with bamboo)

#83055 - 01/12/05 03:51 PM Re: shins as hard as steel

Hi all,
My .02 cents worth... Found out in Okinawa, back in 1978 what kotaita (body conditioning) was like. A little green belt like to took my arms and legs off (at least it felt that way!) with some blocks.. The conditioning used is painful, but it sure as heck works. I'm 48 now, and with approximately 40+ bones broken (not all chop chop!!), still moving, and still do ocassional body conditioning. Granted, not major bone breaks (fingers, ribs, toes,etc..) but so far no adverse effects..
Can't see well, can't hear well... but basically sure nothing to do with the body conditioning :-)

And yes, I use a 5 lb sledge for general shin, arm training... (just have to use common sense and start slow). I would probably not recommend this training, and my Sensei has told me to slow down on it myself..( Still like to though :-) )


#83056 - 01/13/05 04:23 AM Re: shins as hard as steel

now the thing is your not making your shins harder your conditioning yourself to the pain of hitting your shins.

#83057 - 01/13/05 02:28 PM Re: shins as hard as steel

From my limited understanding, done right, calcium deposit buildup strengthens, plus muscle (tuff-ning) forearm, calf, thigh...etc).
Helps when the block is not a block, but a way to damage/break. Have seen it used, and used it myself.. works for me.. and a whole bunch of Okinawans still use the body conditioning..

As in most everything.. moderation.

Okay, my .04 cents worth.

#83058 - 01/13/05 02:35 PM Re: shins as hard as steel

Oops, just saw the post from karate-do about the nerves growing back and causing severe pain.

Where did you gain this info? Been doing body conditioning since I was 20, and now 48.. (about time to slow it down. :-) ), have have no crippling nerve damage.. I know a lot of folks that started way before me (and a lot frigging tougher) that have no nerve damage of any kind.

Was worried for a bit about arthiris (excuse spelling), but so far, so good. More worried about a bunch of bones broke/bent than the body conditioning... but still fairly spry for edging up on fifty (can still do 2 finger pushups :-) )



#83059 - 01/30/05 12:09 AM Re: shins as hard as steel

LOL THATS awesome im 15 i really want to make my shins like metal so i can go around kicking letter boxes off haha that would be maddddd fun!

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