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#53069 - 01/15/05 07:20 PM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?

Superhumank -


Incompletion by the creator? What does that mean?

Impractical is not a gap? What exactly would you call it?

#53070 - 01/15/05 10:18 PM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?

If you approach the same problem from different angles you'll get a different view of it and often a different solution too.

In Tae Kwon Do they teach me to strike in certain ways and also how to respond to those. In Bujinkan it is different yet and likewise also the responses. Same again for Aiki-no-jutsu.

It's very like computer programming in a way. I can solve the same general sorts of problems via either Perl or Python. And while those are good, would that I also knew Ruby, Smalltalk and C. Each is fine, in its own way. But they are all different ways. And you simply can't know too many ways to solve a problem it seems to me.

One way to solve a problem might be better than others in a given situation. Be it martial arts or any other kind of system whatever, no one single approach is going to be omnipotent.

Most of all, though, is that MA is just more fun that way. Of the three styles I study at present, one is favorite. But the other two are still rewarding.

#53071 - 01/15/05 11:07 PM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
Loc: Ms
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Superhumank:
I'm trying to read all the posts but it is hard when you've only been for a few weeks. And what I mean by a gap is an incompletion from the creator, a point when creator says, "Well I'll stop there finish later" and something happens, they die and the style is incomplete. Those are gaps, have you ever thought that maybe Karate is a grapple heavy style or BJJ is not a striking heavy style, of course you have, everyone I have read says so. It is just that you want to learn another style because YOU feel incomplete in the style, and that is fine. Every style has its pros and cons, but that is not a gap. And another thing just because something is impractical, it doesn't mean it is a gap.[/QUOTE]

If a style doesnt include certain ranges that are required for self defense, then yes there are gaps. Not because of the student but because of the style. Thats why cross training is important.

#53072 - 01/15/05 11:42 PM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?


when i asked if you were reading the posts, i meant were you reading the points put forward by the other members in response to the topic you posted.

to clarify (finally i hope) we aren't saying that these gaps exist because the person who invented the art was malicious and wanted to confuse everyone, we say that because there is no art that covers every single possibility/range/defence/attack/philosophy

its impossible

maybe everyone except you has a different understanding of the use of the term gap?

#53073 - 01/16/05 12:06 AM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?

If there are things that are impractical being taught as part of your curriculum, I think that qualifies as a "gap", at least in a practical sense.

#53074 - 01/16/05 12:22 AM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?
laf7773 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/05/04
Posts: 4065
Loc: Limbo

By your definition of a "complete style", if i were to create my own style and decided that there were only 3 effective techniques and included all three in my system then it would be complete.

Unfortunately what everyone else thinks of as a "complete" system is quite a bit different. What we think of as a complete system really has nothing to do with the creator vision of his art. It has to do with how the system covers ALL ranges of fighting.

A lot of times, especially today, many systems do cover several ranges of fighting even if it wasn't originally part of the system. In many striking arts grappling is covered but very minimally compared to say jujutsu. This is part of the reason some cross train. They see a need to learn all ranges of fighting and instead of settling for the minimal amount of say grappling or striking they may receive in their current system they branch out to other systems that FOCUSES on that particular range of fighting.

This is the "gap" in the systems. It's not there because the founder gave up half way through. With a lot of Japanese systems there is a focus on a particular range for a reason. A lot of the arts came about as a means of perfecting a certain portion of fighting as a whole. If you look at the samurai their range of fighting on a broader scale included several weapons not just the standard grappling, striking, etc. In order to be more efficient each weapon or range was eventually broken down into it's own art in order to be perfected. When each portion or range was perfected they would be a more effective fighter as a whole.

Many people today are just doing the same thing using existing styles. They are going to styles that focus on specific ranges of fighting in order to become more proficient in that area and become a more effective fighter as a whole.

#53075 - 01/16/05 12:58 AM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?

many people learn new words they think it helps them read better

#53076 - 01/18/05 01:24 PM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?

I think thier is a misunderstanding in what we call gaps and complete. My opinion is that if something doesn't work for you, calling it a gap is incorrect. If you do multiple MAs that is great, but just because a style doesn't cover all aspects of fighting doesn't mean it is gapped. No MA can cover everything and they're people who want to focus on just certain fighting aspects such as strikes, grapples, kicks, punches, etc. Don't you guys think that makes sense.

#53077 - 01/18/05 04:00 PM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?

I think that I understand your definitions, but I don't think that anybody else uses them the way that you do.

If an art does not cover a certain area, then there is a gap in it being a complete art for self defense, which I believe others use as their base for definition as well as me.

Yes, there are people who want to only cover certain aspects of fighting (grapples, kicks, punches, etc), but those of us who want a complete, well-rounded training will study more than one art.


[This message has been edited by JoelM (edited 01-18-2005).]

#53078 - 01/18/05 04:20 PM Re: Why do people do multiple Martial Art Techniques?

Agree with JoelM.

However, I do think that EVERY art (not including newer formed arts e.g. Sport Karate) covers EVERY range, however, we never usually get to see as it's only taught to 7th Dans after 40 years of training. (generality)

For instance, if I stayed at my Shotokan class for 20 more years, Sensei Kanazawa would probably pass down some advanced Bunkai, but nowadays people don't want to wait that long.

And neither do I. If I was living the disciple's life in China, one style was my entire way of life, fine. But I'm not....doing that.


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