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#53356 - 01/16/05 12:46 PM Martial Arts vs. Guns

Student: What do you do if someone pulls a gun on you?

Teacher: Cooperate, and try not to get shot.

Student: But what disarming techniques would you use?

Teacher: None. That will just get somebody shot, and it will probably be me.

Student: So there are no techniques that can be used against an attacker armed with a gun?

Teacher: Yes, there are plenty.

Student: Do you know any?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: Will you teach some of them to me?

Teacher: No. It's dangerous to think that you can disarm someone with a gun. If you try a technique you have a good chance of getting shot. It's best to simply cooperate and try to de-escalate the situation.

Student: Will you ever teach me the techniques to disarm someone with a gun?

Teacher: Yes, when you are experienced enough not to use them.

I personally make a distinction between the techniques that I know purely for the sake of learning an art form, and those that are not going to get me killed or beat up in an actual confrontation.

A lot of martial arts have techniques that can be used against someone armed with a gun. Do you feel that these are useful self defense techniques, or are they dangerous to try in a real life and death situation?


#53357 - 01/16/05 01:44 PM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

Well the techniques are good but only if they are close range. Those techniques are only use if its a life or death situation. Thats what I think. Plz don't hate........

From the guy in red..............


#53358 - 01/16/05 05:19 PM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

Gun defence is almost impossible, but your only chance is literally a few yards away.

Any further than that, and your attacker would have to be a retard to get caught by you. And if you are close, and you do try something, you better get it right....


#53359 - 01/16/05 07:11 PM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns
Stampede Offline
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#53360 - 01/16/05 07:20 PM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

In my opinion when you have to defense yourselve against a weapon it another whole story. With Knife you are lucky if you get a second chance, if you miss a block.

With Gun, I might be wrong, but you only get One chance only if you mess up with whatever technique you were doing, I must said are you done man. Most of the technique that I learn are only effective if the opponents are close enough for me to grab their guns. It take a lots....of practice to become profiency at at.

Not only that, most of us don't practice enough of Gun disarming, because most martial arts school spend alot of time on Kata, combination, punch, kick, bags, Lines drill. Most martial arts school barely talk about or teach a students how to defends against gun attack, at not least at my school that how it was. We learn alot how to defend again knife, bat, club, stuff like that , but not to much on gun. The only time I have a chance to learn gun defend is when one of the Sensei who work for Law enforcement come and teach, he is the only that teach gun disarming techniques to me. Out of 25 senior black belt 5 degree and up that the only Sensei that teach me.

Try to avoid this type of situation as much as possible. Unless it is a life and death situation then it a different story.

In fact try to avoid as much fight as possible.


#53361 - 01/16/05 07:23 PM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

originally posted by StayUnderMyWing:

[QUOTE]Gun defence is almost impossible, but your only chance is literally a few yards away.[/QUOTE]

You are a braver man than I. Personally, the weapon would need to be within an arm's length for me to try anything.

Agree with you about getting it right, though!

[This message has been edited by MattJ (edited 01-16-2005).]

#53362 - 01/16/05 07:26 PM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

I actually know someone who was robbed recently. He cooperated and they shot him anyway.

It's stupid to think that martial arts can defeat guns. Kinda like the Boxer rebellion. Cooperate as much as possible. It's a sick world.

If you have reason to believe he's gonna pull the trigger anyways, what have you got to lose?

[This message has been edited by Jay (edited 01-16-2005).]

#53363 - 01/16/05 07:32 PM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

Guns are for pussies.

'Nuff Said.

Cooperate until you can't anymore

#53364 - 01/17/05 12:07 AM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

I'd agree with several posters about this subject, the gun would have to be at my chest, my back, the back of my head or pretty damn close and I'd have to think the assailant was definately gonna pull the trigger before I'd attempt to disarm him. Cooperate and walk away if you think you could. If you think you'd get shot even after cooperating, then go for it, but you better get it right the first time. None of us knows what the circumstances would dictate and hopefully, none of us will.
I study Shaolin Kempo Karate and we've done many classes on gun techniques. Even after countless drills and tons of practicing technique, I still say cooperate and walk away if you can.

#53365 - 01/17/05 12:13 AM Re: Martial Arts vs. Guns

I definitely would not try to take a gun except as a last resort.You are taking a chance either way because only the asailent knows his intentions.I train with two police officers and we practice unarming techniques, but like I said they do not reccomend it.If they have a gun I hope I have mine too [IMG][/IMG]
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