I'am a Ryukyu Kempo student, I'am really happy to have found this discipline because it has canged radically my thinking about martial arts. I obtained really good results in self-defence after a short period(I have tested it in the streets).
I think that every martial arts, in the begining, was really effective, but after years and years, and after a military occupations and another, mostly martial arts lost their effectiveness.
Ryukyu Kempo organization is now studying and researching for re-build the original art.
These are the purposes of George Dillman and these should be the purposes of every martial artist... In Ryukyu Kempo don't exist -Do, just do because it's traditional-, we answer to any asked question... Trying to find the purposes of the action, or of any other thing...

These are my opinions... somebody don't second these ones?

Excuse my bad english... I'm italian

Hi to everybody,