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#75044 - 08/05/04 04:58 AM Protein Shakes

So I Decided To Buy Two Packs Of 'Boost' The Other Day , I Told My Friend That It Would Make Someone Strong Or Big. And It Will Really Help Make Your Muscles Stronger And Bigger. I Drink It After I Work Out.
He Was A Bit Skeptical And "Researched" If Protein Shakes Really Work. He Made A Thread In This Forum And It Got Me Confused, Some People Said It Is Good And Some People It Was Bad. Can Someone Tell Me The Whole Deal?? He Says Protein Shakes Don't Work.

The Package Of Boost Says
- 50% More Protein That Boost Liquid To Help Build And Repair Body Tissue
-Carbohydrate For Energy
-Calcium To Help Build Stong Bones
-Lactose And Gluten Free

Excellent Source Of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, Factors In Energy Metabolism.
Excelent Source Of Calcium.
26 Vitamins And Minerals.
Low In Saturated Fat.

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#75045 - 08/06/04 01:04 PM Re: Protein Shakes

hey kbr, protein shakes are used to give ur body nutrients to help it grow muscle. u can get the same thing from food, ud jus have to eat a lot of food to get the same amount. it is not a miracle supplement or anything like that. get the cheapest whey protein u can. whey protein is the best stuff out right now, doesnt matter wat kind. it does help u grow muscle. Add fruit juices, pbutter, etc for carbs for energy. if u feel u need them

#75046 - 08/09/04 01:54 AM Re: Protein Shakes

Any More ??

#75047 - 08/09/04 04:45 AM Re: Protein Shakes

I myself bought a 6lb container of Pro-Rated (brand name) 100%whey protein. It had 22g of whey protein per serving with a total of 90 servings in the container. This was my first protein buy. After I ran out (4 months after i bought it), i've found myself craving peanut butter. I can eat a whole container of peanut butter in a day. I know that this is not good, so asked my freind (who is teaching me Kenpo) and he told me that the best protein to buy is Soy protein.
If anybody out there is reading this and would like to comment (as long as it's constructive, please do so)

#75048 - 08/09/04 07:36 AM Re: Protein Shakes

Soy is great, but it is not as biodegradeable as whey (run an internet search on biodegradeable and whey and soy and other types of protein). Basically this means it is not a complete protein and ud need to supplement it with other AA's to get the full effect. Fuuny enough, EGGS are the most efficiently used for protein for our bodies. Some soy is supplemented at the factory so it is more of a complete protein. Also, ur body cannot subsume more then 30 g of protein per every 5-6 hours or so, so bare that in mind while making ur drinks.
hope this helps,

#75049 - 09/01/04 05:59 AM Re: Protein Shakes

More please

#75050 - 09/02/04 06:17 AM Re: Protein Shakes

KBR, I think the role of protein shakes becomes a bit clearer when you have a better idea of why you need protein and how much you need.

Protein by itself does nothing. By itself it will not make you stronger, nor will it make you bigger. Its just a food, or in the case of protein shakes, food in liquid form.

What will make you stonger is strength exercise (e.g. weights). The exercise breaks down your muscles which need to rebuild themselves to become stronger, denser and bigger. Your body uses protein for this task.

Now the general rule if your doing strength training, weights etc is that you need 1 gram of protein for every pound of body mass. I'm 176lbs so I should try and aim for 176g of protein a day.

Personally I don't like protein shakes because I think they are overpriced for what you get. I prefer just to try and eat a lot of whole foods that are high in protein: basically eggs and meats. If you can't get meet your protein needs through food then by all means supplement it with a supplement.

If I was you I wouldn't worry about the best protein (eggs vs whey or whatever), just get your basics down first.

In summary, Protein Shakes can be useful if your dietary intake of protein is inadequate for your needs but its the exercise that will make you strong and big, not the shake.

#75051 - 09/07/04 08:59 AM Re: Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are just cheap, easy meals that replace food that it is, it is NOT a miracle. You can get other things in protein shakes like ZMA, L-Glutamine, prop-peptides etc. Depending on how crazy you want to go with dieting, you should probably look at a total protein shake, one with at least three different type of proteins (Whey, soy etc), these are probably the best for a beginner. Whey protein is very good, but total is better. If you do get whey, get the isolate and use it half an hour after training, as opposed to the whey concentrate. If you want somehting good get a protein shake with some l-glutamine, and HMB, or buy some L-glutamine tablets, and some omega -3 tablets.....

#75052 - 09/08/04 02:20 PM Re: Protein Shakes

I think if I were you, I'd jus get myself on the internet and read all that I could to find out for myself. One highly respected powerlifter's site is listed under keyword dr. squat.
I think opinions about protein and its uses, quality, etc. seem to derive from what the person has read or studied.
Just remember, the more additives u have in the protein, the more it costs. When I was training hard I would ingest 6 eggs every morning (one yolk, 6 whites). It helped me increase my size and strength, however, I also ingested 30g of whey protein every afternoon (at a minimum), to break up the monotony. dfrang is right about the part reference ingestion after a workout....

Hope this helps,

#75053 - 09/24/04 09:56 PM Re: Protein Shakes

[QUOTE]Originally posted by hunterkell:
Also, ur body cannot subsume more then 30 g of protein per every 5-6 hours or so, so bare that in mind while making ur drinks.

Show me a scientific study which backs that claim.

According to Jeff Everson, PhD, the whole "you can't digest more than 30 grams of protein at a time" bit was started by gym owner Vince Gironda, but there's no studies which bear it out.

#75054 - 09/24/04 10:16 PM Re: Protein Shakes

On Protein Types

In supplementary form, protein powders are going to be either milk-derived (mostly cow, though goat is available too), egg-derived, or soy derived. All are "complete" proteins (ie., they have all of the essential amino acids--the ones that the body cannot make on its own).

Milk Proteins: These would be whey and casein. Whey is a by-product of the cheesemaking industry--it's the liquid part of the milk (the whole "curds and whey" deal). It is a very quickly digested protein. This makes it ideal for taking in the morning, as well as post-workout. Casein, OTOH, is the opposite--ie., it is very slowly digested. It actually gels in the gut, releasing amino acids over a period of several hours.

Whey can come in a concentrate, an isolate, or a hydrolyzed form. Concentrates and isolates are the most common. Hydrolyzed proteins are almost never used on their own due to taste issues--they must be blended with other forms. Concentrates contain sub-fractions which aid in muscle-building, wound-healing, etc. However, they also typically have more fat and lactose. Isolates are lower on the fat and lactose, but don't always have those subfractions intact. As far as isolates go, micro cross-filtered is superior to ion-exchange. Ion-exchange destroys those subfractions.

Egg Protein: This is simply the protein from egg whites, and hence is free of cholesterol. Egg protein is excellent, especially for those with allergies to dairy, but it has a funky aftertaste.

Soy Protein: For those who are allergic to both Milk proteins and Egg protein, this is the only alternative, supplement-wise. It is also a standard for vegans, who refuse to consume animal products. Although it is a complete protein, its amino acid profile is inferior to the animal-derived ones. Milk and Egg protein consistently rate higher on the various protein scales--the Biological Value (BV), Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER), Net Protein Utilization (NPU), etc. This does not mean that soy is useless, but you'll generally get better results with the Milk or Egg.

Like Milk proteins, soy is available in concentrate and isolate forms.

One advantage of soy is that, depending on how it is processed, it may contain constituents known as isoflavones, which have various health benefits. Isoflavones are most often mentioned in regards to women, because they act like a weak form of estrogen. Bodybuilders cite this as a reason not to use soy, but I have yet to see a study that confirms their fears--if anything, they should be far more worried about the potential grave side effects of the illegal anabolic agents that they routinely use--ie., steroids & GH.

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#75055 - 10/02/04 12:53 PM Re: Protein Shakes

Great post! / / / /

#75056 - 10/17/04 04:48 PM Re: Protein Shakes

personnally i like canned tuna or eggs instead of protein shakes... tastes better doesnt cost much and has lots of protein.

and besides protein shakes is not ''real'' food to me.

#75057 - 10/19/04 03:52 PM Re: Protein Shakes
1st Round KO Offline

Registered: 06/11/04
Posts: 1497
Loc: New York City, USA
[QUOTE]Originally posted by rideonlythelabel:
personnally i like canned tuna or eggs instead of protein shakes... tastes better doesnt cost much and has lots of protein.

and besides protein shakes is not ''real'' food to me.

i agree. i lifted weights for many years trying to get big. in the process i took lots of supplements and proteins. in my experience, protein supps are only effective if youre training to failure and really breaking down excessive tissue ie. negatives etc. or if you need to supplement protein bc youre diet is bad.

i dont think the average guy/ girl really benefits from protein supps if they are eating well bc of the fact that we only digest and utilize a finite amount of protein.

the exception to the rule of course is if you are using steroids. if you are juicing then protein supps will obviously come very handy indeed.

#75058 - 12/26/04 10:59 PM Re: Protein Shakes

Nothing can replace the quality of protien you get from food. Eggs chicken, tuna, steaks etc... Most (if not all) protien powders come from companies that arent regulated by the FDA so who`s to say what there claiming is the truth. Half the time as soon as you open the container or mix the drink you lose the value of the product when the air hits it. And until a friend of mine recently was tested for high cholesterol, I never new how bad some of this stuff is. Some drinks will give you 40% of your daily cholesterol per drink. Take 2 or 3 a day plus a not so great diet and you`ll be on the path to a heart attack when your older. 6 months after he stopped drinking it, his count was back to normal.(Not all are high in cholesterol) Read the labels!! Especially if your having more than one drink a day. I fyou want to get stronger and bigger bodybuilding wise - the best all natural site with a great diet plan is:
A great site for workouts for a particular sport (kickboxing, boxing, TKD, golf, etc...) is: - email jesse and ask him about a routine called "stacks", I dont know if its on his website yet.
Hope this helps.
PS too much protien powder will keep you in the bathroom all day too!

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